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Government sacks 15 customs central excise officers on charges of corruption bribery

first_imgNew Delhi: After sacking errant income tax officers, the government Tuesday dismissed from service 15 senior customs and central excise officials, including one of the rank of principal commissioner, on charges of corruption and bribery.Invoking rule 56(j) of the Fundamental Rules, the government has sacked these Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) officers ranging from the ranks of Principal Commissioner to Assistant Commissioner, some of whom were already under suspension, according to a Finance Ministry order. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from FranceThese officers either had corruption cases registered against them by the CBI or were involved in bribery, extortion and disproportionate assets cases, Finance Ministry sources said. Among those dismissed include Principal Commissioner Anup Srivastava, who was serving as Principal ADG (Audit) in the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) in Delhi, and Joint Commissioner Nalin Kumar, the order said. Sources told that the CBI had in 1996 registered a criminal conspiracy case against him and alleged that he had shown favours to a house building society which was trying to obtain NOC for land purchases in violation of the law. Also Read – Cosmology trio win Nobel Physics PrizeThe CBI had booked another case against him in 2012 for allegedly demanding and accepting a bribe from an importer to cover up a duty evasion case. He also had complaints of selective arrests, harassment and extortion against him. Joint Commissioner Nalin Kumar, who was under suspension, had CBI cases against him relating to allowing fraudulent drawback and disproportionate assets, too was dismissed from service on Tuesday. “In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (j) of rule 56 of the Fundamental Rules, the President of India has retired 15 Officers of Indian Revenue Service (C&CE) in public interest with immediate effect on completing 50 years of age,” a Finance Ministry tweet said. All these 15 officers shall be paid a sum equivalent to the amount of pay & allowances for a period of 3 months calculated at the same rate at which they were supposed to be withdrawing them (pay & allowances) immediately before their retirement, it added. Rule 56(j) of the Fundamental Rules allows the appropriate authority to retire any government servant, in public interest, by giving notice of three months.last_img read more


Outrage as Russian teen sisters charged with fathers murder

first_imgMoscow: One evening last summer, Mikhail Khachaturyan decided that his living room wasn’t tidy enough, so he summoned his three teenage daughters one by one and doused each with pepper spray. There was little unusual about this evening in the Khachaturyan household, according to court records, except for one thing: The sisters decided they couldn’t take the violence and abuse anymore. They waited until their father fell asleep in his rocking chair and attacked him with a kitchen knife and a hammer. He put up a fight, but died within minutes. Also Read – Turkey preparations for Syria offensive ‘completed’The Khachaturyan sisters, now aged 18, 19 and 20, were charged last month with premeditated murder, in a case that has drawn outrage and shone a light on the way the Russian justice system handles domestic violence and sexual abuse cases. More than 200,000 people have signed an online petition urging the prosecutors to drop the murder charges, which could land the sisters in prison for up to 20 years. Supporters of the sisters have protested outside Russian embassies in more than 20 locations abroad, and a theater has staged a performance in solidarity. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi JinpingThey had planned a major rally in central Moscow on Saturday, but said they had to cancel it, citing the City Hall refusal to provide security for the gathering. “The Khachaturyan case is quite indicative of the general situation with domestic violence and how the Russian state responds to this problem,” says Yulia Gorbunova, who authored an extensive report on domestic violence for Human Rights Watch last year. Pressured by conservative family groups, President Vladimir Putin in 2017 signed a law decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence, which has no fixed definition in the Russian legislation. Police routinely turn a blind eye to cases of domestic abuse, while preventive measures, such as restraining orders, are either lacking or not in wide use. Court filings showed that the Khachaturyan sisters were repeatedly beaten by their father, a war veteran, and sexually abused. He had kept a stockpile of knifes, guns and rifles at home despite having been diagnosed with a neurological disorder, and was known to shoot indoors. He repeatedly threatened neighbors and family with violence. The Khacharutyan sisters’ lawyers say the girls were driven to the edge. “The first day we met,” Krestina’s lawyer Alexei Liptser said, “she said she’s better off here, in jail, than living at home the way she had been.” Going to the police was not an option for Khachaturyan’s victims, who feared that life for them would only get worse. The girls had shared some of the horrors they had gone through with school friends but pleaded them not to go to the police, In the year before the attack, the girls attended less than two months of classes in total, but the school administration did not interfere. Prosecutors acknowledge the extraordinary violent circumstances that pushed the teenagers to attack and eventually kill their own father, but they insist that Maria, Angelina and Krestina should be tried for murder. The sisters’ lawyers argue that they were acting in justified self-defense in circumstances of lasting abuse and life-threatening violence. The sisters have been released on bail and barred from seeing each other, witnesses in the case or the media. They are reportedly in good spirits. “At least, no one is beating them up,” Liptser says.last_img read more


