Where is the way for novice Taobao

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looked at the railway station in May, said a lot of Taobao profit decline, just a month on station novice webmaster me, I feel very confused……


customer is to help Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the turnover Commission (people may be individuals or website), formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. Taobao off is to help Taobao sellers to promote the product to earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%. read more

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Dance dance charm – why you make money

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  today is very clever, also saw the audition content in the two Qzone, the first batch of audition is mad. Another is the audition game player did a video.
  the contents of these two views should be strongly opposed, because one is against. One is advocacy. But anyway, that’s their business. One of the characters seems to have been ignored. Jiuyou — officially they developed the game, and the success of the operation until now.
  why are they successful? The reason is very simple, but in two aspects: one is the nature of the operation, they earn money, it seems quite a lot. They also have a large number of online users, judging from their criticism of the article. Audition for frequent maintenance, is indeed caused by the excessive number of!
  the other side. Nature is the user experience, user support, user input. This is very important, with this premise, even if the game has not made money, then his future potential is enormous!
  you can create such a popular virtual world with a game, invincible strength. Since it is a popular virtual world. That night, there will be a natural occurrence, that is not the game itself is wrong, the reaction is the success of the game – and not as a casual game, can have such value-added services".
  I played this game for a long time ago, just remember when you play only four fingers can not stop activities, as for the above gorgeous dance. There is no time to look at themselves, all the cheap to be accounted for by the bystanders, but also because it is a bystander to see, if you jump well, naturally will lead to bursts of praise – to meet the psychological needs of people! (this success, do not know your intention to plan, or a
 ); remember a classmate around, is said to spend hundreds of dollars to buy dance clothes, regardless of the family. Began to feel strange, but true to see what the player’s Dance Clips, even their own can not help but be deeply attracted (since it is a dance, nakedness is normal. Indeed, this is the roar), another success, you chose the right direction! Because these dances are ordinary people can never try to, but in the game can, and can be so easy to get a sense of satisfaction.
  in addition to the dance, the lure of minors and adults consumption than the inside of the costume. This is not fresh, as far as I know, is the first to see the Tencent to do so (great to meet some MM to suit the psychological needs, and do not spend too much, then RMB), the other is Hao long swim, games should have. But some people do not succeed, what is the reason? In fact, the above has been talked about, think carefully about it: read more

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Website money guide how to register for Adbrite

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Adbrite in the United States can be said to be second only to Google and Yahoo’s largest Internet advertising and dealers, it also includes the user area on the global China payment, but also in the operation and rules than before both have many different, if not easily closed accounts, advertisement price is good, the application through the graphic introduce Adbrite advertising steps:
(Note: the following pictures click

1. can be amplified) first into the Adbrite page to register an account: read more

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Adsense K has been issued to set reasonable income

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Adsense has issued revenue to stop payment, reasonable? This is my recent search results had an article that read deep sympathy for the webmaster, also considered in this article on the Google recommendations, some very pertinent, worthy of the adoption of Google, the

my Adsense account in June 26, 2009 issued in 2009 May revenue 137USD (omitted the 2 decimal point), after the trip, something more, the future and to Western Union money. Unfortunately, my account may have been hit by malicious clicks, resulting in an invalid click activity (official statement), which was deactivated in July 14, 2009. Grief, think there is an already issued payment calculations, less than 35 days of official description of Western Union withdrawal period, July 17, 2009 (Friday) to check the Western Union, money is still trying to withdraw, the weekend, but my weekend (July 19, 2009) to the bank for payment have been told, even GOOGLE INC cancel read more

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Entrepreneur readme how to operate heavy vertical enterprise

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Author: Anand Iyer Threadflip Product Manager

compilation: Shi Xiang

2009, Airbnb weekly income of about $200, almost bankrupt, since then, there are about 9000000 users. Etsy founded nearly 10 years, the valuation has doubled in the last two rounds of financing. The gradual but ultimately successful start-up companies, Uber and Lyft have paved the way for the rise of new forces.

