Round-up: Pedro injured and QPR are looking for striker

first_imgPedro has been ruled out of Chelsea’s opening Premier League game of the season after picking up an injury.The Spaniard has an ankle problem and has not recovered in time for Saturday’s visit of Burnley.Pedro suffered the injury during Sunday’s Community Shield game against Arsenal at Wembley, where he was sent off.Boss Antonio Conte confirmed: “Pedro is not available. He is suffering from an injury in the Arsenal game and was not able to recover. It is a knock in his ankle.”Pedro would have been an option to replace the suspended Victor Moses at right wing-back.Conte added that Moses’ ban could lead to a debut for summer signing Antonio Rudiger – a move that would probably see Cesar Azpilicueta move to wing-back.Embed from Getty ImagesAsked if Rudiger might be involved, Conte said: “He could be – also because there is no Moses.“It could be an opportunity to start the game for Rudiger. I have been impressed with him. He is a strong player with a good personality.” Blues even more committed, says ConteEmbed from Getty ImagesConte says Chelsea’s commitment during pre-season has been ever better than last season when they won the Premier League.There have been reports that Conte is unhappy with the size of the squad and the club’s summer transfer activity.But Italian said: “Honestly I am pleased because we are working very well with the team and this group of players and the commitment is incredible and also better than the last season.“I am very happy because these players are working so hard. We are trying to improve.” Baker’s new deal and loan moveEmbed from Getty ImagesLewis Baker has signed a new five-year Chelsea contract and completed a season-long loan move to Middlesbrough. Baker, 22, spent last season on loan at Vitesse in the Netherlands, scoring 10 goals in 33 appearances, and helped England to the semi-finals of the European Under-21s Championships this summer.“It’s going to be an exciting season, there are a lot of games in the Championship,” Baker told Boro’s website.“I’m here to give my input and hopefully get the club back to the Premier League.” Morata needs time – ConteEmbed from Getty ImagesAlvaro Morata will need more time to fully understand the key role he has to play as Chelsea’s main striker, according to Conte.Morata joined from Real Madrid in July with the Blues having already started their pre-season training.“Alvaro is working very well and is improving a lot,” Conte said.“In these 10 days he is improving his physical condition and is starting to understand what we want, but he needs time to understand to adapt to our style of football.“It is normal for me, and also for players that start to work with me, that they need time to adapt to our style of football.“A striker is a really important role and it is very important to understand which is the position I want during the game. It is more difficult to adapt than with the other roles.” Bees would want £2m+ for DeanEmbed from Getty ImagesBrentford would want £2m plus add-ons to sell defender Harlee Dean.The centre-back, who is in the final year of his contract, is of interest to Sheffield Wednesday, Hull City and Leeds United.Dean, 26, has discussed a new deal at Griffin Park but is waiting to see whether a club comes in for him before making a decision on his future.Boss Dean Smith has said Dean will not regain the captaincy unless the player signs a new deal. LuaLua return confirmedEmbed from Getty ImagesQPR have confirmed Kazenga LuaLua’s return on a six-month loan from Brighton.West London Sport recently revealed that Rangers were set to bring back the 26-year-old winger ahead of this weekend’s game against Sheffield Wednesday. He joined the R’s on loan in January and made 11 appearances for them last season, nine of them as a substitute.The new loan deal went through in time for LuaLua to be available for the Wednesday game and he is also able to play for Rangers in the Carabao Cup. QPR injury newsEmbed from Getty ImagesQPR will be without striker Idrissa Sylla and winger Yeni Ngbakoto for Saturday’s trip to Sheffield Wednesday.Sylla picked up a knock to the head in Tuesday’s 1-0 win EFL Cup win against Northampton Town, while Ngbakoto – scorer of the winning goal – is sidelined with an ankle problem picked up in training.Three other Rangers players have also been ruled out – midfielder Jordan Cousins (hamstring) and centre-back Grant Hall (knee tendonitis) remain injured, while Steven Caulker is still short of match fitness, despite 90 minutes against the Cobblers.Striker Matt Smith, who required six stitches to a face wound in midweek, is fit for the trip to Hillsborough. Rangers look at loan optionsQPR are considering a number of strikers as a potential loan signing before the transfer window closes.Manager Ian Holloway had hoped to sign a forward on a permanent deal this summer.However, budgetary restrictions, largely resulting from Financial Fair Play rules, mean the club almost certainly need to trim their squad before being able to buy.Steven Caulker leaving for Celtic would significantly reduce QPR’s wage bill and at one stage there was an expectation that the move would happen, but now the defender is expected to stay.Rangers would consider offers for a number of their players, but apart from talks with Celtic over Caulker there has not been so much as an enquiry about any of the first-team squad.That limits the club’s options in the transfer market and makes the arrival of a striker on loan rather than on a permanent basis more likely. Woodrow plays in Under-23 gameCauley Woodrow played 45 minutes as Fulham’s Under-23s were beaten 2-1 by their Middlesbrough counterparts on Friday.Sean Kavanagh, Matt O’Riley and George Williams also started the game. Stephen Humphrys scored Fulham’s goal. Middlesex loseEmbed from Getty ImagesMiddlesex left themselves with too much to do to overhaul Essex to deliver a blow to their hopes of making the T20 Blast knockout stages.Leg-spinner Nathan Sowter blasted a hole in the middle of the Essex innings with career-best T20 figures of 4-23, but Adam Wheater’s 21-ball 43 laid the foundations for the home win.Ravi Bopara and Mohammad Amir then bowled miserly four-over spells as several Middlesex batsmen failed to capitalise on starts. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Enceladus Ocean Means Dating Trouble, Not Life

