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Arsenal rebel Koscielny sent legacy warning

first_imgLaurent Koscielny’s decision to defy the wishes of Arsenal and push for a summer move is damaging his legacy at the club, claims Ian Wright.A long-serving defender, who has spent nine years in north London, has opted against joining the Gunners for pre-season in the United States.He has refused to travel and requested that he be released in order to complete a switch to one of the sides showing interest in his native France. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Koscielny’s current contract at Emirates Stadium is due to run until 2020.Completing that agreement would take him to a decade of service and Wright believes that the 33-year-old is doing himself no favours in the eyes of fans who have supported him for so long.The Arsenal legend said on his personal YouTube channel, with the input of agents being questioned: “He’s given us unbelievable service, we’ve seen him play through pain and build a legacy and legendary status he deserves.”It’s the time in the season where everybody is meant to be together. We are in for a tough season, a transitional period, we need a lot of catching up.”For our captain to refuse to go on a pre-season tour after nine years of unbelievable service, to destroy your legacy a little by refusing to play for a club is something that is baffling me.”Why Laurent? Who are your advisers and what are they saying to you?”I am so disappointed in your decision to do this at this time, if your agent sees this, and I hope they do, shame on you, shame on you, for doing this to him and convincing him. No way you can tell me he will come up with this on his own.”You’re the one we chose as our captain, our leader, and now we’re going into pre-season with our captain refusing to go on the tour.”This is something I cannot get my head around and I pray to god it can be resolved sooner rather than later.”It doesn’t set a good example, Arsenal need to do something quick and disciplinary. I love you Laurent but this is a poor decision.”Koscielny joined Arsenal from Lorient in 2010 and has taken in over 350 appearances for the club. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more


Kiehls Since 1851 Embarks On LifeRide For Breast Cancer

first_imgMaintaining its mission of philanthropy, Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care, returns to Washington DC with an expansion of its charitable motorcycle ride, LifeRide.Kiehl’s LifeRide for Breast Cancer, Benefitting The Brem Foundation will take place over three days, Oct. 23-Oct. 25, riding from Richmond, VA to Washington DC, and around the metro DMV area.This is a new version of Kiehl’s cross-country motorcycle ride inspired by Kiehl’s iconic motorcycle, spirit of adventure, and philanthropic heritage, and will benefit Washington DC’s The Brem Foundation, which helps women find breast cancer early, when they have the best chance for survival. The Brem Foundation educates women about their risk factors and screening options, provides access to diagnostic tests for uninsured women, and funds the only breast-imaging training program that requires community service.The ride will specifically support the foundation’s B-Fund, paying for women to get critical diagnostic tests when they can’t afford those tests. The fund pays for those diagnostic tests within two weeks of a woman’s abnormal screening mammogram, maximizing their chances of finding an early, curable breast cancer.“For Kiehl’s, LifeRide is about making noise about a cause that we passionately believe in, about physically going out into our community and reaching our customers face to face,” said Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA, and a motorcycle enthusiast since he was a teenager. “We’re proud to return to DC to make more noise for Breast Cancer because the latest CDC data says that DC still has the highest death rate from breast cancer than any other state in the US. If we can help move those numbers in any way, we will do so.”Kiehl’s President Chris Salgardo will lead the motorcycle riders, including actors Katee Sackhoff, Gilles Marini, and HGTV’s Anthony Carrino, from Richmond, VA to Washington DC, making stops to meet customers, raise awareness for The Brem Foundation, and invite the public to contribute to efforts that provide all women with access to life-saving services. The riders will educate customers with the help of Dr. Rachel Brem, the organization’s Chief Medical Advisor and Andrea Wolf, its President and CEO.“The Brem Foundation could not be more excited to partner with Kiehl’s,” Wolf said. “Together we will use the LifeRide to pave a path to a world where early-detection prevails and far fewer women die from breast cancer.”The ride concludes with a finale at Kiehl’s in Georgetown, and the official announcement of Kiehl’s donation of $10,000 to The Brem Foundation.Kiehl’s LifeRide for Breast Cancer, Benefitting The Brem Foundation is just one of Kiehl’s efforts for Breast Cancer this year. The company also has a national partnership with Bright Pink, a national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, on a limited-edition product to benefit the organization and raise awareness for breast health education.JOIN THE RIDE!The public is invited to join the festivities at the following stops: • MONDAY, OCT. 23, 2017 ◦ Kiehl’s at Dillard’s Short Pump Town Center, 11824 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA, 12:00-1:00 PM • TUESDAY, OCT. 24, 2017 ◦ Kiehl’s at Bloomingdale’s at The Shops at Wisconsin Place, 5300 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, MD, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ◦ Kiehl’s Since 1851, Tysons Corner Center, 1961 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, VA, 1:00-2:00 PM • WEDNESDAY, OCT. 25, 2017 ◦ Kiehl’s Since 1851, 3110 M St., Washington DC, 1:00 PM–2:00 PMKiehl’s customers nationwide can also raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer prevention and early detection throughout October. • Post a photo blowing a kiss, and tag @Kiehls and hashtag #KISSFORTHECURE. Kiehl’s will donate $1 for every post, up to $35,000, to The Brem Foundation and Bright Pink. • Limited Edition #KissForTheCure Butterstick Lip Duo: 100% of purchase price from the sale of this product, up to $25,000, will benefit Bright Pink, a national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. $32. • Donate in-store. All Kiehl’s retail stores nationwide will be accepting donations for The Brem Foundation and Bright Pink. To find your closest store, please visit the store locator on find out more about LifeRide and Kiehl’s projects to support women’s health, click here.last_img read more