Postmates, Getaround, Taskrabbit, etc., are quickly eroded to Craigslist as the representative of the early start of the company’s territory. Market driven start-up companies are more special because they face a more complex and diverse customer base. In the process of connecting buyers and sellers, these companies need to make sure that there is a positive interaction between the user and the user. As a product manager, second-hand clothing trading platform Threadflip I think, establish and maintain multi trust for such enterprises is very important, although the trust word sounds quite subjective and difficult to grasp, but in fact, the establishment of trust system is rule-based. read more

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the League launched the chinauninet target advertising high proportion of ingredients

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thank you for your partner’s support for the league!

      thanks to the webmaster of the alliance has always been the support and love, we face the alliance all the members of the official launch of chinauninet target high into proportion in October 26, 2007 ad.
Chinauninet target advertising is a smart investment orientation, its advertising forms, can be defined by the main site.

Chinauninet target advertising for the majority of the site owners to provide 55% and 85% of the proportion of advertising. (details please refer to the main website background chianuninet target advertising) read more

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Common problems and matters needing attention of the Wangzhuan novice

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1, regardless of your original do similar projects must first find out whether the project can bring you income, wealth source Wangzhuan where it is for everyone to do the fundamental and basic cause of the network to make money.

2, to continue to explore the spirit of learning (no matter what need this spirit), is very familiar with and master the Wangzhuan must have "skills" and "tools", summed up in continuous learning, what kind of model is suitable for their own wangzhuan. read more

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We have been closer to the failure Grassroots entrepreneurship N trap

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1 grassroots entrepreneurs have a high probability of failure, one of the key is too much emphasis on the dream of the great, and ignore the importance of making money quickly;

2 technical entrepreneurs tend to ignore the value of the market. In fact, great products, but also need to have the user and the market to pay;

3 blind superstition experts and superstition collective decision-making is not too reliable. Entrepreneurs should have their own judgment and the courage to make decisions; read more

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Su Kang Kang click advertising money into the grave

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in Baidu search "Wangzhuan", can be found about 28100000 pages, search for "make money online", can be found about 9350000 pages. Every day in the Baidu search "Wangzhuan" and "make money online" Internet users were 2500 people and 650 people. Among these Internet users, the majority of young people between the ages of 20 to the age of the majority of men accounted for nearly 80%, IT practitioners and students occupy the main. We open a "higher" Baidu search results, the first 10 pages in the web site, there are 7 in the recommended similar click advertising to make money, like money registered wangzhuan. Su Di Kang want to say to Wangzhuan newcomers: to click on ads to make money to the grave. read more

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Not the same as 90 Entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is another way of life

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look at these more cool, more drag, more two, younger, but never forced to 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is another way of life


_ print journalist Huang Wenxiao Zhao Peng editor _ real Yu

"too too naive (too young, too naive)" young". This line from the Chinese partner, it is the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong entrepreneurial story as a prototype, tells the story of the life of three venture partners. If 90 entrepreneurs to see here, perhaps the excitement of the egg to the screen directly to the. How young, young just means unlimited imagination. In mid April 2014, initiated by the host well-known international venture investment capital IDG campus entrepreneurship competition in Tsinghua University, the launching ceremony, IDG Capital Partners Li Feng said, a campus e-commerce company they just investment, was founded by three undergraduate students, two of them before the graduation season. As for investment reasons, the first is, "we like young people." read more

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Witkey, Crowdsourcing, and a net vlog brawl, China creative trading network who is the boss

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"Chinese computer newspaper" reported: the emergence of a new Internet business model "Crowdsourcing" everyone to sell the idea

"JINGWAH times" reported: a number of 600 thousand Witkey appeared on the Internet with the wisdom of money (Figure)

"electronic commerce world" reported: Walker: as a new economy: a new job

> "Securities Daily" reported:

read more

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About Google AdSense Online standard terms

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entered the Google Adsense backstage today and found this Google AdSense Online TH standard terms, what is this? So old long! Directly to the bottom: if you choose not to accept these terms, you can not continue to use AdSense. You can log in before May 25, 2008 and accept these terms to restore access. Khan ~ ~ turned out to be King terms, ah, do not accept it is not acceptable, you can not use the AdSense! No way, you have to look at the terms of the contents of the entire Google terms, what is not very good to understand, look at the head of the big! read more

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Let buyers become long-term customers three steps

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I operate Taobao shop some tips to share with you.

first step: pre-sale (to attract customers to buy things in the conditions)

1 sources.

we all know, good supply is to attract customers, the seller must meet and meet customer requirements and styles of goods, such as sellers of the pictures are search to the customer, the customer to see his favorite merchandise, can click go to see.