first_img(Visited 55 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 News media are jumping over an announcement that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have a large body of water under its icy crust, but what does it mean?Cassini scientists, publishing in Science Magazine, announced indirect evidence (via Doppler measurements of gravity anomalies during flybys) that Saturn’s little geysering moon Enceladus probably has a sub-surface ocean of liquid.  The data cannot resolve whether the ocean is regional or global, but is probably regional: “Although the gravity data cannot rule out a global ocean, a regional sea is consistent with the gravity, topography, and high local heat fluxes and does not suffer from the thermal problems that a global ocean encounters,” they said.  That’s because keeping water liquid requires a suitable heat source – the more water, the more heat required:The endogenic (nonsolar) power emitted from the south-polar region, derived from Cassini Composite Infrared Spectrometer data, is 15.8 GW [gigawatts], with a 20% formal uncertainty. This is equivalent to an average surface heat flux of ~20 mW/m2 and is an order of magnitude larger than conventional estimates of tidal heating if Enceladus’ current orbital eccentricity represents a so-called “equilibrium” resonant state with other satellites. It indicates time-variability in its internal properties, in a resonant state with other nearby moons, or in the rate of heat transport. In any or all of these cases, a plausible internal structure is that of a liquid water ocean overlain by a (thermally conductive) crust.It indicates those options, however, only if Enceladus is 4.5 billion years old, as assumed for solar system bodies.  The BBC News coverage mentions that the ocean could only last for tens of millions of years, “maybe 100 million years,” in steady state, unless some unknown cycles, like episodes of higher eccentricity, intervene.Science journalist Richard A. Kerr, commenting on the paper in the same issue of Science, did not pay much attention to the time problem of maintaining heat for billions of years, other than to speculate, “The presence of liquid water remains unexplained, but Saturn’s powerful gravity probably played a role, by tidally kneading the moon and heating its interior.”  Yet the scientists themselves had stated in their paper that the measured heat flux is “an order of magnitude larger than conventional estimates of tidal heating”.Rather than deal with that, Kerr focused on a different subject: “Suspicions that Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus harbors an internal ocean—one that could host life—have hardened into near certainty with exquisitely precise observations from the Cassini spacecraft,” he began.  His ending mentioned life twice: “Such strong support for a sea beneath the spouting plumes of Enceladus should encourage scientists, mostly Cassini team members, who want NASA to send a new mission to Enceladus to explore for life,” he stated, also speaking of the possibility of “life-laden waters” under Enceladus.The popular media, predictably, focused on life:“The findings … will boost the view that the 500km-wide moon would be one of the best places beyond Earth to go look for the existence of microbial life.”  (BBC News)“Saturn Moon Harbors Ocean, Raising Possibility of Life.” (National Geographic)“New gravity readings suggest it hosts a subsurface sea the size of Lake Superior at its south pole – and that this liquid water is in direct contact with the moon’s core, which is rich in nutrients. Both findings boost hopes that the sea hosts life.” (New Scientist)“Will Ocean Discovery On Enceladus Spur Life-Hunting Missions to Icy Moons of Saturn, Jupiter?” ( – Mike Wall uses word “life” six times)Astrobiology Magazine, naturally, mentioned it, since astro-“biology” is their business: “Even if the reservoir is relatively young on the scale of geologic time, there’s still a chance for life,” the article said (oddly pointing out the possibility that the ocean is young; a young ocean would seem to require believing in life on the fast track).  But once the idea of rapid life enters the imagination, why stop there?  “This unexpected finding of an ocean on a small moon so far from the Sun raises a distinct possibility: that there are more oceans on more moons, each with a chance for life.”  A possible pool of liquid water suddenly became evidence for life all over the solar system!The original paper is more reserved in its claims, as befits scientific modesty: “The interpretation of Enceladus gravity presents a greater difficulty and uncertainty than usual, given the strikingly different appearances of the northern and southern hemisphere and the apparent confinement of endogenic activity to the high southern latitudes,” it cautions.  “Still, the deviation of J2/C22 from 10/3 (the value for a laterally homogeneous body) is modest (of order 5%) and the non–degree-2 gravity is small (of order 2% relative to J2), suggesting that there is some prospect of useful inferences.”Science Daily, echoing a press release from Caltech, did not mention life at all.  To its credit, this report was also very modest in its claims, mentioning that a sub-surface ocean is only a reasonable possibility:The suspicion is that the fractures—in some way that is not yet fully understood—connect down to a part of the moon that is being tidally heated by the globe’s repeated flexing as it traces its eccentric orbit. “Presumably the tidal heating is also replenishing the ocean,” Stevenson says, “so it is possible that some of that water is making its way up through the tiger stripes.”JPL’s press release, however, mentioned the L-word life three times (Cassini is an international mission managed by JPL).  Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker likely fueled the speculations of the popular media: “Material from Enceladus’ south polar jets contains salty water and organic molecules, the basic chemical ingredients for life,” she said. “Their discovery expanded our view of the ‘habitable zone’ within our solar system and in planetary systems of other stars.”  Data: gravitational anomalies on a tiny moon.  Conclusion: life abundant in the universe.It would be hard to find a more clear example of hydrobioscopy in action.  Give evolutionists an inch and they take a light year.  They have even less time to play with, using “chemical ingredients” they cannot see, employing processes that are not well understood, but then they turn around and extrapolate their imaginary microbes evolving around the whole universe!  Spilker, of all people, should know better.  She claims to be a Christian but repeats the water-equals-life mantra in a way that would make atheists applaud.  Doesn’t she know that naturalistic origin-of-life theories are in crisis?  (Survey our Origin of Life category for abundant evidence.)But why stop with microbial life?  Since speculation is OK in science now, let’s dream of underwater cities under Enceladus, inhabited by mermaids and mermen.  They can’t see Earth, but they speculate that if such a place exists, it can’t possibly be an abode for intelligent life.  Perhaps they’re right.last_img read more

