Individual units are still more relaxed style

On May 2nd -10, the mediocre, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities leading group composed of 7 joint inspection teams, the leadership of the departments directly under the 195 unit staff members and organs work discipline, service attitude, efficiency, and other official vehicles conducted a thorough investigation.The results of

showed that the vast majority of office workers are able to perform their duties responsibly, stick to their posts, the office order is good, warm and thoughtful service, such as the city development and Reform Commission, foreign affairs office, bureau of education and Sports Bureau, the total Zhen, Dongguan Street offices and other administrative units; such as the municipal administrative service center hall, city hall, Chengbei District Social Security Bureau the social security act hall, East District administrative service hall window unit…… But unfortunately, there are still individual departments and units have not paid enough attention to the style of construction, to inform the implementation of the system are not thorough enough, the official car logo posted is not standardized and staff tardiness, work time playing online games such as lax discipline, undisciplined etc.. read more

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The work conference of the society of science and technology of the province held a speech in Xining

Qinghai news network, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences working conference held in Xining on the morning of May 12th.

the meeting reviewed the eleventh provincial Party Congress since the province to work, the arrangements for the deployment of the current and future periods and to work, the province won the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of advanced collectives and individuals were commended.

provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Qu Qingshan spoke at the meeting. Qu Qingshan pointed out that the society is under the leadership of the party and the government of the academic community, people’s organizations, mass organizations, is the bridge between the government and the majority of philosophy and social science researchers, in the process of building a new Qinghai, has an irreplaceable role. From the overall layout of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society "four in one", the status and role of the society, in the field of economic construction, promote embodied the transformation of development mode, promote sound and rapid economic development; in the field of political construction, promote the development of socialist democratic politics embodies the construction of democracy and legal system; in the field of culture construction, promote embodied the development and prosperity of culture and the construction of socialist spiritual civilization; in the area of social construction, is to promote the development of social integration and social undertakings, promote the construction of harmonious Qinghai. We must stand in the career development and the overall situation, to fully understand the status and role of the society, at the same time, all kinds of society also should fully understand their responsibilities and mission, seize the opportunity to make a difference, to enhance the consciousness and firmness learn to do a good job. read more

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Small business to open an optical shop can choose what model

if the capital is sufficient, open glasses shop is naturally better money. However, many investors are precisely the case there is not enough venture capital, this time, if we also open the optical shop, naturally need to choose the mode of operation. So, what can we choose to open a small shop?

China has a large population, and glasses is an almost everyone needs products, in such a huge market demand, China’s glasses shop is also more and more, among them, there are some large glasses shop located in the bustling business district, they invest millions, or even become a local landmark building, at the same time, also there are many small glasses shop, despite their little shops, investment is not high, but it can still survive in the big attack, in the market share, and with little investment, business owners also more happy and pleased with oneself to survive, and they, and how is it? read more

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How to operate in order to improve the sales of beverage stores

when we go on the road, often buy drinks, in fact, little drinks have high profit margins, operating drink shops, to popular business, one is to have a good product, the two is to have a good method of operation, both in its stability. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to improve the beverage store sales?

beverage chain promotional activities before the start, send a message to the old customers, old customers to allocate resources to the staff to send information, appropriate reimbursement fee information, and according to the unified information standard, to introduce customers to promotions, sweepstakes, theme product sales technique simulation exercises. read more

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In order to love and entrepreneurship to give up the choice of home left campus

many people will face such a problem: when the love encounter career, how to grasp, how to choose? In order to celebrate the new year with his boyfriend, "for their own business"…… Wuhan opened a college freshman sophomore school application form, the reporter found that the cause of love and entrepreneurship in school students to fill in the top.

