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Linktech 99 online bookstores registered members began to recruit new activities

dear affiliate member:

99 online bookstores new members began to reward myself, so what, quickly join the 99 online bookstores


activity time:

2008 01 may –2008, January 31st

activity content:

1 during the event from linktech membership website guide to the new registered users "online bookstore, in its first effective after the completion of orders (single order amount more than 30 yuan (including 30 yuan)) will give extra registered reward of 2 yuan / person (the order of sales commission is still normal settlement). read more


Talk about how to optimize advertising website earning large quantities of gold each day

if you have applied for the advertising alliance and launched on the site, how to improve the revenue has become the primary issue. Different advertising types have different advertising optimization methods. Here we take a look at specific.

one, put different types of advertising have a particular emphasis on

click on the location of the most important advertising

click the type of advertising is generally referred to as CPC (pay per click), is generally based on the number of clicks on the ads, advertising alliance to pay the site. Most of the personal website will be put in this form of advertising, its advantage is that as long as the click of income. read more


Chinese click Wangzhuan earn

rich uncle Mao professional promotion Chinese click Wangzhuan, I won a good Wangzhuan psychological quality and strong ability to promote the trust and support of friends earn, earn is the friends make friends. Good teachers and helpful friends because many are beginner questions, so make the most of my friends, almost QQ4929158 the Wangzhuan hotline, which asked the most is to do Chinese click Wangzhuan exactly how much money. In fact, a lot of people are not willing to answer, is not a good answer, that can make a lot of money to make friends do not believe that the truth would scare people. Today nothing, write an article, also is the answer to the question of the unified make friends, also hope to have a little help to the beginner. read more


Baidu auction system has serious fraud

Baidu bidding system 0.3 yuan a click. The price is their own. This I can not control, can earn can buy. Click on the 0.3 it was an injustice, he gently point the mouse 100, is equivalent to a water supply workers upstairs and downstairs 2 days salary (Songshui hard)

did not go in background, estimates do not know,

Default principle is that you cheated out of money so far the largest consumer

as shown in fig.: read more


Blog advertising services advertisers pay directly to the blog

      criticism of the advertising service provider Blog PayPerPost recently launched a new service that allows advertisers to pay directly to the bloggers, the new product is evaluated by the latter, the new advertising service called PayPerPost Direct.

want to earn extra money by practicing Lianbi, bloggers can add PayPerPost Direct code on their own Blog, and set up a "minimum fee", advertisers can pay directly to provide bloggers.

PayPerPost Direct is different from previous reviews of Blog advertising content is pricing entirely in the hands of the author blog, prior to this, the advertisers themselves to determine the uniform price – a lot of high flow and high impact nature in favor of their own pricing blog PayPerPost Direct system. Similar advertising services include ReviewMe, etc.. read more


Wangzhuan successful concept and basic conditions

some people say that the network of part-time to earn money, the monthly income of more than 500, I will be satisfied; some people say online to get rich, the monthly income of more than 5000, I feel very satisfied; some people say that the network business, a monthly income of more than 50 thousand and has a high visibility, to be successful. In fact, what they say is right for themselves, and may not be useful to others. Simply say: to achieve their successful Wangzhuan is expected to make money online. You set a net income of 10 thousand annually, after 35 years of hard work, you earn about 3 to 50 thousand, this is your success, as to what others think, don’t care. read more


Crazy Taobao project to teach you how to do Taobao guest to make money

hasn’t come to A5 for a long time. The habit of lit a cigarette, drink a touch of green tea, it seems to return to the A5 in the era of soft hair. Aftertaste this feeling, very good.

etc.anyway, directly into the topic. Before the start of the project, we first analyze what is the core factor to do Taobao guest.

where are potential customers?

is known to do a lot of Taobao guest method, the official website also has relevant teaching. In general, the intention of the QQ group, blog group, Taobao station, serial soft, mass software, and so on are good. These methods, each method has a master in the field of operation, and in the profits. New people want to do, it is not easy to tell the truth, so teach you a way of my own. read more


Google Adwords to share the entire operation process

1 first I went on the CB and grav to find a good but not the most fire, as now selected is ranked in the third place Internet TV $/sale.