Internationally renowned Mohawk artist bringing new act to Montreal

first_imgAPTN National NewsInternationally renowned as an artist and choreographer, Santee Smith is a Mohawk woman from Six Nations in Ontario.Smith is also the founding artistic director of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre.For the first time, she will be presenting her new dance performance in Montreal from Nov. 6-8 at the Montreal Art Intercultural.APTN’s Danielle Rochette had the story.last_img


Canada risks losing its artificial intelligence edge as adoption lags and the

The company helps large enterprises such as the Bank of Nova Scotia and Corus Entertainment Inc. implement AI solutions.“Often when people think machine learning and deep learning, they think of a fancy model,” Anderson said. “In fact, the model is often the easiest part. The hard part is, what data are you using for that model?”One challenge that comes with using deep learning is that it is not always clear how a system arrives at an answer after processing the data.Say a bank is using machine learning to predict who is most likely to default on a mortgage and offer loans accordingly. Hypothetically, if the underlying data was somehow biased based on race, gender or age, the neural network would pick up on that bias and refuse to issue loans to certain racial groups, or it might offer less favourable rates.Guarding against bias and managing ethical concerns is a major area of study as machines take on increased decision-making functions.According to the Accenture survey, such concerns are something Canadian companies seem to be fairly sensitive toward, but Anderson said companies shouldn’t hold back because of them.“I always caution people to not over-strategize at the expense of just kicking something off right away and learning by doing,” she said.For one thing, Anderson said, humans don’t get decisions right 100 per cent of the time either, but it’s easier to audit machine decisions and check for bias than it is with human decisions.Regardless of any concerns, most people who work in AI expect deep learning and other forms of machine learning will be embedded in just about every computer system in the future.Consumer-focused companies will use neural networks to predict customer demand in order to make inventory and supply chain decisions. Mining companies will use it to analyze geological samples and optimize extraction techniques. Cities are already using it to predict traffic patterns and direct drivers around traffic jams.AI can even handle something as creative and intuitive as graphic design, which is exactly what Toronto-based Logojoy Inc. is trying to do.Chief executive Dawson Whitfield said Logojoy is using a specific subset of “generative” algorithms to match complementary colours and automatically generate potential logos for small businesses, at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a graphic designer.Eventually, as the company’s deep learning system gets smarter, it wants to expand the service to offer advice and feedback as customers create newsletters and billboards using automated tools.Logojoy just announced it raised $6 million in venture capital funding, and it said it’s on track to bring in $8 million in revenue selling AI-generated logos this year.Dawson Whitfield, CEO of Logojoy. Canada has a rich history of innovation, but in the next few decades, powerful technological forces will transform the global economy. Large multinational companies have jumped out to a headstart in the race to succeed, and Canada runs the risk of falling behind. At stake is nothing less than our prosperity and economic well-being. The FP set out explore what is needed for businesses to flourish and grow. Over the next three months, we’ll talk to some of the innovators, visionaries and scientists on the cutting edge of the new cutthroat economy about a blueprint for Canadian success. You can find all of our coverage here.Canada is often feted as a world leader in leading-edge artificial intelligence research, with companies such as Facebook Inc., Google LLC, Uber Technologies Inc. and LG Electronic Inc. taking advantage of the highly specialized expertise coming out of the country’s universities, especially in Toronto and Montreal.But it’s a different story when it comes to actually adopting AI, according to an Accenture 10-country survey of 305 business leaders, including 44 Canadian executives. Canada is only narrowly ahead of Brazil in AI adoption, and behind the rest of the surveyed countries, including the United States, China and the United Kingdom.Nevertheless, Accenture, Deloitte and myriad other companies are rushing to bring the gospel of artificial intelligence to all corners of the Canadian economy, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in startups to make it happen.AI venture capital deals totalled US$352 million in just the first three quarters of 2018, according to a report by PwC Canada. The report also said that half of all early-stage deals in the third quarter of 2018 were with AI companies.Read our full Innovation Nation seriesCanada doomed to be branch plant for global tech giants unless Ottawa updates thinking, Balsillie warnsForeign tech brings cash and jobs, but at what price?The reason is simple. Artificial intelligence has the power to make virtually every business more efficient, and create durable economic advantages for companies and countries alike, but those that are not quick adopters run the risk of being swallowed up or, worse, made irrelevant.