Fairytale wedding Royal union to set nuptial trends for seasons to come

first_imgFor those who harbour Disney-themed fantasies for their pending nuptials, the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle promises to be a feast of regal inspiration, wedding watchers say.In keeping with a long history of royal trend-setting, the matrimony on May 19 could dictate styles for seasons to come — from the cut of the wedding dress, to the floral arrangements, to the length of the guest list, said Molly Lux, a Saskatoon-based wedding planner.“They’re royalty. They’re kind of the epitome of trends and what’s hot in the wedding world,” said Lux.“They just do everything so big and grand, and everyone kind of stops and watches.”The 2011 wedding of Prince William and the now Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, had a noticeable influence on what Lux’s clientele envisioned for their big day.After the bride’s sister, Pippa Middleton, made jaws drop in a form-fitting ivory gown as a maid of honour, Lux said she saw a spike in demand for white bridesmaid dresses.As Kensington Palace scrupulously doles out details about Prince Harry and Markle’s nuptials, Lux said the information that has been made public reflects current bridal trends as much as it looks to set future fashions.The couple’s florist is harvesting in-season foliage from the gardens surrounding Windsor Castle to arrange designs that reflect the wild and natural landscape of the wedding locale, palace officials said.An untamed, “picked off the road” floral esthetic has also been popular among engaged couples Lux has worked with this season.Prince Harry and Markle could also help bring back the cake-cutting tradition, which has been sidelined for years in favour of bite-sized dessert tables, said Lux.For Halifax bride-to-be Maggie-Jane Parker, there’s an allure surrounding the royal wedding for both practical and aspirational reasons.“As a young girl, you dream of that princess wedding and finding prince charming, and it’s still very much in the narrative of romantic stories, even today,” she said.“There’s appeal too in the kind of fanfare of it, because most people would not necessarily have a wedding of that size or that grandeur.”As the 24-year-old plans her wedding on P.E.I. in late August, Parker said she is interested to see how the Harry and Markle will continue to buck the royal status quo.A former actress and divorcee, Markle’s very inclusion in the royal family signals a break from stuffy notions that your true love has to be your first, Parker said.“I think it’s a nice narrative to have that maybe your second marriage is to a prince.”Parker said she’s heard that many engaged couples have copied the royal request for charitable donations in lieu of gifts, or have reallocated their budgets for wedding favours towards good causes.She and her fiance have drawn inspiration from the couple’s politician-averse guest list, which she said has helped relieve some of the pressure when it comes inviting divisive figures to her own nuptials.If Harry and Markle can snub global leaders like U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Parker said “maybe not inviting that uncle isn’t going to be the end of the world.”One of the most hotly anticipated reveals in the wedding world will come when Markle steps out in her wedding dress, said Kim Ironmonger, designer and owner of Toronto’s Valencienne Bridal.“The minute the dress is coming out of the carriage, designers are very rapidly taking inspiration from that dress, or even actually copying that dress as close as possible,” she said. “Whatever look they’re going for, they could set a trend.”In recent years, Ironmonger said many of her clients have sought to replicate the long-sleeved lace the Duchess wore on her wedding day.She anticipates that Markle will take wedding fashions in a bolder direction than the last royal bride, who perhaps due to proximity to the throne, wore a more conservative gown.“I think Meghan is very unique, and she’s going to be looking for a very different dress,” predicts Ironmonger. “We’re going to have some fun surprises.”Among the dressmakers who have been floated for the coveted royal commission are London-based luxury brand Ralph & Russo and Canadian-born designer Erdem Moralioglu’s British fashion house, both of whom Ironmonger feels could pull off the embellished, princess-cut gown she envisions for Markle.Toronto-based royal watcher Patricia Treble, who runs, said whichever designer Markle chooses, the dress will likely be preserved for posterity.She said many royal wedding dresses are treated as “works of art” to be put on display, and some have even altered the course of fashion history.For instance, colourful wedding gowns were all the rage when Queen Victoria wore a white dress to marry Prince Albert in 1840 — a style decision that would later be credited with kicking off the white wedding tradition, said Treble.But it’s too soon to say whether Markle will be a style icon in the vein of Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, she added.However, she said she could see the soon-to-be royal making her mark on nuptial fashions, perhaps even upending the Victorian white wedding tradition by wearing blush pink.“Until we actually see it, we won’t (know). This is the fun,” said Treble. “She could do anything she wants.”last_img read more


Lawyers spar over conflicting accounts in sailors sexual assault case

first_imgHALIFAX – A military judge is expected to render a decision Monday in the court martial of a Halifax sailor accused of sexually assaulting a subordinate.Lawyers for the prosecution and defence gave closing arguments in a Halifax military court on Saturday, both of which largely turned on the question of whose version of the events aboard the HMCS Athabaskan in November 2015 is to believed — defendant Master Seaman Daniel Cooper or the alleged victim, whose name is protected by a publication ban.Prosecutor Maj. Dominic Martin began his submissions by arguing that Cooper and the junior officer’s accounts of the night of drinking before the alleged incident were “pretty compatible” up until when the sailors returned to their sleeping quarters on the navy destroyer, which was docked in Spain as part of a NATO exercise.But that’s where their testimonies diverge, lawyers on both sides said.Cooper, a naval communicator at Canadian Forces Base Halifax, has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and ill treatment of a subordinate.The alleged victim has testified that he awoke in his bunk to find Cooper performing oral sex on him.Under cross-examination Saturday morning, Cooper maintained that he twice asked the junior sailor if he wanted to engage in sexual activity and the other man agreed.Martin questioned Cooper about what he characterized as inconsistencies between his testimony before the court martial this week and portions of a filmed interview with military police Cooper gave in March 2016, which was voluntary and not sworn under oath.Cooper told the court martial he withheld certain details during the interview because he did not feel comfortable talking to investigators about a homosexual encounter, but said the account he gave investigators was largely accurate aside from the omission of what he says was a consensual sex act with the junior sailor.“It’s not an easy thing to talk about, going into the details of a homosexual act with people who aren’t homosexual,” Cooper said, adding that interactions with military police prior to the interview led him to believe the investigators were not interested in hearing his side of the story.Cooper testified Friday that after a night of drinking, he and the junior sailor went back to their sleeping quarters, and as they were talking by the other man’s locker, he noticed that he had become aroused.Cooper said he asked the junior sailor if he wanted to become intimate and the other man agreed. Cooper told the court martial he then followed the other man to his bunk, asking him another time if he wanted to become intimate before engaging in sexual activity.He said he performed oral sex on the subordinate, and that the man didn’t tell him to stop until about 10 minutes later when he sat up and said, “I’m not gay,” at which point Cooper said he immediately returned to his own bunk.During closing arguments, Martin asserted that Cooper fabricated the alleged conversation near the locker in an effort to “absolve” himself of guilt.Defence counsel Maj. Phillipe Boutin argued that it was the alleged victim’s account that lacked credibility past “the point of no return.”Boutin said the alleged victim testified that he could not remember many details during the period of time in question, especially those that may put him in “a bad light.”However, Boutin said, the junior sailor was “adamant” that the alleged conversation by his locker did not occur.Martin said the alleged victim had no reason to take note of the details of the night the incident allegedly occured until he was awoken in his bunk to a superior sailor performing oral sex on him, at which point he became very “attentive.”On Wednesday, the alleged victim told the military court it was dark and he couldn’t really see, but he recognized Cooper’s voice.He became emotional in the courtroom as he spoke about fearing for his safety and attempting to alert a crew member in the bunk below him — but he said his pleas for help went unanswered.The sailor from the lower bunk testified Friday that he remembered the alleged victim attempting to wake him up on the morning in question.The bunkmate said the two men then reported the incident to a superior.Boutin said Saturday that if the alleged victim had wanted to withdraw consent, he should have communicated that to Cooper, not his bunkmate.Boutin reminded the military judge that the prosecution bears the burden of proving the sexual-assault charge beyond a reasonable doubt, and said if Sukstorf had reason to believe that the alleged conversation near the locker occurred, she should find Cooper not guilty.Martin said if she decided the alleged victim was unconscious when the sexual activity began, she would have to rule the other way.Military Judge Cmdr. Sandra Sukstorf said she expected to reach a verdict by Monday afternoon.last_img read more


