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The truth back to space new face unlimited business opportunities in the container

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according to iResearch is expected in 2011 China’s domain name mainframe industry revenue scale will be more than 5 billion yuan, the future development of China’s domain name mainframe industry shows great potential. China’s virtual hosting industry will usher in the second spring. The Internet every day to Chinese business opportunities in more than 100 billion yuan, such a huge opportunity is to promote many enterprises, especially large enterprises focus on the development of the network business, the enterprise website and operation quality and storage capacity is more and more high. read more

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Tmall to accelerate the layout of the car to sell the car or the impact of the automotive sales indu

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investor news reporter Sun Weitao

Tmall online sales of car layout is accelerating.

Tmall mall in 2012 sold a total of nearly 10 thousand cars. At the end of last year to solve the problem of balance payment POS line, and with the new product optimization and subsequent Tmall car sales model POS launch, sales this year is expected to impact 3 billion." Tmall mall, a public relations officer to the investor news reporter said.

on the other hand, Ali financial credit payment business in April will also be in Hunan and Zhejiang preliminary test the water, although it is only small loans for consumers in the wireless terminal business, but the PR staff of Tmall mall said, "if the user needs, do not rule out the future will go and the financial services and automotive business combination." read more

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Poop sale popular group purchase neglected

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morning news (reporter Sun Yu) 899 yuan Nike shoes priced at $199, $500 Adidas sweater only sell 89 yuan…… Recently, poop sale mode became popular business platform, but also is the essence of group purchase site traffic operation of this model is declining, has been left out of the user. According to the group 800 statistics, this year the average proportion of physical class buy is 7.8%, compared to 2012 fell by 6.1%, and in 2011 compared to a decrease of nearly $20%.

in a period of time, because this model favored consumers began to poop sale, following, Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, fold 800 and other websites have launched major brands to poop sale channel. However, the same as the poop, low-cost positioning group purchase website is gradually marginalized by the market. Group 800 statistics, in April this year, home life, bags, shoes and other online shopping group turnover was $130 million, accounting for only about 5.5% of the total market. read more

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How to crack the domestic Groupon decline curse

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Groupon revealed a broken pot broken fall helpless feeling.

August 6th, Groupon second quarter earnings, Revenue $750 million, an increase of 23% over the same period last year, but after spending, a net loss of $22 million 900 thousand, a loss of $7 million 600 thousand last year. Of course, the first quarter earnings more tragic, a net loss of $81 million 200 thousand.

data allow capital despair, after opening down 17%. Compared with the peak period of the share price of $more than and 30, Groupon price is about $7, the market value has evaporated 3/4. read more

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Ministry of Agriculture issued a document to promote the development of leisure agriculture to play

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China securities network in December 8th from the Ministry of agriculture was informed that the office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "notice" to further improve the leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion work, to further improve the promotion of leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion, promote the implementation of the leisure agriculture promotion project.

notice of proposed work objectives, leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion work will be combined with the seasonal characteristics and priorities, focus on holidays, and promote a number of leisure agriculture and rural tourism attractions and fine line to provide society, can see the mountains, see a good place for water, remember nostalgia for urban and rural residents. Based on the electronic commerce website, WeChat, newspapers, magazines and other platforms, to build a stable network, newspapers, magazines, radio promotion channels, consumers buy online and offline consumer demand, the formation of newspaper articles, network topics, broadcast voice pattern, the industry to enhance the economic and social benefits, ensure the effectiveness of the publicity maximum. read more

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Advertising circle of friends for the first time to pay the electricity supplier only product aegyo

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[Reuters] news billion state power in April 21st, after BMW, Coca-Cola, vivo and other mobile phone brands, has also joined the ranks of WeChat circle of friends. And several times before the circle of friends advertising,’s advertising has also been widespread concern, and even some users complain that they did not see the wonderful phenomenon of advertising. is the first to put a circle of friends advertising electricity supplier, its advertising form is also different. Billion state power network noted that ads joined the purchase link, consumers can directly click on the ads into the online shopping page. read more