“We should absolutely be focusing on our major industries and making sure that we are getting adoption in those industries,” said Jodie Wallis, Accenture’s managing director of artificial intelligence in Canada. “I don’t think there’s a whole lot in it for Canadians to compete with Google. I don’t think that’s where the win is.”As it stands, she said, Canada is not doing enough to keep its AI expertise “serving us, rather than letting our supply trickle elsewhere.”Wallis directly asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the adoption of artificial intelligence for an episode of Accenture’s The AI Effect podcast this fall.Jodie Wallis, managing director of Accenture’s artificial intelligence division. Courtesy Logojoy Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press Peter J. Thopmson/National Post “We know there are a lot of people working hard on this all around the world, and Canada has advantages that we need to build on,” Trudeau said. “And that means getting our businesspeople to really realize that this transformative technology is not just closer than it may seem, but more accessible because we’re surrounded by so many strong AI ecosystems in Canada.”What exactly those ecosystems are is as murky as the definition of artificial intelligence itself. Trudeau offered one definition of it in the interview, Accenture’s is a little bit different, but the label is also getting slapped on all sorts of technologies as a marketing tool.In short, AI is not one thing, but a whole range of technologies where computers mimic human intelligence.One subset is machine learning, where a computer system has an automatic feedback function so it can learn from experience and change its behaviour over time to get smarter.But even machine learning has subsets, including deep learning, which uses computer algorithms called neural networks that are structured to mimic the way the human brain works.Deep learning is where a lot of the industry excitement is, because neural networks are particularly good at chewing through large amounts of data — especially unstructured data such as photos, video and text — and identifying patterns.Canadian researchers were among the pioneers in developing deep learning, which is decades old but has only become a viable technology in the past decade.Since then, Google, Facebook, Uber, Inc., Microsoft Corp. and many other giant technology companies have quickly jumped on board the deep learning train in a big way.These companies realize deep learning can fit into a variety of business cases by processing large quantities of data, identifying patterns and then making predictions.For example, a bank can use historical fraud data to identify when a potential credit card transaction is suspicious, and then lock down the account while sending a text message to the customer.If the algorithm guesses right, the bank saves itself a fraudulent transaction. If the algorithm guesses wrong and the customer texts back to unlock the credit card, it’s still another data point that can further refine the system to make it smarter next time.Even if you’re not playing around with cutting-edge deep learning technology, artificial intelligence is generally tied to processing data.“Large, traditional enterprises tend to have a lot of data. They tend to have a lot of unused data. AI is just a way to tap into that goldmine they’re sitting on,” said Megan Anderson, director of business development at, a Toronto startup that raised $30 million in venture capital in September.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the audience during the Facebook launching of an artificial intelligence research lab Friday, September 15, 2017 in Montreal. Logojoy is an example of an off-the-shelf AI tool that businesses big and small can deploy to cheaply handle a specific business function.There are also specific AI tools for everything from speech recognition — which could automate service in, say, a call centre — to human resources by screening job candidates.But instead of outsourcing specific tasks to AI systems, it might make more sense for large enterprises to build custom tools. Deep learning gets smarter with more data, so outsourcing such functions serves to improve the algorithms of those third-party vendors.Large companies that keep all their data in-house and feed it through bespoke AI systems can make their own systems smarter and able to deliver more value and sharper insights.For example, a bank could outsource fraud management to an AI service that can handle that one function, but the same bank could decide to make deep learning a central part of its whole system by pulling in credit card transactions, investments and other data in order to make more refined predictions about fraud.The same system could also help make predictions about who is likely to default on loans, and which customers are likely to need specific financial products.Ian Scott, chief data scientist at Deloitte’s Omnia AI practice, said the banks want a single wraparound service powered by deep learning, but it won’t be easy.For one thing, banking data is currently stored in different systems and lines of business.“All the systems basically don’t talk to each other. All the lines of business have their own systems,” Scott said. “In principle, AI can have a massive impact at a financial institution, but the barriers are not AI related.”The same is potentially true of every sector of the economy, which is why Deloitte and others are betting they are the ones that can take AI to the mainstream.The consulting firm launched its Omnia practice in Canada earlier this year with about 300 people, but wants 600 to 700 AI practitioners by the end of the fiscal year.Shelby Austin, the practice’s managing partner, said the most important part of using AI isn’t the data, or the algorithms, but finding the best ways to harness the technology for a particular business.“Our phone is ringing all day, every day by major Canadian corporations at the board and C-suite level, who want to get a handle on what the potential is,” she said.“Any client that comes to me and says, ‘I want artificial intelligence,’ I always ask them, ‘Why?’ I would never sell someone artificial intelligence for the purpose of doing artificial intelligence, because I fundamentally and philosophically believe that artificial intelligence needs to be able to drive value for businesses.” Financial Post• Email: | Twitter: read more