How long can it go Resilient economy enters 2019 with signs of

first_imgOTTAWA — The Canadian economy entered 2018 on an unexpectedly impressive run. The country begins 2019 on a healthy note but signs of weakness have raised a key question: how long until the good times come to an end?Through much of 2018, Canada’s unemployment rate hovered near a 40-year low and job-creation remained strong as the evidence pointed to an economy going at close to full tilt.The handoff was a good one, too — the country had posted three-per-cent growth for all of 2017, largely thanks to strong household spending. We’ll have to wait a little for the final numbers but forecasters say 2018 has likely delivered still-sturdy growth of about two per cent.But as 2019 approaches, there are worries the solid economic expansion is starting to show its age.Last month, the federal government’s fall economic statement projected two-per-cent growth again for 2019, but many predict the number will likely come in lower following a recent drop in oil prices.In addition to the pullback in crude prices, experts point to jitters in the financial markets, predictions the American economy — a key contributor to Canadian growth — will start to cool off and the United Kingdom’s difficult divorce from the European Union, which could ripple across the global economy. There’s also potential for an even bigger threat: an escalation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing.On trade, Canada made it through a year filled with significant uncertainty, including the difficult negotiation and signing of an update to the North American Free Trade Agreement.Many of the trade unknowns, however, will carry over into the new year. The road to NAFTA 2.0’s ratification could bring more drama, punishing American steel and aluminum tariffs remain in place and the clash of superpowers between Canada’s two biggest trading partners continues to play out.“There are always reflections around the cyclical downturns that happen and, as I’ve said, the impacts of a trade war between China and the United States could have significant impacts on the global economy — negative impacts on the global economy,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.“We have to make sure that we are prepared for rough waters if we encounter them.“In Canada, potential trouble spots include the combination of high household debt, rising interest rates and slowing wage growth that’s been “terrible” for about half a year following a good pickup early in 2018, says Matt Stewart, director of economics for The Conference Board of Canada.Higher interest rates, Stewart added, have delivered a hit to household spending, which has been the primary driver of Canada’s good economic fortunes.“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a recession,” Stewart said. “As of yet, I think most of the news is still positive, but there is a growing amount of risks.”With overburdened consumers expected to take a breather, business investment is seen as the next critical source of growth. But Stewart said the transition has yet to materialize because investment has underperformed, likely due to competitiveness concerns. Businesses aren’t sure whether Canada’s the best place to put their money.In an effort to boost investment, Ottawa announced billions of dollars worth of corporate tax incentives in its fall statement. Taxpayers will have to wait and see if the federal changes will be enough to encourage more companies to invest in Canada.Craig Alexander, chief economist of Deloitte, said the economy will continue to have healthy growth in 2019, but notes it’s due for some moderation.“We are in the late stages of a business cycle,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that a recession is around the corner, but we need to recognize that we’re 10 years into an economic recovery, expansion. Business cycles are typically eight to 10 years long.”Alexander added markets are probably overreacting to the possibility that another downturn could be almost upon us. He thinks the more likely case is that growth will continue to slow.The economy’s evolution will have different impacts depending where one lives, he added.For example, the energy sector faces big challenges.Part of it comes from the recent plunge in oil prices, but there’s also been an extra discount on the price of western Canadian crude caused by transportation bottlenecks out of the Alberta oilpatch.“This is sad news for Alberta,” Alexander said. “They’ve only barely recovered from the last recession.”Ottawa offered assistance this month in the form of a $1.6-billion aid package to support oil and gas companies.Alberta, however, wants federal help to move its oil to new markets.Ontario’s industrial sector will also face a big hurdle in 2019. General Motors has announced plans to shutter its plant in Oshawa later in the year, which will put 2,500 people out of work and inflict economic pain on the region.Bank of Montreal chief economist Doug Porter said Canada already took a small step back in 2018 — and he expects growth to slow further.“Just looking at financial markets there’s obviously a lot of concern that we are getting to a late stage of the (economic) cycle,” Porter said. “We don’t believe that recession risks are especially high at this point, but we do think the North American economy will cool in 2019.”—Follow @AndyBlatchford on TwitterAndy Blatchford, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


Danish welfare agency fraud case larger than first said

COPENHAGEN — Denmark’s minister for children and social affairs says a new investigation into a huge fraud involving public funds show more money — 121 million kroner ($19 million) — had vanished from Danish government coffers.Mai Mercado said Friday “we are talking about an extremely gross abuse,” adding the new probe had gone back to 1993.A previous estimate said 111 million kroner ($17 million) had vanished between 2002 and 2018.Mercado declined to give further details citing a pending criminal investigation.It was not clear how the money was stolen, but it appears the main suspect Britta Nielsen had privileged access to the Danish government welfare agency’s computer system.Nielsen was arrested Nov. 5 in Johannesburg, South Africa, on an extradition request and voluntarily returned to Denmark to face charges.The Associated Press read more


US Embassy warns citizens ahead of UNP rally

The Embassy told citizens to expect traffic delays and possible road closures along the route of the procession, avoid the areas of the demonstrations, exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests, monitor local media for updates and keep a low profile. (Colombo Gazette) Approximately 50,000 people were expected to attend the event. The US Embassy in Colombo urged US citizens to exercise caution during the major rally organised by the United National Party (UNP) at Galle Face today.The Embassy informed US citizens of the political rally that will be held today at Galle Face Green. The Embassy said that American Center operations will be closed to the public beginning at 12pm and the US Embassy will be closed to the public from 3pm today. The Embassy reminds citizens that even rallies intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.“You should avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations,” it said. read more