2 in Google adworks and then I checked the tools above the words "Internet TV", the query English target, the whole world, the query results as below, basically check the amount is relatively large, and the key basic price under $1, I think this kind of that competition is not very intense.

3 select the results of the query and the relevant key words inside the results of some of the query volume is relatively large number of keywords, the following is a list of keywords. read more


Net Wangzhuan house Wangzhuan success perseverance nnovation to wait = success

The last time we

house net Wangzhuan give you three reason to write do Wangzhuan novice attitude adjustment should know, I think we all remember! Don’t remember to look at it: aid=243683?.

well, if you have done, so today we continue to say, the last time we mentioned the law of success: perseverance Wangzhuan + Innovation + to + wait = success.

so today we will analyze this formula in detail, so that we have a more profound understanding of it. In order to be more skilled in the actual operation of the use of these successful experience. Following into the subject, since the formula four on the left, then we divided into four points: read more


nternet money making skills

dedicated to the owners of entrepreneurship and corporate Web site managers. Some of the old skills still apply (for example, every day to write new content), you may have to understand, to bring traffic is not so easy, hard work, choice, is a physical activity. So, if you’re ready, roll up your sleeves and do the following. Within a year, you’ll get enough traffic to keep you busy.

1 domain name

if you want your business name to be branded, choose a domain name that reflects it accurately. If your company is called China industrial computer network, then the registration, if unfortunately has been registered. Do not use the bar, try not to more than two combinations of words, such as my website on the use of the word, CHN (China) and IPC (). read more


Mobile APP business is more difficult to succeed is not easy

Sohu IT news Beijing time on July 12th news, in the past, the growth in the mobile field regardless of the method used.

once upon a time, there was a formula to win on the mobile:

1, the development of super good things.

2, let apple Google help you, in the launch of a good PR.

3, watch your APP climb up the charts.

4, buy some cheap installed capacity, to further promote the development process.

5, wait for success.

in the past few years, this is very effective, the effect is very good, for the new start-up companies, independent developers, the method is particularly effective. Slowly this method fails, there is no substitute for it. Although you all expect a richer, more mobile ecosystem, mobile growth opportunities, but in the field of mobile achieved early success more and more difficult. read more


dentify the most important ideas of Amoy want to make money

with Ali mother transferred to Taobao OPEN API guest API, more and more people join the ranks of the guest promotion. Amoy website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as much up, but look at the 80% station in 1000 stations are nothing special. Explain some of the main ideas on the site. To know that too many sites are not only similar to the search included, but it is difficult to impress buyers, not to mention the effective shopping guide and conversion rate. As a Taobao guest, is willing to share some of their insights and share. read more


Baidu bidding mode and strategy analysis

We all know that

in the current development of the Internet and the Internet business sense, intermediate business has become more and more obvious, as the big boss of Baidu search engine industry also plays an important role, it is because Baidu has a competitor are not, it is more than half of the market share. Baidu now accounts for most of the market share. As long as the emphasis on their market share, it is already the user had to choose to bid on Baidu, advertising.

for Google or some other non mainstream search engine, the placement of advertising appears to be very simple. We will not repeat them in this. But for Baidu, even in the home put on the left side of the PPC advertising, the situation is more complex. I summed up the results of Baidu home advertising display, can be divided into the following four modes read more


The Qixi Festival chain year end three gift campaign officially began

activity details:


Tanabata chain year-end gift event officially began

15 from the start of the event, the 30 day of 24 points as of the end of 0. In the meantime。 All new registered users point out more than 2 automatic audit, giving a total of 800 points. At the same time, from now on, you can leave a message for outstanding website award, not during the event message with recommendation will be deemed to have waived the right to participate in this activity! Please pay special attention to. Point out the return of cash activities will be the daily point out of the record, you can click on the history – Statistics – the function of the query data. During the activity, we will intensify efforts, thorough investigation of all illegal sites, illegal sites all deleted. The other will increase the intensity of manual audit, to avoid malicious registration fraud. In order to ensure that we have a high quality traffic environment. Finally, I wish you a lot of points in the event, a lot of cash. read more