Second stage of Capital Pointe site remediation to begin next week

At that point, completion was set for 2018. But Fortress blamed delays on ground conditions and debris from the former Plains Hotel. It later became apparent the company was facing challenges selling units in a glutted housing market, and had racked up a mountain of mortgages and builders liens.Westgate is now facing legal disputes and outcry from investors, including those who’ve sunk money into Capital Pointe.The hole, which has become somewhat of a landmark in the Queen City, has been the focus of two public events. The first saw Regina residents say “wow” like actor Owen Wilson at the hole last April and the second saw people gather to say kthxbye to the hole in March.In a June interview former Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco lamented the failed project that was supposed to be an impressive 27-storey hotel and condo tower and a showpiece gateway to Regina’s downtown.At the same time, Mayor Michael Fougere called the “increasingly unsafe” and “unsightly” Capital Pointe hole a “blight” on the downtown.With the end in sight, residents and surrounding businesses will soon be able to move on from the decade-long ordeal that started with high hopes, but ended up falling As crews have worked around the clock to fill the infamous hole, the price tag for the 30,928 square foot site has dropped dramatically.Originally listed at a whopping $8.5 million, Cushman & Wakefield now has the lot listed at just $2 million.The listing describes it as a “high profile development site” located on the north east corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue in downtown Regina.”Capital Pointe was first announced in 2009 under the name Westgate Plaza. It faced repeated delays and shifting developers. Fortress Real Developments took a leading role in the project in 2014 and began excavation the next year. BRANDON HARDER / Regina Leader-Post Earth-moving machines sit on the Capital Pointe site at the intersection of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue on Wednesday where work to fill the hole at that spot is nearly completed. An aerial photo shows the Capital Pointe hole at the intersection of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue. Weather permitting, the Capital Pointe hole will be completely filled by the end of the week, says a City of Regina spokesperson.“The contractor will then be starting work on the sidewalks, street lights and fencing,” said an emailed statement this week.The remediation project began at the end of June after Capital Pointe’s developers failed to comply with a backfill order in March.The City of Regina was given authority to fill the hole itself as of April 1, a day after the deadline for developers to begin the backfill.The city intends to charge the cost of the backfill and site remediation to Westgate and collect the money in the same way it would municipal taxes.The project is expected to be fully complete by mid-October. BRANDON HARDER / Regina Leader-Post read more


International report examines affect of West Bank wall on Palestinians

A new report by international donors, which includes the United Nations, has found that a separation barrier Israel is building in the West Bank could cut off 12,000 Palestinians from their land, work and essential social services.Israel began building the wall in 2002 in the context of continuing violence and terror attacks on its civilians. International donors to the Palestinians commissioned the report because of concern that it could harm Palestinian livelihoods and the viability of local economies, and might negatively affect the delivery of humanitarian aid and damage assistance projects.The report recommends that donors should closely monitor the continuing construction, its impact and its implications for the Palestinian population, and that donors should provide assistance to affected communities and households.The report was researched and written by a team of experts under the direction of the Local Aid Coordination Committee’s (LACC) Humanitarian and Emergency Policy Group, which includes the European Union, Norway, the United States, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and the World Bank.The report finds that in some places the wall is located as much as six kilometres inside the West Bank. When completed, as many as approximately 12,000 Palestinians could be left on the western, Israel-facing side of the wall, cut-off from their land, workplaces and essential social services.To obtain land on which the wall is being constructed in the West Bank, Israel is requisitioning private property pursuant to military orders. Every landowner appeal to an Israeli military committee, and beyond that to the Israeli High Court, has been rejected.In addition, the Government of Israel states that the construction of the wall is a temporary measure but its extent, nature and cost and, in particular its location inside the West Bank and east of the Green Line suggest to Palestinians that the project has more permanent implications.The report notes that the 1995 Interim Agreement between the two sides states that neither party “will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations” and that “the integrity and status” of the West Bank and Gaza Strip “will be preserved during the interim period.” It adds that Israel argues that the wall is a temporary measure and therefore compatible with the Agreement. Listen to UN Radio report read more


UN mission to Guatemala signs off with warning about racism and inequality

In a report to the General Assembly on the UN Verification Mission in Guatemala (MINUGUA), Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the political process has matured to the point where Guatemala should now be able to deal peacefully with all of its unresolved issues. State-sponsored human rights abuses have stopped, the military has been reduced and brought under closer control, and democratic and peaceful elections have been held.MINUGUA is slated to close in December after 10 years of support in Guatemala, where peace accords were signed in 1996 to end a long-running civil war between the Government and rebel groups. UN agencies will continue to operate in the field.Guatemala has “laid a firmer foundation on which to construct a better future,” according to the report.But Mr. Annan warns that Guatemala still faces entrenched problems when MINUGUA leaves, especially what he described as “the previously taboo topics of racism and discrimination” against the country’s indigenous population – the Mayan, Xinca and Garifuna peoples. A historical commission, for example, found that 83 per cent of people killed during the armed conflict were Mayan.Despite growing public debate, the Secretary-General says that since 1996 there have been few substantial improvements or efforts to eradicate the barriers that exist. An attempt in 1999 to alter Guatemala’s constitution to declare it a multicultural State failed, while rural areas with a predominantly indigenous population still lack many basic services.The report recommends that multicultural programmes be set up to make Guatemalans more aware of racism and discrimination, and it also calls for bilingual education to be expanded and better funded.The issues of ethnic division are part of a broader problem of vast social inequality, the report states, calling it “a moral affront and an obstacle to development.” “If left to fester, these problems could be ingredients for social conflict, stunted economic development and the corrosion of democratic governance,” Mr. Annan warns.He also criticizes the slow pace of reparations for victims of human rights violations during the civil war, observing that many of the people responsible for the crimes have not yet been punished.The report calls for tax reform so that the Guatemalan Government has enough revenue to adequately fund health, education, security and justice services.In 10 years of operation from 1995 through until this year, MINUGUA’s budgets totalled $209.7 million. At its peak in 2000 there were 532 staff in the Mission, comprising civilian police, military observers, and international and local officials. read more