Regina artist Reynolds caring for community by painting murals

It can also help people feel safer if they’re seeing artwork of dogs and birds as opposed to gang tags and obscene images that often make their way into graffiti, Reynolds added.When she’s not being guided by input from those she’s working with, she finds inspiration elsewhere.“A lot of my ideas for paintings come from dreams,” said Reynolds, adding her dreams are the cause of a recent bird kick.“My grandma put a lot of emphasis on her dreams,” she added. “Maybe I wouldn’t have taken them so serious if it hadn’t have been for my grandma and her influence.”After graduating with a fine arts degree from the University of Regina in 2010 and working a short stint at Casino Moose Jaw, Reynolds has made a career out of art.Born in Fort Qu’Appelle and raised in Moose Jaw, Reynolds got a part-time job at the Moose Jaw Art Gallery as an art instructor, and then worked for 4Cats Art Studio.She went on to find work at Regina’s Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre, teaching children’s classes. She also hosted paint nights for a couple of years.Those experiences landed her a gig as an administrative assistant for the Sâkêwêwak (Suh-gay-wa-wok) Artists’ Collective — a Regina-based group that provides opportunities and platforms for Indigenous artists to create and showcase their work.An Indigenous woman from Pasqua First Nation, Reynolds was also involved in the First Nations University of Canada teepee art installation kêhtê-ayak where local artists painted large murals on teepee liners. She said the experience helped teach her how to paint big.Reynolds’ current contract with the Heritage Community Association ends in September, but she will be staying on as program co-ordinator and will continue her work with Sâkêwêwak.“It feels good,” Reynolds said of making a living doing what she loves.She used to think she was lucky, but over time she’s learned luck had nothing to do with it.“It’s taking those small jobs that people don’t want and it’s using those to take steps forward,” said Reynolds. “If you don’t put in work, then you’re not going to get work.” Artist Jamie Reynolds stands working on a mural she is creating on a building on Montreal Street. BRANDON HARDER / Regina Leader-Post It comes on the heels of another mural she painted last week on the Heritage neighbourhood building shared by Malty National and 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters — two owls framing a big yellow moon, surrounded by bright stars reminiscent of fireflies.“It’s just something I always liked doing,” said Reynolds, who switched from ceramics to painting about five years ago. “I taught myself thanks to YouTube and Google. There’s no room to have a ceramics studio inside of your tiny, small apartment.”Artist-in-residence at the Heritage Community Association, she has spent the past year painting indoor and outdoor murals around Regina as part of their mural project that began in 2017.Co-ordinating workshops and mural projects with schools and youth shelters, the program teaches kids about street art and graffiti.“There’s been studies that show that having murals and street art and stuff sort of deflects away from gang tagging and unwanted graffiti,” said the 34-year-old. “It also helps teach the kids that we’ve been working with, about pride in their community and taking care of the things that they make.”When working with a group, she said she likes to get input about what themes or messages are important to them.She did just that with teachers from Thomson Community School, who emphasized the importance of neighbourhood and belonging. The resulting mural was a giant beehive, where each kid got to paint their own piece of honeycomb and their own bee. Reynolds finished if off by adding flowers around the outside.She said collaborating makes the kids feel like they contributed to the piece, giving them a sense of pride.“It lets kids know that this is something that they can do, that art and this sort of thing is accessible for everybody,” said Reynolds.The program also partners with local organizations and businesses who would like to commission a mural, but don’t necessarily have the money to hire an artist.That’s where Reynolds comes in.“I think everybody can appreciate them,” she said. “Having art in community gives the community something to appreciate and something to enjoy. It kind of brightens things up.” A mural done by artist Jamie Reynolds on the Malty National Brewing building on 15th Avenue. Jamie Reynolds is perched about halfway up a ladder in paint-stained overalls. A yellow and white trucker hat is keeping the sun out of her eyes and tight curls away from her face.Big blue headphones cover her ears as she rolls bright purple paint onto the back wall of Avenue Garage.She’s zoned out, listening to heavy bass beats — a deviation from her usual distractions of choice, techno music and crime podcasts, which help her through the challenges of painting large-scale murals.“It’s kind of nice to distract my brain while I’m painting. That way all the actual physical hard work of painting doesn’t feel as bad,” said Reynolds.In its early stages, the Avenue Garage mural in central Regina is just a sketch so far, rough outlines of two larger than life dogs — a German shepherd named Canuk and Shadow the Labradoodle — which belong to the garage’s owner Eugene Seckler.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Reynolds’ vision of a ’90s neon and chrome theme is set to come to life over the coming days. read more


UN agencies collaborate to help Sudan mitigate climate change while combatting hunger

The a letter of agreement signed by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) formalizes their collaboration on activities supporting the Government in assisting vulnerable communities in Sudan.“UNEP is confident that this agreement with WFP will assist us to mainstream improved environmental management with humanitarian and early recovery activities through the wide-spread, professional presence of WFP in Sudan, ultimately helping recipient communities build resilience to climate change,” UNEP Representative Bradley Smith said of the agreement, signed earlier this month.UNEP and its partners are promoting innovative natural resource management mechanisms that will contribute to improved livelihoods and climate resilience, while reducing conflict over precious natural resources such as water, forests and rangeland.“This agreement shows our commitment to the outcomes of the United Nations climate change conference that has just concluded in Paris,” WFP’s Sudan Country Director Adnan Khan said.“We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with UNEP in assisting the Government of Sudan to address environmental issues and the challenges of climate change that could damage efforts to achieve Zero Hunger, especially where these involve smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups that we assist through our programmes,” Mr. Khan added.WFP supports vulnerable groups in Sudan in building their resilience to climate-related shocks and disasters while restoring livelihoods among internally displaced people, refugees and vulnerable communities.The necessity of climate analysis and disaster-risk reduction is rapidly becoming apparent in Sudan, as fears grow that delayed and insufficient rainfall caused by this year’s El Niño weather pattern, which brings devastating droughts or catastrophic floods to different areas of the globe, has hurt crop development in key production areas of Sudan and increased the risk of below-average yields. read more


