Entrepreneur readme how to operate heavy vertical enterprise

Author: Anand Iyer Threadflip Product Manager

compilation: Shi Xiang

2009, Airbnb weekly income of about $200, almost bankrupt, since then, there are about 9000000 users. Etsy founded nearly 10 years, the valuation has doubled in the last two rounds of financing. The gradual but ultimately successful start-up companies, Uber and Lyft have paved the way for the rise of new forces.

Postmates, Getaround, Taskrabbit, etc., are quickly eroded to Craigslist as the representative of the early start of the company’s territory. Market driven start-up companies are more special because they face a more complex and diverse customer base. In the process of connecting buyers and sellers, these companies need to make sure that there is a positive interaction between the user and the user. As a product manager, second-hand clothing trading platform Threadflip I think, establish and maintain multi trust for such enterprises is very important, although the trust word sounds quite subjective and difficult to grasp, but in fact, the establishment of trust system is rule-based. read more

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Several types of network to make money to recommend novice friends to understand

a lot of contact stiffness contact Wangzhuan friends, see all kinds of online ads dizzy, one will see this that make money, one will see that that money, tossing to and fro, finally did not earn a penny, in fact, the so-called project, it is free Wangzhuan several classes to contain, novice first you have to choose a class of its own, and then work hard to learn, to study, insist on doing it to make money, not today in this class, then a final tomorrow, each contact, but are not proficient in everything. read more

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Identify the most important ideas of Amoy want to make money

with Ali mother transferred to Taobao OPEN API guest API, more and more people join the ranks of the guest promotion. Amoy website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as much up, but look at the 80% station in 1000 stations are nothing special. Explain some of the main ideas on the site. To know that too many sites are not only similar to the search included, but it is difficult to impress buyers, not to mention the effective shopping guide and conversion rate. As a Taobao guest, is willing to share some of their insights and share. read more

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Meitu Xiu Xiu company to be listed on the self timer can achieve a good story about capital

Mito to be listed is not a secret, by the end of 2014 when Cai Wensheng’s other game company listed on the relevant information has been out.

recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that on Friday, Mito company has formally submitted IPO application to the HKEx, intends to finance 500 million to 1 billion dollars, it is expected that the listing is the fourth quarter of this year.

2008, Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong co founded the company in Xiamen science and Technology Co. Ltd., which is the predecessor of the MiTo company. It’s currently has a series of pictures to beautify the software and video app, including Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, self timer, beauty shot, beauty camera and other App Store in China perennial occupy the top position of photography and video applications. According to data provided earlier by the United States, the number of mobile terminal products from the global coverage of more than 1 billion units. read more

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Cai Wensheng three directions for future business

Abstract: there are many possibilities of life, not limited to the company. From this point of view, I think everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, everyone should start a business, everyone will be successful.

November 25th, by China, Chinese youth youth angel angel will host the 2015 East China branch China angel investor summit and the second forum held in Shanghai Huangpu river. Cai Wensheng, a member of the Chinese Council of angels, and a founder of the investment fund, did a speech on the theme of "why should we start a business?". The following is a summary of 100 million European network wonderful view: read more

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