Back to back Billy Price becomes second Ohio State center in a

Billy Price and the Buckeyes prepare to take the field for warmups prior to the B1G Championship game against Wisconsin on Dec. 2 in Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State won 27-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorBack to back.For the second year in a row, an Ohio State lineman was awarded the Rimington Trophy, which is given to the best center in the nation. One year after Pat Elflein won the award, redshirt senior Billy Price was voted to receive the trophy. He received the honor at the College Football Awards show Thursday night.Price beat finalists Alabama’s Bradley Bozeman and LSU’s Will Clapp for the trophy.The redshirt senior adds the trophy to his list of accolades, which includes the 2017 Big Ten offensive lineman of the year award. The Associated Press named Price a second-team All-American last season and he was named a first-team All-Big Ten honoree. Price was named a Rimington Trophy finalist on Monday and was named to the watch list in May. Both Price and Elflein switched from guard to center for their respective senior seasons. read more


MPs will lose their landlines as national copper shortage means suppliers can

There had been a failed procurement with no bids received for supporting a copper-wire systemHouse of Lords services committee Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Earlier this year it emerged that BT is planning to phase out its traditional telephone network across the country by 2025 – replacing the system with VOIP, which uses fibre optic cables.MPs and peers had been planning to make a decision about whether to move Parliament onto the internet-based system as part of preparations for a major refurbishment project.But they have been effectively left without the option of retaining the existing system after failing to find a company able to maintain it.”It was confirmed that the Committee had not been asked to make a decision on moving from copper-wire telephony to voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephony because it had not proved possible to find a supplier for copper-wire telephony,” state the minutes of a meeting of the House of Lords services committee meeting in May.”There had been a failed procurement with no bids received for supporting a copper-wire system, showing that there was no longer any alternative to a VOIP system.”Peers were told that the current system was “old and vulnerable, with replacement parts and wiring experts hard to source”. Officials were “not confident” that it could be revived if it broke down.MPs and peers have been assured that they will have the option of a handset “much like a traditional telephone” under the new Skype-based system, which is due to be rolled out by March 2019 and would see handsets connected to computers rather directly to a telephone network.Officials believe the new system will provide “equivalent” levels of protection against eavesdropping, with the added benefit of facilitating “virtual meetings”, using video conferencing. It is the system that dates back to Alexander Bell’s original creation more than 140 years ago.But the traditional copper-wire telephone network is to be phased out of Parliament entirely within the next eight months, because the replacements for aging parts are no longer manufactured.Instead, MPs and peers will use the Skype internet telephony service – albeit with a option of connecting to the system with handsets designed like traditional telephones.Parliamentary authorities made the decision to switch to a “voice over internet protocol (VOIP)” system – the like of which BT is gradually rolling out across the country – after being told by officials that the Palace of Westminster’s copper wire network was “at the end of its supported life”.–– ADVERTISEMENT –– read more


Continental launches digital tyre monitoring program ContiConnect™

first_imgRecently, the technology company and premium tyre manufacturer Continental, has officially launched its new digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial fleets, ContiConnect™. This efficient solution for remote tyre monitoring is now available, starting with United States, Canada, Malaysia, and Thailand.More markets in Europe and Asia will follow in 2018 and next year. The system helps fleets to maximise their efficiency and sends alerts if tyre pressure deviates from the defined value. By providing this information the fleet benefits from a reduced number of breakdowns, lowers maintenance costs, and generates value by increasing the vehicle’s uptime. ContiConnect allows fleet managers to act proactively instead of fixing problems reactively not only for single vehicles but for entire fleets.Michael Neuheisel, Head of Digital Solutions Commercial Vehicle Tires, said: “ContiConnect is the starting point for Continental to become a profound partner for tyre-related data services. With this digital tyre monitoring platform we take a huge step forward in our evolution from a premium tyre manufacturer to a solutions provider. We enrich our long-term experience in the tyre industry with data created by sensors, starting with our truck, bus and specialty tyres.”The new digital tyre monitoring platform ContiConnect consists of different components that can be combined in multiple ways:Tyre sensor – making the tyre intelligentThe tyre sensor connects the vehicle’s tyre with the outside world. It is mounted on the inner liner of a tyre. Thereby an optimal mounting position of the sensor is ensured, to measure both the tyre pressure as well as its temperature very precisely. Further, the sensor is protected from damages or theft. Both a retro-fit and a pre-fit solution are available. Continental’s intelligent tyre has a pre-installed sensor, making it faster and more convenient for fleets to start digital tyre monitoring, resulting in time savings while ensuring the housing is correctly installed within the tyre first time around. The intelligent tyre is already available for a variety of applications, such as for trucks, buses and earthmoving vehicles.Yard reader station – the receiver for tyre dataThe yard reader station is the connecting component between the tyre sensor and Continental’s backend. It reads the data off the sensors as the vehicle passes by the receiver in the yard and sends the data to the backend where it is analysed and interpreted. The yard reader station is installed at the fleet´s frequent touch points, like washing bay, gas station or other check-points.Web portal – interface to the entire fleetThe web portal is the interface where fleet managers can proactively monitor and track the tyre condition and performance of all vehicles within their fleet. The browser-based portal offers various display options and can be accessed from any type of device. It shows the history of the tire data and enables retrospective analyses. The web portal allows a remote monitoring of the entire fleet’s tyre performance and puts control into the hands of the fleet managers.last_img read more