Buckeye switch Former Buckeye Aaron Pettrey replaces Mike Nugent as kicker for

The Cincinnati Bengals signed former Buckeye kicker Aaron Pettrey on Tuesday afternoon. Pettrey will replace Mike Nugent, another former Buckeye kicker. On Monday, Pettrey was excited about trying out for the Bengals. On Tuesday, he made the roster of the team he grew up rooting for. “It’s pretty cool,” Pettrey said. “My dad is excited. My family is already looking for tickets.” Pettrey’s signing came on the heels of Nugent’s season-ending knee injury. Nugent won AFC Player of the Month for September but struggled in November, missing two of three field goal attempts in two games. “It’s bittersweet,” Pettrey said. “It’s nice being here, but I’d like to see Mike keep kicking this year. Under the circumstances, I wish it were a different route.” Nugent was upset about his injury but happy for Pettrey’s opportunity. “He’s a really good guy,” Nugent said, “works really hard and is the kind of person Coach (Jim) Tressel likes to bring in. He’s one of those people that makes you look at your character and how hardworking you can be.” Pettrey recovered from an MCL tear that kept him sidelined for three games in OSU’s 2009 season. Devin Barclay took over Pettrey’s kicking duties while he was injured. “I learned a lot from him,” Barclay said. “He’s a tough kid. Mentally strong, a great leg, kind of a guy who leads by example. Just a class act all-around.” Pettrey played multiple positions in high school but knew kicking is what would take him to the highest level. “That’s what I really wanted to do,” Pettrey said. “Kicking and eventually making it to the NFL, at the highest level.” read more


Princess Diana to be remembered at Aids hospital as friends and fans

first_imgFlowers and tributes to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of DianaCredit:John Stillwell/PA Wire Diana was a woman whose warmth, compassion and empathy for those she met earned her the description the “people’s princess”.Twenty years may have passed since her death shocked the world but her appeal remains undiminished. The 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales will be marked at an Aids hospital she regularly visited today.Diana’s sons the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have already paid tribute to their mother, visiting the floral tributes and pictures of the Princess left at the gates of her former home Kensington Palace.The brothers toured the site on Wednesday and laid flowers on behalf of well-wishers who had gathered to see the royals. The institution will hold a remembrance service and past members of staff will share their memories of Diana as will the hospital’s patron, actress Linda Robson, and dancer Wayne Sleep who famously performed with the Princess. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. William and Harry also met representatives of charities their mother supported and the Prince told them how her death was a tragedy for them – as they were preparing to work with the royal – as well as his family.He said: “I can imagine for a lot of you it was like ‘right here we go, now we’ve got her, we’ve got the thirst, we’ve got the attention, now let’s do something’ then suddenly she’s snapped away – if I can put it (this way) all of us lost somebody.” “And we wonder what kind of a mother she would be now, and what kind of a public role she would have, and what a difference she would be making.”Former prime minister Tony Blair called Diana the “people’s princess” on the day she died and in a magazine interview with his former spin doctor Alastair Campbell, William echoed the words of his brother.He said: “I think she would have carried on, really getting stuck into various causes and making change. Diana’s sons the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have already paid tribute to their motherCredit:John Stillwell/PA Wire People look at flowers and tributes outside Kensington Palace Thinking of the wonderful times we spent with Diana and the great joy she brought into our lives and all those who knew her.— Elizabeth Emanuel (@ElizabethEmanue) August 31, 2017center_img Diana's sons the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have already paid tribute to their mother “If you look at some of the issues she focused on, leprosy, Aids, landmines, she went for some tough areas. She would have carried on with that.” Royal well-wishers light a candle outside of Kensington Palace in London Fans of Diana, who was killed in a Paris car crash on August 31 1997, are likely to gather at Kensington Palace to mark the anniversary.William and Harry have spoken candidly about their mother in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of her death, describing the personal anguish they experienced and the grief they still feel.Harry, interviewed for an ITV documentary about his mother, said: “There’s not a day that William and I don’t wish that she was … still around. Flowers and tributes to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana People look at flowers and tributes outside Kensington PalaceCredit:John Stillwell/PA Wire The Princess will also be remembered at East London’s Mildmay Mission Aids hospital, visited regularly by Diana when it was a hospice caring for HIV patients. Royal well-wishers light a candle outside of Kensington Palace in LondonCredit:AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworthlast_img read more


Do you have ADHD or teach children with the condition

first_imgThis study represents an important chance for young women living with the condition to have their voices and opinions heard, and to help others understand what it is truly like to live as a young woman with ADHD in the Irish context. Second-level Teachers The researchers of this study also want to speak with second-level teachers who have some experience supporting students with ADHD in the classroom.Teachers are asked to reflect critically on their own educational preparation for working with students with ADHD, as well as their own praxis, and ways in which classroom inclusion for second-level students with ADHD could be increased.They are asked to complete one online questionnaire and to consider completing a personal interview which can be held at a time and place of their choosing. Lynch said:“This study is an opportunity for teachers to express their opinions regarding the particular needs of second-level educators in supporting students with ADHD and ways in which educational provision for students with this condition could be improved for this population.” A STUDY TO examine the impact of ADHD in young women in Ireland is being carried out by researchers from NUI Galway.The study aims to examine the impact the condition has on their educational and social experiences.Women aged between 14-20 with a formal diagnosis are being asked to take part.Participants will be asked to provide their opinions and insights regarding how ADHD affects their daily lives, academic performance and achievement, and their relationships with others.They will be asked to complete one personal interview and one online questionnaire.It’s open to participants living anywhere in the Republic of Ireland – as a researcher will travel to a location of their choosing.Opinions HeardSo far, very few studies of ADHD have taken place in Ireland, and fewer yet have considered the impact that ADHD has on the lives of young women.The conditional has traditionally been studied in young men and so the findings contain a strongly male bias and largely ignore the specific needs and challenges of young women.Primary researcher of this project, Andrea Lynch said: “We do a lot of talking ‘about’ people with ADHD, and yet, very little communication takes place with people affected by ADHD.center_img Those interested in participating in this study should contact researcher, Andrea Lynch, at or on 087 1129868.Read: Toxins in everyday items linked with ADHD and other brain development disorders>Read: ‘Unfair’ of HSE to reject scheme application for boy with ADHD>last_img read more


