How to use the nternet to see the five needs of products

That makes users unable to stop the

products throughout the Internet, it is to meet the needs of every kind of human. Whether it is a fighting entrepreneur or qualified product manager, must be very familiar with Maslow’s five major human needs. All of the products are based on these five requirements, or the integration of them through each other.

is the most basic physiological needs of human survival, but also the basis for other needs can be achieved. Thriving dining buy, catering 020 continue to be favored by VCs, they meet the physical needs of mankind, as well as carving ye can not stand because of the deprivation of human rights in Beijing air invention of air purifier. read more


Wireless advertising media QQ Speed make business to continue operations

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Business partner Taobao sour sweet bitter hot away from the body becomes worse

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs worth all ready to enter the field of electricity providers or entrepreneurs who are doing a good job reading.


unknowingly do Taobao has more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be the lowest point in my life, but also my greatest pressure period, as if to fall to the bottom of life. The past few days have been thinking, I want to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid that I will forget to write, I am afraid too sad. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on. read more


How to plan a forum

The title of the site: the site of each of the procedures of the community forum article author: gougliang

a division of labor in society, the network should also be on the division of labor. It is precisely because of the division of labor in detail, the social life of the law, then when the network is very chaotic, whether it is necessary to sum up the division of the network?

in this paper, referring to the BBS, a very wide application site procedures, different platforms, different developers have, seem to have a great potential and market. That’s true, but it’s not that blindly building a BBS is a success. read more


Leader China audio and video business network to improve the Commission

dear League member

China audio and video business network for the support of the members of the alliance, and now to improve the Commission as a feedback to the alliance members!

activity time: December 1, 2007 –


Commission: all goods increased from 7% to 12%

VIP membership Commission for 3%

at the same time, the new registered users and a successful trading order, order sales of less than 100 yuan, 1 yuan bonus owners Commission; effective sales is equal to or greater than 100 yuan, a bonus of 3.5 yuan Commission read more


How to apply for foreign LEAD alliance to build English website

and lead are interested in focusing on foreign Wangzhuan novice friends, here I will give you an analysis of "Application of foreign CPA alliance with English website how to build English website, I hope you can help.

on how to apply for the union account, there are some ways, here I would like to say is to apply for an alliance with the English site, the other will not discuss the.

a good site, will allow you to apply for a great help when the league, how to build a good site, a lot of new friends in the tangle, here I analyze for you. read more


Website promotion word of mouth publicity is very important can not be ignored

CNNIC’s previous statistical reports show that the search engine links to other sites are the way to know new users of the site, the importance of the search engine continues to increase, corresponding to a related project and also the statistical report, in "the most used Internet service option, users select" the search engine "the proportion is increasing year by year. There is an important fact about ways to get a new user’s website has received little attention, that between users are introduced, in the survey is divided into two options: "friends, classmates, colleagues and friends" Introduction "". There is no substantial difference between the two, just a slight difference between the user relationship. read more


Yu Minhong talk about half life experience the brave first


Yu Minhong married a "knife mouth, tofu heart," the Tianjin woman, in his unsuccessful wife suspected he did not succeed, after his success, his wife that he should be more successful. Now, Alibaba listed, his wife told him, you have to be as successful as ma". Under the urging of his wife, he had to grow.

Second days

Alibaba listed on the New York stock exchange and the birth of the new world’s richest man, Yu Minhong half jokingly talked with people at home. Shrews". read more


Early investors vote get the probability of how much investment

why is it so difficult to find financing projects


business plan No one shows any interest in


how to reasonably evaluate startups


how to upgrade the traditional industry to establish the direction of entrepreneurship


from the investor point of view, what is the criteria for evaluating an entrepreneurial project?

entrepreneurs can according to these criteria to assess their ability to get investment. Entrepreneurial process, the first point to determine the direction of entrepreneurship, which needs to do the industry’s overall research, and then to build reliable, suitable team. read more


To the nternet entrepreneurs first overview of nternet companies to create the exit process

editor’s note: Steve Andriole is a professor of business technology at Villanove University, Professor of strategic technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has done a lot of research in technology management, social media, analytics, cloud computing and technology adoption. He has published 33 books on information technology, technology trends and business technology management. The latest book was published in the fall of 2014, entitled "Ready Technology: New Business Technologies" (CRC Press) (Fast-Tacking). He also serves as a technical adviser to the company and the government, as well as a director, founder or co-founder of several technology companies. read more


After 80 entrepreneurs 2015 tangled in the stick and return

some years later, when looking back again after 80 entrepreneurs public venture in 2015, will start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling of


/ reporter Chen Junling

"scenes of the opening drum, one after another ending elegy, now have gone with the wind, only the gentle sigh in my heart." Several years later, when 80 entrepreneurs look back again the public business in 2015, will also start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling of


2015, a large number of 80 people in the workplace to quit the job, join the public venture, the highly innovative era torrent "– they want financial freedom, more eager to achieve; they may shed sweat, without fear of winter capital; or they own, or join the entrepreneurial team; some of them have failed to return to the successful financing in high and vigorous spirits, workplace…… Although their entrepreneurial path is different, but they want to go further. read more


Yao Jinbo life service Mobile nternet is the next 10 years Taiwan tuyere

Abstract: from my point of view, the development of missing the opportunity "Internet plus" service life, it is possible to lose the market competitiveness as those who ignore the development of mobile Internet tide. I believe that the combination of life services and mobile Internet, must be the next 10 years, Taiwan tuyere".

nearly a year in the past, and friends recently talked about the topic of entrepreneurship, often heard some sigh: the golden age of entrepreneurship has passed. I do not think so, from the point of view of the life of the service industry, I think the market is still in the middle of the upper level, is still far from the time to meet the cold winter market. read more


Foreign pier had blue wave entrepreneurial experience industry trends are not equal to capital trend

Abstract: not to offend investors, not entrepreneurs look at the most important point, contrary to most entrepreneurs need to consider the most is not to offend, his customers, he is in the requirements of industry rules, and followed him hard Jiangshan brothers team.