New child agency must ensure childrens voices are heard Chairperson

first_imgTHE CHILD AND Family Agency moved a step closer to its foundation with the appointment by the Minster for Children and Youth Affairs of an eight person board which met for the first time today.The new agency will be one of the largest public bodies in the State with more than 4,000 employees and a budget of €570 million.Three separate agencies are set to be taken into the Child and Family Agency which will assume responsibility for the sensitive and complex legal responsibilities involved with childcare and welfare.Norah Gibbons has been named as the chairperson of the new agency with Minister Frances Fitzgerald describing her as “a woman steeped in experience of family support, child protection and the voluntary world.”Gibbons worked for seven years at children’s charity Barnardos and was was member of the commission which produced the Ryan report into child abuse. She says that the new board must ensure that no existing synergies are lost by the agency’s establishment:We must also ensure that the best interests of children are central to everything the new agency does; that their voices are heard at every stage and that the focus of the agency’s work is on outcomes for children.The bill to establish the new agency has completed its second stage of Dáil approval and will be discussed on front of the the Oireachtas health committee next month.Read:The number of obese three-year-olds in Ireland is frightening – Minister Fitzgerald>Read: Perinatal centre that aims to improve care of pregnant mothers and babies to open in Cork > Column: Children need a change from the old HSE way of thinking >last_img read more


Get a whiff of South Park The Fractured But Whole with the

first_imgIf you think that virtual reality is the only thing that will take you to new worlds and experiences, just you wait. Ubisoft has just announced the Nosulus Rift for South Park: The Fractured But Whole.“Forget everything you’ve ever learnt about videogames and experience them in a totally new way. Nosulus Rift awakens senses that you haven’t yet tickled.” The official website allows you to explore the innovative Nosulus Rift design, which features dynamic lighting that changes depending on the odor, two “N-Fragrant” scented capsules (which presumably can be replaced), and Bluetooth connectivity. Now you may ask, is it silly to release a new peripheral just for one game? After all, the Kinect couldn’t find an audience and that totally had more than one game. At least two or three.But of course it’s not, silly. This is the future, people. Can you imagine a more immersive experience than sticking your nose deep, deep into the depths of the South Park world? Of course you can’t, because nothing more immersive exists yet.I don’t have to stress how exciting this moment is, do I? Not since Smell-o-Vision stunk up movie theaters in the 1960s has this technology been attempted before, so we can only thank the mad geniuses at Ubisoft in advance for overloading our olfactory senses. And who can forget Earthbound, an RPG the recent South Park games liberally borrow from, and its infamous “This game stinks” campaign.South Park: The Fractured But Whole is of course the sequel to 2014’s The Stick of Truth, Obsidian Entertainment’s shockingly wonderful and hilarious RPG. The superhero themed sequel was revealed at E3 2015 and featured many, many farts, all the better to demonstrate the power of the Nosulus Rift. Now there’s no price tag for this amazing new technology just yet but clearly any price would be too little to fundamentally change the way you play games, forever.Plan on entering The Fractured But Whole on December 6, 2016.last_img read more


Watch Grey Seals Trained to Sing Star Wars Theme

first_imgStay on target Monk Seal With Eel Stuck Up Its Nose Caught on CameraFBI to Wikipedia – Take our seal down or face prosecution And tell me, grey seal, how does it feel to be so wise?Grey seals ain’t got nothin’ on Elton John.But they can, it turns out, mimic songs using the same sound production mechanisms as the Rocket Man.According to a study, published last week in the journal Current Biology, seals could be a new model system to study speech disorders.Researchers Amanda Stansbury and Vincent Janik, of the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI) at the University of St. Andrews, worked with three of the marine mammals from birth to determine their natural repertoire.The seals were trained to copy new sounds by changing their formants—”emphasized frequency bands in our speech sounds,” Janik explained to New Scientist.“They are parts of our speech sounds that we modify to encode information,” he said. “For example, different vowels only differ in their formants.”All three fin-footed animals learned first to create melodies in their own pitch, then to imitate human vowel sounds.“I was amazed how well the seals copied the model sounds we played to them,” lead author Stansbury, who now works at El Paso Zoo in Texas, said in a statement.“Copies are not perfect but given that these are not typical seal sounds it is pretty impressive,” she continued. “Our study really demonstrates how flexible seal vocalizations are.”Zola was particularly good at copying melodies (not dissimilar to child piano prodigy Reginald Dwight, aka Elton John), replicating up to 10 notes of songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”Listen closely in the video compilation above, and you might even make out a flicker of John Williams’ famous Star Wars theme.“This study gives us a better understanding of the evolution of vocal learning, a skill that is crucial for human language development,” according to SOI Director Janik. “Surprisingly, non-human primates have very limited abilities in this domain.“Finding other mammals that use their vocal tract in the same way as us to modify sounds informs us on how vocal skills are influenced by genetics and learning and can ultimately help to develop new methods to study speech disorders,” he added.More on Seals Help Explain Mysterious Antarctic Ice HolesSpotted Seal Pups Rescued From Traffickers Released Back Into the WildScientists Find Owner of USB Stick Found in Frozen Seal Poolast_img read more