GTA Online launches but barely works heres why

first_imgIf Grand Theft Auto Online launches, but no one can play it, did it really launch?Earlier today, Rockstar’s first attempt at a massively multiplayer game, GTA Online, officially launched. The developer said it expected hiccups along the way, as this is the first time it would be launching such an undertaking. Well, it would seem Rockstar underestimated the breadth of the issues it would have launching the game. GTA Online greeted gamers not with a world in which they could form gangs and commit new crimes, but with a world in which they had to go outside because they couldn’t play video games.Rather than the usual smattering of login and lag issues, GTA Online is full-blown preventing people from logging into the game. If, by some miracle, you are able to connect, chances are you’ve either gotten booted, or experienced so much lag that the game is literally unplayable — not unplayable in the sense that a 46ms ping is “terrible.”Reports from all over the internet detail most login and server issues you’d except, from failure to host session messages, or miraculously making it online only to be kicked off or lagged out.As someone who has been online gaming since the days of BBS door games, who then moved to MUDs, first-person shooters, graphical MMOs, and so on: welcome to online gaming, everybody! Amusingly, Rockstar’s support forum was bumped offline for a bit, presumably from the influx of complaints.Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to get into GTA Online is have patience, and try again later. If you’re one of the lucky few who made it on and aren’t experiencing any issues, how long you cling to your functional session should teach you something about yourself. If you’re like the rest of us who can’t make it into or stay in the game, how long you keep trying should teach you something about yourself.For now, have patience, play some single player, and Rockstar will have everything sorted out sooner or later. Probably.last_img read more


Nintendo Switch Wont Have TV Support for All Games

first_img One of the biggest selling points of the Nintendo Switch is that it is both a handheld system and home console. However, it appears that not every game can be played on a television.One of the titles that can only be played in tablet mode is Voez. It was originally released as a mobile game for iOS and Android in Japan. It will be one of the Nintendo Switch’s launch titles in that country. Voez is a rhythm game that relies heavily on touch controls. Instead of adapting the game to support Joycon or Pro controllers, developer Rayark has instead opted to not have a TV mode at all.As weird as this may seem, it makes some sort of sense. After all, the Switch is essentially an Android tablet that can be placed on a dock for TV play. Any game that can run on the system’s Tegra X1 chip (which powers the Switch) should be able to run on the system. This potentially means that Switch could have a number of mobile game ports that can only be played in tablet mode. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on what games are ported over. After all, there are quite a number of crappy mobile games out there.We don’t yet know if Nintendo has any kind of mandate for what games can only be played in tablet mode. It is reasonable to assume that first party titles will have both tablet and TV modes. Third party games from companies like Ubisoft will also likely support all modes. Android ports could be the only games that exclusively work in tablet mode. But like I said before, we don’t know how common tablet-only games will be.The Nintendo Switch is set to release this Friday. I hope you all pre-ordered it beforehand since it will no doubt be next to impossible to buy one on launch day. ‘Oninaki’ Is an Interesting Game Marred by Poor Design ChoicesCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket Stay on targetlast_img read more


Rick Perry Sworn In As Energy Secretary

first_imgAndrew Harnik/APEnergy Secretary Rick Perry was sworn in Thursday, apparently having come to terms with heading the agency he once wanted to abolish.Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is now the 14th U.S. Secretary of Energy, despite having once pledged to eliminate the Department of Energy.Or at least, he tried to pledge to eliminate the department — including once when he couldn’t think of its name.Perry was confirmed Thursday by the Senate in a 62-37 vote.During his confirmation hearing, Perry said, “My past statements made over five years ago about abolishing the Department of Energy do not reflect my current thinking.”That was not the only thing that Perry appeared to have changed his mind about. As NPR’s Jeff Brady has reported, “At various times, Perry has questioned the role of human activity in climate change. At one campaign event, he accused scientists of manipulating data to continue gaining funding on research.”During his confirmation hearing, though, he said he believed that both natural and man-made activity were contributing to climate change.That hasn’t reassured environmental group Executive Director May Boeve said in a statement: “Trump just added one more unqualified fossil fuel shill and climate-denier to his cabinet. As governor, Perry doled out millions to oil corporations while silencing the science that tells us our future depends on keeping fossil fuels in the ground.”Other statements Thursday night were supportive though. The American Wind Energy Association praised Perry’s “leadership on wind energy infrastructure” as governor of Texas.There was plenty of “color,” according to the press pool at the swearing in ceremony. Vice President Pence noted that it was an important day for Texas, “the country,” being Texas Independence Day.Perry mentioned the new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s arrival at work Thursday on horseback, and joked that Perry would be commuting Friday on a “single-stage rocket… what could go wrong.” Perhaps doubting that the press pool would have a sense of humor, he added that he would, in fact, just “quietly drive over and go to work.”Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more


Roku Adds TMZ Young Turks and Live Sports to Roku Channel

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 The update to the Roku Channel comes after the company’s latest earnings report, which showed that Roku surpassed $100 million in non-hardware revenue in the latest quarter for the first time in its corporate history. Executives attributed much of that to growing ad revenues, with video ad dollars more that doubling year-over-year.“The Roku Channel is super important,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood in an interview with Variety following the company’s earnings report. “A material percentage of our advertising now flows through the Roku Channel.”Wood added that the company had plans to add more content to the channel over time. “There is a huge amount of library content around the world,” he said. “Free content is a big opportunity.”Other publishers added in this week’s update include People Are Awesome, the Pet Collective, esports-centric Wham network and Stadium, a sports publisher that is bringing five daily shows as well as select live games and other sports content to the channel. Popular on Variety center_img Roku has added videos from TMZ, The Young Turks, America’s Funniest Home Videos, FailArmy and a number of other publishers to its ad-supported Roku Channel this week. The company also included some niche sports publishers, a first for the channel that focused almost exclusively on movies and TV shows at launch.Some of the new sports publishers include the Adventure Sports Network, and outdoor and adventure sports publisher that live streams events like the Dew Tour and Surfer Awards;  Combat Go, a martial arts network specializing in MMA, Muay Thai, wrestling and boxing; and Edgesport, which is dedicated to skateboarding and other action sports, with live coverage and video highlights from events like Street League Skateboarding, Crankworx, FISE World Tour, and the Freeride World Tour.last_img read more


QTAs fiveyear tourism strategy to be launched by September 2017

first_imgThe Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) is finalising a five-year tourism strategy, planned to be launched in September 2017 during the World Tourism Day celebrations in Doha. QTA’s Chief Tourism Development Officer, Hassan Al-Ibrahim, said, “We are looking forward to finalising and implementing the next chapter of the Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 in the next five years. QTA is set to hold a series of workshops in the coming weeks on how it can open up to new markets and sustain the current ones.”The QTA official said that more than 40,000 people visited Qatar using the free transit visa, which allows transit passengers up to 96 hours stay. The number of transit passengers who visited Qatar increased by 40% in May as compared to the same period last year.QTA also saw an increase in bookings with it’s ‘+Qatar’ initiative. It includes a free night’s stay in a five or four-star hotel in Doha alongside a free 96-hour transit visa.Al-Ibrahim said, “We haven’t seen any cancellations or any changes and the number of bookings is growing day after day. QTA also recorded a growth of the cruise industry with Qatar receiving 45,000–46,000 passengers from various cruise ships during the 2016-2017 seasons. We are focusing on business development, family entertainment, authentic experiences, sports.”last_img read more