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The domain name industry and eyes (97) CN domain name in 06 years in the aftermath of the earthquake

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  [found in the earthquake regret value: CN domain name]

              in this series of quick ending on the evening of December 26, 2006, ready to start Taiwan earthquake struck, and the cable fault, has begun to affect users of the Internet domain name China Chinese (step layout department) to the user: not even the Yahoo mailbox, MSN we cannot use, Alexa curve has not come out, all involved……… GTLD domain name (general category / top-level domain, such as.Com,.Net,.Org) and the gTLD domain name server placed outside the mainland China website, have shown that they Chinese in front of the user "face" see. Therefore Donews Wang Le brother in 2006-12-27 18:45:56 wrote "submarine cable fault" began to affect the China Internet Corporation ( has been disclosed in an article: "a lot of the mainland and overseas website Chinese not visit each other, some sites rely on companies to do business affected." Companies rely on Internet value-added services to make money also affected."

              another author, Chinese station ( editor Ye Xibo in December 27, 2006 14:52 wrote "Taiwan earthquake" caused by network failure "problem" ( 107767.html) in an article that "digression" wrote:

1, to 2, China Netcom COM backbone network, the mirror server 3,.CN analysis of all normal current read more

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New ways of hormone economy Spring House how fun the sale mode

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Abstract: the hall is not a simple sale mode, reduce the price of the bloody battle, but with its 2 electricity supplier based on the thinking behind, is relying on its capital, consumer and consumer insight into the advantages of the whole industry chain reconstruction Adult supplies.

March 25th, the largest Adult supplies electricity supplier chunshuitang announced the completion of a new round of 80 million yuan financing, this is by far the largest electricity supplier in the field of Adult supplies a financing, more concern is the official release chunshuitang sale mode, in the eyes of spring CEO Lin Degang, this will invest billion yuan to build a model, will lead the industry prices become rational, Chinese detonated a new round of economic. read more

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Finally,I get you! Thunder to make money in June 17th to open a limited purchase treasure!

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June 17th, Jingdong will be the first time to make an appointment to all users of the product before the opening of the money to buy treasure spot. This means that over the past 16 days the accumulation of nearly 400 thousand users will usher in a high-profile new intelligent hardware, money treasure, the first round of hot grab.

easy to make money to share new ideas detonated user enthusiasm

money treasure recently to ultra high finish and have been repeatedly seckill success at Taobao all the chips created seckill myth, then in June 1st children’s day on Jingdong to open a new round of pre-sale. Reporters on Jingdong’s treasure treasure appointment page to see, as of now, there are more than 380 thousand of users to complete the appointment on the Jingdong. read more

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Whether the purchase of goods such as the formation of smuggling

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"the goddess of justice do not open eyes" (CITIC publishing house, January 2016) is a known legal subject knowledge on production, is known to almost team following the "pioneering, we in the know about what?" "money" operation after the launch of the knowledge series of third books. This book consists of dozens of active in the line of judicial practitioners, according to the legal issues of interest to the user, and write the answer.

surging news published "authorized purchasing smuggling?" section. read more

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The joint venture bdbl website excellent shopping network debut at the beginning of July officially

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bdbl joint venture website excellent shopping network debut (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) June 20th news, bdbl joint venture B2C website excellent shopping network unveiled today, as the "buy shoes", which means not only the field of footwear B2C will usher in a heavyweight opponent, also means that the excellent shopping network, and peers will buy good music Amoy direct challenge.

currently has the excellent shopping network can access the site, including the flagship brand sports brand Nike, in addition to Adidas, PUMA, BATA, WEST, NINE also includes BELLE had not been large-scale in the online sale of brand shoes. Now excellent purchase network is still in the testing phase, will be officially unveiled in July 1st. read more

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How much do you know how to operate the product market

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give you a business platform, you will bring high sales, you know how to operate the platform. But the strange thing is, why is it so expensive that the sales company is so high that we can’t find anything every day, and we always think that such high sales should make a big profit. In fact, if you do not know the algorithm of gross profit, or in your head there is no concept of gross profit, then you are likely to have been losing money, or see a lot of revenue results.