"80" "90" and left behind the reason, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of sociology Feng Guilin said, "after 80" more rational, they work to earn tuition is to solve practical problems, one is to give life to do better planning. But the practice and choice is also an objective and reasonable. The pursuit of love can give up to go home for the new year, from another level is also to enhance the emotional value of entrepreneurship is a useful attempt.

said youth is a beautiful love, in the face of this Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival "crash" this embarrassment, many "after 90" in order to better love, in order to have a romantic spring festival, chose to give up and go home to stay on campus.

read more

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Dipuda lighting how to make life more exciting

In fact,

, lighting in the play in our life, is the most widely used products, the best choice for the wonderful life, Dipuda lighting? Well known brands, first-class quality, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join the Dipuda lighting project, what are you waiting for?

Dipuda lighting with more than ten years of rich experience in production and export of lighting experience, Dipuda quickly reached Chinese lighting industry before the 30 strong, to represent the high level of craftsmanship Chinese lighting industry, lighting industry and Chinese Chizha continued to shake the world. From the inside in order to create the perfect lighting products, lighting Dipuda draw advanced design concept, a number of heavily in the introduction of advanced production line, to ensure the excellent quality of products. read more

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The lonely life of 1 million 310 thousand Chinese stationmaster

grassroots webmaster lonely life, with this title to the content of this position is to reflect the real situation of grassroots Webmaster: struggle and pain and loneliness. Since 07 years China CN international top-level domain name registration prices, led to a burst after Internet enthusiasts, the Chinese webmaster number again to a new number, according to the Ministry of information industry said: China station number has more than 1 million 310 thousand.

a large number of grassroots webmaster is a group of Chinese Internet can not ignore the strength of the army, to the Internet Tim brick tile brought immeasurable value. It can be said without the Baidu group of grassroots webmaster he cannot survive, because this group of grassroots webmaster website resource accumulation, to Baidu produced a large number of original web search resources, dripping Huicheng River, Baidu can have such abundant resources, thanks to the grassroots webmaster. A few years ago with Baidu, can only search out some simple page. A few years later, the change of the Internet, Baidu can not be all the benefits of grassroots growth, but in fact is a grassroots webmaster push a lot of Baidu, even if this view is not recognized by Robin Li. read more

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Product is not successful to see the design will know

in the first 13 milliseconds before you started the presentation, your potential customers have begun to visually identify the image content of the presentation, and began to emotional processing.

it’s 10 times faster than the blink of an eye.

Before the

conscious when they start to understand what you have been introduced, according to the first impression to judge your materials, they will be in emotional experience, and to filter by some cognitive biases.

in less than a second time, the decision has begun read more

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A special problem with Juhuasuan products

Taobao together cost-effective

group purchase

as Taobao’s most famous group purchase platform, 2011 Juhuasuan broke, and then after a corruption door, re introduction of Juhuasuan group purchase service auction rules (commonly known as the "pit fee") issued has hit many small businesses.

According to the official website of Juhuasuan

, the auction time is 10:00-11:00 every morning, the auction starting price of 1000 yuan, a single increase to 100 yuan, and the integer times, in the Juhuasuan auction seller before the auction on the Alipay account in 1000 yuan deposit freeze. The seemingly gate low bidding rules, after a round of frenzied bidding from tens of thousands of businesses, soared to hundreds of thousands, plus Juhuasuan to charge 1% to 3% of the Commission, small businesses complain incessantly. read more

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Outstanding IT to ten folly unremittingly

you’re busy. You can not be saved after the fire. Technology is changing at a faster rate. You do what you should do. So, not surprisingly even smart IT professionals can do some stupid things.

1 is tired of staring at emerging technologies and providing technical models.

enterprise 2 software service?!?! we use we have many years of technology doing very well now. Thank you!

2 ignores training and professional development investments.

your team will never leave because the job market is bad. Right, read more

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The octopus TV push the new pattern of barrage + live sports, C million financing round has ended

Abstract: it is reported that the octopus TV won the IDG, Morningside two tens of millions of dollars of investment, C round of financing has been coming to an end, the amount of 100 million yuan level. Octopus founder Zhang Xuan TV is confident that in the general trend of the outbreak of the sports industry, the state of All in, continue to lead the interactive live sports market.

octopus TV recently announced the launch of new features: the barrage and sports combine live; the company said, hoping to attract the best anchor added a variety of interactive form. read more

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Junior high school students to build pornographic sites to earn 35 yuan involved in pornographic pro

Xiao Ning (a pseudonym) is a third year student, and far away in Guangdong, Puning. So, when he saw the police in Zhejiang, Cangnan, appeared in front of him, he was stupid. "" ".