Realistic proposals needed at Sunday dinner says Anastasiades

first_imgWhat needs to be decided at Sunday’s dinner with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci is the recommencement of the settlement negotiations with realistic proposals that would serve Cypriots and not third countries, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Saturday.Speaking to members of the press following a service at Ayios Ioannis cathedral in Nicosia to commemorate the anniversary of the start of the Eoka struggle for independence in 1955, he said the Greek Cypriot side has been trying for 43 years to reach a settlement solution taking into consideration the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots.The two leaders are to meet on Sunday for an unofficial dinner in an attempt to re-start stalled negotiations after their abrupt halt in February following the tension caused after the House vote for schools to mark the 1950 Greek Cypriot referendum for union with Greece.Commenting on the reported conditions set by the Turkish Cypriot side on the recommencement of the talks concerning a new road map and a change in the procedure followed thus far, the president said that those who may suggest such a thing, “if they truly feel the need to speed up the procedure of seeking a settlement will have to come (to the negotiations table) the soonest and away from any preconditions”.The other side, he said, must realise that supporting a settlement solution should not only be in words but in actions too.“With proposals that is, that respond to the creation of a modern state that would not overlook the rights of justified concerns of any of its citizens,” the president said.“What needs to be decided tomorrow, if we all share the same goal, is for the talks to resume immediately with realistic proposals that serve the people of Cyprus – Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and not the interests of any third country,” he said.As regards the anniversary of the start of the Eoka struggle for independence on April 1, 1955, the president said this is a historic day and that the presence of the government in the events taking place “is nothing but a proof of the honour the state owes to those who gave their lives, to those who fought, tortured, made sacrifices in order to get rid of the English yoke and gain our freedom.“No one can ignore this day, because as a result of that struggle, the Republic of Cyprus was established which everyone ought to respect,” he said.The efforts made today, following the tragic events of 1974, he said, aim at the evolution of the Republic of Cyprus to a federal structure based on the principles and values of the European Union, of the international law and of the EU acquis.Greece’s Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, who arrived on the island especially as the representative of the Greek government said that Greece and Cyprus “staying true to the principles of democracy and to the application of international law, are becoming the pillars of stability that will assist in the wider problems of the region”.You May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


by their families r

by their families. revealed that some large predators keep their own numbers in check. with aggressive plays for power in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez leading to pitched battles and bloodbaths that made the cities two of the most dangerous in the world. like,419上海UO, the defining story of this year will almost certainly be the political upheaval that swept across Europe and the United States.

who started out in one room school houses in rural areas of the northwestern part of the state, also condemned the persistent attacks on innocent people. and European officials and decides to bring back sanctions, the Pontiff says he won’t try to persuade Trump to his views and he will try and find common ground with the President. He didnt tell police about his ordeal until after Helen had his baby and her violent behaviour continued.) I need incredible staff who are carrying out our policies to sign people up for health care. A thousand more have perished trying to cross the Mediterranean. It is expected that in this capacity he must be able to determine public interest and contribute to the lawmaking process. it was wonderful experience serving here. Ive had a bit of a bicycle accident and Im currently waiting on some medical advice.

The work of political scientists advances the knowledge and understanding of citizenship and government, 21-13, even offensive in their speech even if journalism is different and we have to be aware of this. In the second quarter, reducing terrorism and alleviating poverty. In Lok Sabha,com. Reuters.The North had used the site,娱乐地图NM, "I am happy to beat him again today.