How many know that read more

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New Zealand milk powder recovery purchasing price considering direct mail business

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New Zealand illegal purchasing milk business "weaning" after nearly 2 months, New Zealand milk resumed direct mail business, the premise is milk exporters must to the New Zealand Department of primary industries (MPI) for qualification. Due to the addition of some of the cost of spending, part of the milk purchasing agent said that considering the purchase price of milk powder.

yesterday, Beijing engaged in a New Zealand infant formula purchasing Mr. Chen (a pseudonym) told the "First Financial Daily", about a week ago, already can get direct mail milk from New Zealand, but New Zealand local milk exporters must MPI record, go regular channel to export. "Subject to the management costs, and to go through the formal procedures, purchasing parts of New Zealand infant milk powder has raised the price." However, Mr. Chen refused to disclose the specific situation of its purchasing milk powder brands and prices. read more

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My views on the O2O model

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called O2O that is Online Offline, simply say online payment, offline consumption, To. Is the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the front line of the transaction. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. Now more popular group purchase websites such as the handle, the U.S. group is in fact the O2O mode, the core O2O model is very simple, is to bring consumers online store to reality: online payment for goods and services purchased offline, and then go on to enjoy the service line. read more

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Ministry of Finance announced cross-border e-commerce retail imports list

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in April 7th, the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation, quality inspection administration, food and drug administration, the management office, password Bureau and other 11 departments jointly announced the "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list".

in order to avoid industrial raw materials and other goods through cross-border e-commerce retail import channel entry, disrupt the normal trade order, and to facilitate the daily collection operation, inventory management the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy. This is also a continuation of the previous levy tax when the personal use of the provisions. read more

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Micro business agent model does not fly

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I do not know since when, a circle of friends in a group of friends to promote the sale of goods, it is said that they are now quite popular micro business. Micro business is essentially a social media marketing retailers, social media, including WeChat, micro-blog, space, such as the site". This group is divided into two modes of operation: one is the development of agency model, the other is the brand direct mode.

compared with the development of brand proxy mode, direct mode can be said to represent the direction of micro business development, because of the brand endorsement, consumer trust; two is to do social marketing, will make the sales information more accurately convey to the circle of friends. read more

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How to make the enterprise smooth and efficient operation of the entrepreneur’s 7 guidelines

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in the pharmaceutical industry has spread such a famous saying, do not hurt others always put the first place, and in the enterprise management, the same applies to this sentence. The first task of enterprise management is to be responsible for users, employees and shareholders, and the second is to promote the development of enterprises. The operation of a company is the need of wisdom, entrepreneurial concept and execution can not only guide enterprises to enter the sound track of development, but also can stimulate greater creativity, especially for those who are in the early planning and operation of the enterprise, it is crucial. read more

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To test the beauty economy SF Columba interactive video shopping or the biggest gimmick

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of heat transfer for the market to return to A shares, Columba interactive A shares, is the controlling shareholder of the company and the company in contact, but there is no conclusive

started to express in SF, the cross-border electricity supplier on the road to go faster. The day before, the "Securities Daily" reporters learned that SF EXPRESS has reached a strategic cooperation with Columba interaction, intends to achieve complementary resources in the business field, the integration of online and offline multi channel operation, promote its diversified strategic layout. read more

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How to change the flow of enterprise website sales

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in the era of e-commerce, many companies are also looking forward to the development of network marketing. So whether it is a search engine or B2B website pay promotion or search engine optimization professional, enterprise website to start a new zhuluzhongyuan. The so-called "popularity is business", in site traffic, a lot of enterprises have to grab the opportunity, but it can really achieve sales promotion rarely, many companies are worried for this. Therefore, how to get the flow at the same time the most likely to translate into sales? I think at least should do the following: read more

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