What Did JavaScript Get Wrong?

first_imgklint finley Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Why You Love Online Quizzes Some people love JavaScript, others hate it. Jeffrey Way is one of those developers that loves JavaScript. He writes that most people who hate JavaScript actually hate the DOM API. But there a few things about JavaScript that drive him nuts, so he’s compiled a list of the Top 10 Things that JavaScript Got Wrong.Here’s Way’s list:The Name. JavaScript is NOT JavaNull is an Object?NaN !== NaNGlobal VariablesUser-Agent Strings Report Mozilla. Ever Wonder Why?Scope InconsistenciesThe Use of Bitwise OperatorsToo Many Falsy/Bottom ValuesIt Can’t Do Arithmetic (he notes that he’s 99% teasing with this one)Code Styling Isn’t your Choice!The full article has more detail.What would you add or subtract from this list?center_img How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Tags:#hack#tips Related Posts last_img read more

Shutdown Showdown Continues

first_img ADC AUTHOR The Senate is expected to consider two separate spending bills Thursday, but they are both likely to fail.The House again on Wednesday passed a stopgap spending bill, as well as six of the spending bills House and Senate negotiators had worked out last year. Senate Republicans are unlikely to follow suit without a promise of border wall funding President Trump wants.House Democrats were contemplating an immigration counter-offer to the President.Among the federal employees working without pay during the partial government shutdown are more than 40,000 Coast Guard members.“I find it unacceptable that @USCG members must rely on food pantries & donations to get through day-to-day life,” Admiral Karl Schultz‏, the Coast Guard commandant, said in a video on Twitter.last_img read more