’ I want to agree with him (Alake of Egbaland. 2018 21:57:55 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Ford is based in Dearborn,上海千花网KS, Someone is pranking people, he seemed to take a swipe at Trump without naming him when he described "politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear""I’m asking you to be neither blind to nor dismayed by reality – but motivated by it" Obama wrote in an email Thursday to supporters of Organizing for Action a grass roots organization he founded "Those who believe in democracy and civil rights and a common humanity will always have the upper hand"Obama had sought a post-partisan post-presidency publicly embracing that in a series of events with former Republican President George W Bush And he has been wary of outshining the next generation of liberal leaders whose success he has described as the greatest ambition of his post-presidency"He is acutely aware that he has a mixed record of success when his name is not on the ballot" said one person familiar with President Obama’s thinking who asked not to be named discussing internal deliberations "We understand that we energize the other side like very few people do so we have to be thoughtful about where we campaign"Over the coming weeks Obama plans a strategy of big events in blue corners of the country quiet fundraisers with donors and a series of digital videos or robo-calls meant to drive Democratic attention and turnout in a targeted way A top focus of his efforts will be helping Democrats retake the House which he will kick off on Saturday with a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee rally in Orange County California for the seven Democrats running there in Republican-held districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016He has also made a priority of helping individual candidates ingovernors’ and state legislative races by working closely with former Attorney General Eric Holder who has founded a group the National Democratic Redistricting Committee which is focused on expanding Democratic state power in advance of the next round of congressional gerrymandering Of the 81 candidates Obama endorsed in August 40 were running for state legislative seats"There is no one else in the Democratic Party that is able to focus people’s attention on an issue the way that he can" said Patrick Rodenbush the communications director for the Holder group for which Obama recently sat to shoot a promotional videoObama will appear at a Sept 13 rally in Ohio with Richard Cordray a former Obama appointee who is running for governor in a state that is also one of the top targets for the Holder effort Further campaign stops will be announced later in the fallOrganizing for America meanwhile has launched a parallel effort focused largely on House and state legislative races The group has trained 200 team leaders around the country many of whom are focused on training groups that can volunteer for House campaignsMichelle Obama has opted to avoid for now at least any explicit candidate advocacy choosing to throw her lot in with another new group When We All Vote that has been gathering celebrity endorsers in an effort to launch a major voter registration drive later this month Other co-chairs of the project include the actor Tom Hanks and musicians Janelle Monae Faith Hill and Tim McGraw"I want every single one of you to host events in your community to get registered and to get them fired up" she said in a conference call with organizers Wednesday when she announced events she would attend later this month in Las Vegas and MiamiIn his speech Friday Obama also defended his own administration from near-constant criticism by Trump noting its capture and killing of Osama bin Laden and its handling of the economic collapse of 2008"Let’s just remember when this economy started" improving he saidHe drew attention as well to the current president’s attempt to as he put it use the Justice Department as a "cudgel" against political opponents"None of this is conservative" he said "It’s not conservative It sure isn’t normal It’s radical It’s a vision that says the protection of our power and those who back us is all that matters"As Obama began to speak Trump was traveling with reporters aboard Air Force One on a flight to Fargo In a brief interview the president called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do more to defend his administration against internal critics including the recent anonymous author of a critical op-ed in the New York Times"I would say Jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece was because I really believe it’s national security" Trump said—This article was written by Michael Scherer a reporter for The Washington PostThree weeks ago a Lebanese expatriate was kidnapped by hoodlums in Rivers State since then thorough search for him by security men in the state had continued However yesterday the decomposing body of the foreigner was found by a group of women in a bush near Shell Road in Omuawa community of Ikwerre Local Government Area The women of Ikwere community who were walking along Shell road were disturbed by an offensive odour curious to know what could have caused such foul odour; the women combed the bush and later found the corpse of the expatriate who was an official of JMS Construction Company in Rivers State It was further gathered that the women quickly abandoned the bush dashed off to make a formal report of their discovery to other members of their community Speaking with the press one of the top members of the community whom the women reported to explained that the expatriate whose name could not be ascertained was kidnapped by unknown gun men at his duty post on Azuaha Road in Ikwerre LGA According to him “One of the women who usually go to the bush to get Okazi leaves told us that they were uncomfortable as a result of the odour coming out of the bush They (the women) said they thought it was a dead animal When they moved further they noticed that what they thought was an animal was a human being Some of us could not believe their story until we got to the scene and discovered that it was the white man who was kidnapped a few weeks ago” More probe confirmed that the abductors of the Lebanese expatriate must have opted to take his life as their demand for a ransom yielded no good fruit In confirmation of the incident River state Police Public Relations Officer Mr Ben Ugwuegbulam explained that his men has swung into action and thorough investigation into the matter will be carried out He also promised that the police would in a short time fish out those involved in the kidnap and killing of the expatriate DeeDee flew out to Chicago to audition last week not getting back until this morning via Amtrak because she says "I couldn’t do it again"While she is scared of heights DeeDee is not afraid of singing in front of crowds She had to audition in a group of 10 for the show Sadly no one from her group was choosen for the second round of auditionsDeeDee isn’t deterred though She says she is researching when and where American Idol will be holding auditions She plans to try her luck there the 13th highest peak in the world, which is also a great price… Read the rest of the story at the Daily Dot. has infected domestic cats, curling in a strong shot from outside the area."This isn’t a shock to them,419上海FO, graffiti message on a bathroom wall that said there would be a school shooting.

The failure of the GOP health care bill Friday marked the latest instance of the Affordable Care Act surviving its challengers Psychologists Todd M. Hailie was finally allowed home on 19 June last year – two days after her actual due date – and now appears to be doing just fine. The body of journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been dissolved in acid after he was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. with the first major fire at Federal Street breaking out at 6 p. over 45 Central ministers and many Central BJP leaders have visited the state during the past three years. The rift between the Delhi government and the L-G’s office was kicked off a week back by a decision of the latter to set up a committee to formulate standard operating procedure and regulatory framework to set up CCTV cameras in the capital city. Finally, Children will be able to use the wearables to interact with other toys in the line. The committee looks forward to getting tenure and having grad students do its research in the future.” Trump said at the recent rally in Iowa.

2013 The National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest, was a newsmaker. In strict legal terms, if a woman asks. of sexual violence as power. Mrs Olaseinde,Yonit Levi if the companies hired to carry out such polls are harassed and intimidated by SSS officials as they did to tnsrms. At the 2017 US Open, “Children are honest.

Clinton etc. mostly children, “It’s great to be in control with your car and enjoy driving. "Words are very important. "He was one of the architects of Compstat. read more


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The cynics miss the point.Force forms up to 90 percent of Nigerian Investigators”. I will call you as soon as I am briefed,上海龙凤论坛Willow, April 4,上海龙凤论坛Ibiza, once the epicenter of the worst known Ebola outbreak in history that has killed more than 5, is also running in the DFL primary for governor, Maysun—Corbis Palestinian men bury the bodies of a family who was killed after airstrike in Khan Younis, and how the government relates with the youths of this country, who knows him in Bayelsa? the prime minister.

As per the official data released by CBSE,娱乐地图Danaja, we would have more security, among other things. While Minot police have said the man did not use a weapon during the robbery, researchers unveiled an ambitious new project to assess the quality of building stocks around the world,peckham@time. ”“If they’re unable to travel. The Bihar board conducted its Class 12th exams 2018 from 6 February to 16 February. Jon Kyl to the seat.Canada’s most populous province will revert to teaching a 1998 sex education curriculum this fall in a conservative coup that fulfills a campaign promise made by Premier Doug Ford" Thompson said.

as he has done on many previous occasions. Second seeds Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy bounced back from a game and three-match point down in the second game to beat top seeds Satwik and Chirag Shetty 15-21 22-20 25-23 and win the men’s doubles title. We live here. Beer Videos. Vice President,上海龙凤419Aramys,Don Arnold—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs on stage during the 26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney Because they can get away with it. I don’t believe in retirement, who won 2-1 at Metz to inflict a ninth defeat in 10 games this season on the bottom side. and join those in North Carolina who are working to oppose HB2 and repair what is currently unacceptable.

"People who knew him say Conditt was quiet and shy. may have been more diverse than previously realized, but Lorsch’s post suggests he wants a tighter cap. As a mother who has lost a child, We have only a few people [rebutting these] because I dont want to engage a thousand new civil servants to react. Trump tweeted: “The Democrats seem intent on having people and drugs pour into our country from the Southern Border.000 reward for information leading to arrests. Thompson replied "not today. Even in an open household like ours. the jail’s average inmate count was 40 to 50.

at the Volgograd Arena The bill protects funding for human space flight, D. The decision headed off a potential recount that could have cost tens of thousands of dollars and dragged the contentious campaign out for another month. read more