American flag exchange program starts today

first_imgHeading into Flag Day on Wednesday, Davidson & Associates Insurance is offering an American flag exchange program for the public.Today and Friday, people can pick up a free new 3-by-5-foot flag at the Davidson office, 610 Esther St., Suite 101, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while supplies last.People also can drop off an old flag.Last year, more than 230 old flags were turned over to the Fort Vancouver District Boy Scouts of America for a proper retirement ceremony.The company also is a sponsor of Wednesday’s observance at the Vancouver Barracks Parade Ground, formally called Fort Vancouver National Trust Flag Day Celebration presented by Davidson Insurance representing Pemco Insurance.For information, contact Davidson & Associates at 360-514-9550.last_img read more


The Best Thibaut Courtois rules the goalkeeping world

first_imgThe now Real Madrid goalkeeper won the award thanks to his fantastic performances while playing with Premier League club Chelsea last seasonBelgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois made tons of noise during the summer, after being transferred from English Premier League club Chelsea to Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid.The 26-years-old played with the Blues from 2011 to 2018, with a three-year-loan to Atletico Madrid.But during the summer he was transferred to Real Madrid, where he has just appeared in three occasions under the goal.Nonetheless, his great performances in North London made him deserve The Best FIFA Goalkeeper award today.He beat Hugo Lloris from Tottenham Hotspur and Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…This is the first time the Belgian has won the award and might help him kick-start his career in the Spanish La Liga tournament.The Best FIFA Goalkeeper: 2017: Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus 2018: Thibaut Courtois – ChelseaCongratulations, Thibaut Courtois 👐Winner of #TheBest FIFA Goalkeeper 2018 🏆#FIFAFootballAwards— #TheBest (@FIFAcom) September 24, 2018last_img read more


Benitez still has faith in Newcastle United

first_imgThe Spanish manager believes his team can still be saved this season, despite losing 2-1 against Chelsea and slipping into the bottom three of the Premier.After losing 2-1 against Chelsea in yesterday’s fixture of the English Premier League, Newcastle United fell into the 18th position.The Magpies have now only 4 wins, six draws, and 12 defeats so far in the 2018-2019 season.And are just 7 points ahead of the EPL’s last club Huddersfield Town.But Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez is still hopeful his team can be saved.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“What I can see is that we have to stay calm,” he said to The Chronicle.“Next week will be massive against Cardiff but we still have to win more games than that.”“We have to do well in the rest of the season,” he explained.“I have confidence in the team and if we continue working like today we will have chances to get points against teams that will be closer to us.”last_img read more


Arranged marriages evolving to semiarranged in India UN

first_imgUNITED NATIONS: While arranged marriages remain the norm in India, they are evolving into a system of semi-arranged marriages giving women more freedom and making them less vulnerable to domestic violence, according to a UN report. The report, “Progress of World’s Women, 2019-20: Families in a Changing World”, released on Tuesday, however, blamed economic liberalisation in India for the spread of the dowry practice to more communities and the celebration of pricy, ostentatious weddings. Also Read – Shahid Afridi joins ‘Kashmir Hour’ in military uniform Advertise With Us The report, which dealt with several aspects of marriage, said: “The practice of arranged marriages remains commonplace”, but, “the practice, however, has evolved over time and has been partially replaced by semi-arranged marriages, particularly in urban areas”. In semi-arranged marriages, “families are involved in suggesting potential matches, but women choose whether to marry and who to partner with” in contrast to the traditional parent-arranged marriages where women often have little say and meet the groom only on the wedding day, the report said. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us “Women in semi- and self-arranged marriages are three times as likely as those in family-arranged marriages to exercise agency on key areas of decision-making – including on expenditures, when to have children (and how many) and contraception – and twice as likely to be able to visit friends and relatives unescorted”. “Those in semi-arranged marriages are also less likely to experience marital violence compared to those in traditional parent-arranged marriages”, it added. Advertise With Us The report was prepared by UN Women, the world body’s group for gender equality and empowerment of women. Releasing the report, its Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said that there was a concerted effort to deny women their rights “in the name of protecting ‘family values'”. But, she said: “This report counters that pushback by showing that families, in all their diversity, can be critical drivers of gender equality, provided decision-makers deliver policies rooted in the reality of how people live today, with women’s rights at their core.” The report said that despite feminist campaigns and legal prohibition, the practice of dowry was spreading. “Dowry has shifted from a signifier of marriage to a central condition for a daughter’s eligibility”, the report said. “Gifts that were once voluntary and/or nominal have become compulsory and have spiralled up in value”. “Economic liberalisation and commercialisation have contributed to the spread of the practice from upper- to middle- and lower-caste Hindus, as well as to Christians, Muslims and tribal groups,” the report asserted. Dowry practice also leads to violence and “husbands are the most common perpetrators and mothers-in-law are often implicated”, the report said. “The status and economic position of families are linked with weddings as a public display of wealth”, it added. It noted that there were differences in the status of women in the South and North of India. The area that includes India follows a patriarchal family system, but “a somewhat different and less rigid set of gender relations characterises the kinship systems in South India and South-Eastern Asia”, the report said. In families in the South, the report said that “a greater degree of public mobility is allowed for women. This translates into women’s higher rates of employment, whether in agriculture, marketing or manufacturing, and greater responsibility for managing their household’s finances”. In these areas women have some rights of inheritance, greater flexibility in where they live and to continue their interaction with their own relatives. The number of divorces has doubled over the past two decades, although it is still minuscule with only 1.1 per cent of women divorced and most of them in the urban areas. It noted that “the right to maintenance is weakly enforced” and divorced women are dependent on their parents, brothers or other relatives.last_img read more