Follow the three dedicated Taobao website to make money

then do find a part-time job on the Internet, Taobao is undoubtedly the premier guest recommended a good project, from 09 to 10 years, I found that Taobao fired off extra heat, some Taobao customers of the glorious deeds of expert in the media constantly emerging exposure, so the "Taobao" a night network fame. Just as the violent star overnight. Understand and do not understand the network of people who have to study online Taobao how to make money, of course, I also did not hesitate to enter the position of Taobao customers, but started a little late, the official entry into the Taobao has so far two months. The Taobao army occupied the guest go forward with great strength and vigour to make money on the army team a space for one person, but the uneven level of individual soldiers mastered the attack Road, so make more money, while the individual soldier is still hard struggle learning stage, still wandering, a month will Amoy a eighty yuan, even is 0. I was lucky, the first month to achieve revenue of nearly two thousand yuan, a week on the station to station optimization to Baidu home page, so the first month from Taobao made of gold, of course, all in the plan implementation, so everything is not surprised. read more


Some views on the Taobao station built in 2011

Hello, has written 2 papers and about 2011 Taobao guest operating some of the practices and techniques: "new model" on 2011 Taobao guest single page station, "2011 for customers to choose products, Taobao keyword view". Then the author for optimization several single page station only wrote some of this article, today is to share some views on the station built in 2011 Taobao guest single page! I believe that both will have a certain inspiration to the novice or veteran, although no single page station in question is convenient management, very good persuasive, easy to optimize operating properly, a monthly income of thousands is pretty easy! But for the novice earning 1000 or need a certain time, for veteran if you want to replace the product is necessary, the premise is the product competition, such as the current L-carnitine, Baidu search page is, why are we getting involved? Well below, to talk to the railway station built Taobao view read more


Entrepreneurship 6 cold facts money will spend the creative ceiling

entrepreneurship is a passion and need to keep the rational thing. Not only rely on perseverance can be successful. No matter how much chicken soup, but also for a sale. Big to a company’s success, the success of a small product, are the result of many factors. At least money, planning, teamwork, creativity, operations, strain indispensable.

has a good plan to obtain financing in hot areas, to attract a young team, make an innovative product, the company hired us to do brand marketing in the current business environment, these are not difficult, but it looks very warm and successful achievements are not directly equate. Beginning millet thought, need in the passion of the warm, clear understanding of these six seemingly cold fact. read more


Recipe sharing site Gojee collect chowhound favorite customers

Gojee home page is a huge food HD picture, very influential, right?

Gojee is an art of recipe sharing site, currently through more than and 300 independent food blog to get content, all the information has been carefully selected. Because there are a lot of super large pictures, Gojee is also known as full screen version of Pinterest".

the company was founded in July 2011, initially hoped to provide users with similar tablet browsing experience recipes, but the initial stage of the first version of the web version. Since then, they have begun to study how users interact with the service, as well as the use of preferences, and finally launched on Wednesday iPhone, iPad and Android mobile applications. read more


The higher the ranking is worth Ali mother make money new skills

recently launched Ali mother activities can be more and more popular, the launch activities Antz program launched and put the code on the money ", increase the stimulation of the personal webmaster community participation enthusiasm, and with the continuous Discuz network, two site cooperation, will reach deep into the station, and and, cooperation, and advertising platform to expand the field of action but with great blog, looks good.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended. read more


Difficult to close the ring of O2O those who struggle in the forefront of O2O entrepreneurs

three years ago, has just graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Xuhao did not want to start their career in what way, he graduated with several Jiaotong University classmates set up a restaurant for pizza delivery companies, "hungry" started up in position so vague under. But the takeaway business is not easy, after one and a half years of exploration, the entrepreneurial team will be "hungry re orientation" doing the catering industry read more