2 quality

when the customer goods you love, then is the quality problem, so we should not only distinctive styles of goods to the customer, but also has the quality of high quality to the customer, when these two conditions are in line with the requirements of the customer, the success of the 80%. read more

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Ma and his Ali mother

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front a raise a Babel of criticism of Ali Mama, may Chinese all the webmaster all know the "nova" won the Ma! I think it Google China head Kai Fu comrade will certainly have a sense of crisis, ma – a very difficult. Today in the Baidu search for "Mom" has a record of about 800000, but the most strange is in the first row is the home of the Ali Mama price bidding, second is the normal Alibaba home, a total of two mom home, then the first home price bidding is not a luxury for Ali mother if seoer or ma? Make a false mom go ahead of him, hey ~ read more

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Are you still booking iPhone 5 Lockerz integration site for you free of charge

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Lockerz is an American social commerce website, after its founder and President Kathy Savitt went to the Yahoo Corp, the former chief operating officer of the company’s Mark Stabingas for the position of president. According to a statement from the U.S. Securities and exchange commission we learned that the site and the successful financing of $7 million 500 thousand. The investors, including the original investors Kleiner Perkins and Liberty Media, as well as the new addition of Live Nation and DAG Ventures, with a total investment of $80 million. read more

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Owners questioned Ali mother data difficult to convince the webmaster

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recently, there are a lot of friends called Ali Mama K station or even freeze income, which is frozen income, there are dozens of hundreds of thousands of online, for Ali mother condemning is oneby one.

did not say first called after no use, at least from these curses can be seen in the small Webmaster Station was K frozen income after the helpless, in fact, we are the owners of these requirements is very simple, or hope to retrieve those without frozen income, or hope to "why is frozen this problem is a reasonable explanation. read more

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The theory and means of marketing online

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saw an article about Wangzhuan things today in the Admin5 trap. For some of the things he said, I feel very justified.

I was a member of course, not Wangzhuan, the higher one, I experienced Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, can make money, but don’t make much money, to earn more to rely on the assembly line, or investment to do. When understood at that time is the most senior Wangzhuan website make money, once for the fun of it to do Wangzhuan, only to find in Wangzhuan really very tired very hard, but the money is not so easy to make, it looks like the Internet who said, every day as long as one or two hours of work on how many dollars income can be. read more

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China Mobile SP Jin Yuan was once again the punishment of illegal Wuzhou sentenced to death

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Days ago, this reporter learned from the channels, China Mobile communications group data again to penalties for violations of the SP, SP in Wuzhou Jin Yuan was sentenced to death, the end of all cooperation.

      with the "penalty notice" Original:

Monternet partner:
A, Wuzhou Beijing Jin Yuan Technology Co. Ltd. (Enterprise Code: 900605)
read more

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Grassroots interpretation of a single page Taobao customers in the end is not suitable for you

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did not know which friend around 10 grassroots webmaster said, there must be about 7 amoy. Of course, we do not have to tangle words inside data is reasonable, I just want to say that my friend is a good summary of the present development situation of Taobao customers, from 2009 to now basically every No one shows any interest in, the grassroots webmaster has a guest website, Taobao customer has been unable to describe with rapid. Although the development of Taobao passenger crackdown Baidu said of an aged person, becomes large, but it is undeniable that Taobao remains is a weapon for grassroots webmaster breakthrough, if you insist on doing, or some chance of success. This time, some friends will say about Taobao off promotion, I was doing a single page, or do the integrated? May now Baidu for some single page Taobao customer audit more stringent, but there are some side by single page promotion to earn a large commission friend, so a single page Taobao guest is not dead. The author is a grassroots webmaster, do 3 years never are minor, but also relates to Taobao customers for a long time, combined with their own understanding of say a single page of Taobao customers to promote the advantages and disadvantages. read more

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Wu Bo an entrepreneurial career as a veteran of the Internet

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in a meeting in the new, he with great interest to be judgmental carved sirloin, looks like 4 years ago when he first met his reporters to talk about a hidden alley in Beijing Roast Lamb Leg as excited. But he is still not willing to cut to give him the highest prestige handle network, in his opinion, does not affect other people’s development is the basic line of life. This may be out of the hands of the capital force after the release, there are still a number of investors hovering in his doorway the root cause. read more

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