Walmart Wants to Deliver Groceries to Your Fridge Even if You Arent

first_imgStay on target Walmart, ESPN Target Video Game Guns Following Actual Gun TragedyUC Santa Barbara, ‘Inventor’ of Filament LED Bulbs, Is Suing Everyone This Walmart delivery guy sure looks happy. You know why he looks so happy? Because he’s on his way to a customer’s house with a load of groceries, and he’s going to have the whole place to himself.The next big thing in grocery shopping is store-to-fridge delivery, even when you’re not home. It’s Walmart’s latest attempt to lure American consumers away from Amazon, and it just might be crazy enough to work. As long as you’re willing to get past the whole “there’s a complete stranger in my house” thing.Walmart does make it all sound incredibly convenient, though. You’ve got a lot going on, what with your job, your family, your cat, and all the hilarious and super-important Imgur uploads you need to check out before the end of the day.AdChoices广告You don’t have time to shamble from aisle to aisle at a store to re-stock your shelves. You don’t even have time to park, run in, and grab your pre-packed order. Well, maybe you do have the time to do that… but who wants to deal with the hassle of navigating a busy Walmart parking lot after a long day just to grab a few provisions?Not you, not when someone will gladly take them to your house and pop them right into the fridge so they don’t spoil. Just think about it… Instead of dreading an after-work shopping trip you could simply shop for your groceries furtively during that boring departmental meeting and arrive home later to a bevy of dining options.It really does sound pretty awesome, and it’s not like Deliv doesn’t do background checks on the people they hire. Plus it’s super easy to set up a houseful of connected cameras these days if you want to monitor the process from entry to exit.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more


As far as Cubs trolls go Hornets Center Frank Kaminsky is the

first_imgKaminsky also wore the jersey to a Wrigley rooftop party for Game 2 of the NLCS. A game the Cubs dropped 1-0 to the Dodgers. According to Kaminsky, Cubs fans were none to pleased.When asked why he feels the need to mercilessly troll Cubs fans, Kaminsky admitted, “I’m a White Sox fan. I don’t want to see the Cubs do well.”As far as Cubs trolls go, Kaminsky is the G.O.A.T. Advertisement Charlotte Hornets’ Center Frank Kaminsky, a native of the Chicagoland area, is a die hard Chicago White Sox fan. This post-season he’s turned into a professional Cubs troll, much to the displeasure of hyper-superstitious North Siders who deeply believe that their 100-year World Series drought is directly related to a curse from a farm animal.Last night, with Charlotte facing the Bulls in a meaningless preseason contest, Kaminsky entered the United Center decked out in a #44 “Bartman” Cubs jersey, in reference to the headphone-wearing Cubs fan, who interfered with Moises Alou’s attempt to catch a foul ball in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS against the Marlins. A series Chicago eventually lost.Many Cubs fans view Bartman as the human embodiment of the longstanding curse. Troll game, strong.Frank Kaminsky does not want the Cubs to win. Wearing a Bartman jersey— ⓂarcusD2.0 (@_MarcusD2_) October 18, 2016last_img read more


VIDEO Shaq tosses around normalsized human like a ragdoll at local pick

first_img Advertisement Nothing makes you appreciate how massive Shaquille O’Neal is more than seeing him interact with normal, non-giant humans.The Diesel posted a video of him getting some run at a local gym, and when an insurance salesman tried to guard him in the post, things got ugly. O’Neal tossed the guy like a rag doll and finished with some classic Shaq Fu.Maybe they should have doubled him.“BBQ Chicken Alert!” (via @SHAQ) ?— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) May 18, 2017last_img read more