Xu Ningjian

, a web site, anchored in Cangnan Telecom’s free server. There are more than 1 thousand and 600 pornographic videos posted on his website. The day before yesterday, on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, Wenzhou Cangnan procuratorate formally arrested Xu Ning. When he was arrested just earn 35 yuan advertising fees. read more

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Xxsy money to buy back to com by Kaixin domain domain name a stimulus is happy net Thousand Oaks hit a waist in the domain name, caused many companies to pay attention to their domain name. The third major domestic novel website Xiaoxiang College ( will also be included in’s own com, seen from the domain name, has been jump. Domain owner is also modified to net all

is said to have spent 110 thousand years on this domain. The top 500 domestic websites, there are 100 COM domain name is not in their own hands, including before the most famous industrial and Commercial Bank of agent platform new network has been successfully switched to com hit their own domain name, and the largest bus site is trying to buy read more

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Yu Yongfu Ali strategy is rural electricity supplier, globalization, big data


technology news news November 21st, held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Internet Conference and the global mobile Internet CEO summit, Alibaba UC mobile business group president Yu Yongfu delivered a keynote speech, and the disclosure of Ali’s future three strategies: globalization, rural electricity providers and large data.

global strategy that is based on China, buy the world, but also to bring out the Chinese products, sold all over the world." The same is true of the rural strategy: let the characteristics of agricultural products sold around the country, farmers earn money, but also enjoy the forefront of products and services. China’s population is 1 billion, Internet users is 6 hundred million, while the electricity supplier crowd is about 3 hundred million, from the penetration of 300 million to 1 billion 300 million, the countryside is the key link." Yu Yongfu pointed out that the development of rural economy in Guangdong, Zhejiang, more advanced provinces, rural electricity supplier has a historical opportunity. read more

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Liquor electricity supplier to become the next electricity supplier market outbreak

simple, electronic business platform just another commodity sales channels, manufacturers or dealers selling products using the network platform, reduce intermediate channel circulation, the commodity price is more competitive, and businesses can retain more profits. The electricity market is booming, and various types of vertical integrated electricity supplier electricity suppliers have to rise, after the rise of the vertical electricity supplier segments located in the books, 3C and other luxury goods, and a kind of vertical business development by investors locked, that is the liquor business. (text / Wang Liyang) read more

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The first Tencent Ma Huateng was strongly against Taobao turned

In the first successful Internet users, Ma Huateng is a very low-key person. Located in Shenzhen, technical background, but for a small number of reasons, mainly because of the money earned by the Tencent is playing money, although CCTV gave a play is also productive comments, Ma Huateng still feel uncomfortable. Recently, the form has changed, Ma Huateng came out more.

With tens of millions of loyal users of

do news portal, C2C e-commerce, games, download, search…… Comprehensive war Tencent, despite being repeatedly considered to be the most powerful opponent, but opponents are not a good deal with Ma Huateng this opponent, so, Tencent said: read more

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Domain deletion list July 12, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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China network marketing Godfather single benevolence Yuhang lecture – the way to break through the t

anchor: distinguished leaders and entrepreneurs friends, good morning, welcome to the traditional enterprise network breakout held jointly hosted the Economic Development Bureau of Hangzhou District of Yuhang city by the Hangzhou city Yuhang district government of Yuhang Ali texunban, welcome everyone to come. From the beginning of sincere intentions to communicate, first of all to do, my name is Wang Liyan, today is very pleased to host, and we all learn together and progress together today, here I wish Yuhang entrepreneurs to be healthy, good luck in everything, Business Flourishes, bonanza, congratulations. read more

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