I and the founder of the ocean pier had met 6 years ago in Silicon Valley. Among them, a detail of his impressive to me, he has about a few friends, we say that somewhere in the But that day is, not Lynn ‘s Day, heavy rains and all kinds of car, I was 45 minutes late is still on the road. As a result, the students gave me a call: "this is over, you can go back." Really interesting haha, I actually have their own special Respect Rules people. But people have ideas, but also easy to encounter the storm of public opinion, once at the beginning of this year, "blue mail door" shocked the whole Chinese venture capital circles, I thought: is it really that I know of have blue @. These two days, once in Losangeles coincides with the waves, I would like to ask him to talk about the business in these 6 years, we want to give back entrepreneurs friends. Here are the four main points of Ceng Bibo, Enjoy. read more


Feelings of public toilets O2O fruit takeaway APP entrepreneurs who is a good brain hole

at the beginning of 2015, a "drop in" brain hole wide open APP Huobian network, a burning heat drops fast taxi, Didi shit "to solve the people line up on the toilet, reservation shit problems……

After the

brain hole, to greet the user is O2O, public toilets, more feelings according to reports, the Beijing public toilets are ready to expand a series of mobile phone, electric vehicle charging function: setting, increasing coverage of Wireless ATM ATM, WiFi, after a urine test may be added what health project…… read more


Shanghai CCtalk cloud President Lu Jian next year broadcast platform will be half dead

recently, Shanghai CCtalk cloud President Lu Jian was invited to attend the 2016 Hangzhou Yunxi conference live concert. Lu Jian in the cloud habitat conference, said: the current broadcast industry trying to use advertising, reward, electricity providers and other ways to achieve commercial realization, but in some vertical areas such as education, direct sales of content can be realized. Lu Jian forecast in the next year, the existing live platform will die half, while the vertical class platform will be greater development. The forum, Lu Jian and general manager of micro-blog business operation Hong Lizhou, founder of & CEO, live; Chen Jianwen bus online CEO Wang Xian Shu, chairman of & to discuss how fun live Economic Industrial chain". read more


Wei Kaiyuan entrepreneurs want to create explosive First get yourself

he is a school tyrants, through Beijing university. In the process of professional managers has been CEO, also took the annual figure, went to Harvard lecture. In the end there is a reflection of how entrepreneurship, let his insights with Buddhists speak of what he had to pay the tuition as like as two peas?, a valuable gem


Wei Kaiyuan is an outstanding musician, once the scenery infinite life worry free advertising company CEO new cross music (Beijing) Art Co., Ltd., chairman and CEO, Peking University, master of the Yangtze River Business School EMBA. Wei Kaiyuan said, the success rate of entrepreneurship because not everyone entrepreneurship, innovation is what change, it is very low! Therefore, he shared his experiences and lessons in the entrepreneurial road. Star Group (Startup-Partner.com) small finishing the two part of Wei Kaiyuan’s speech, for everyone to share. Wei Kaiyuan said the following readme, after editing the star school. read more


Multiplayer online collaboration tools together to get Kingsoft WPS strategic investment

sina science and technology news on September 9th morning news, online collaboration tools project recently announced the establishment of the Pre-A round of strategic investment, the investment side of Jinshan WPS, the specific amount is not disclosed. Previously, together with the creation of the capital has been 4 million yuan angel angel capital investment.

wrote together was founded in 2014, March 2015 the official online multiplayer online real-time collaborative office products, with documents, forms, presentation, drawing board, form a series of products, currently has 800 thousand users, and 2 enterprise users. In addition, the needle for enterprise users in employee management, document control and other aspects of the demand, together with the introduction of the enterprise edition. read more


Fu Sheng first revealed the commercial power law quality = company strategy for the implementation o

Abstract: the importance of strategy formulation is far greater than the execution; when there is strong competition in the field, your efforts are of no use; according to the strategy to build talent; breaking points need long words to describe the strategy has failed.

note: the importance of strategy formulation is far greater than the execution; when there is strong competition in the field, your efforts are of no use; according to the strategy to build talent; breaking points need long words to describe the strategy has been lost; the mobile era, the essence of this becomes a personal search…… This is too much dry cargo, Fu Sheng latest speech, first expounded the commercial power law – strategy trilogy, recommended reading. A hunting cloud network editing. read more


Reporter Liu real entrepreneurs a month from 0 to 100 thousand is really not difficult

public entrepreneurship, innovation, the party’s call, a youngster how much heart.

you want to, I am the teenager in one, by virtue of their years of work experience, I think the time when the boss. Why not? Why, because I don’t want to give people a lifetime to work first, even if it is like that, I also want to do the actual stall, stall is also a business, you do not think that a stand to make money, lose some.

topic Cheyuan, we’ll pull back, then said Liu their own thing. In fact, talking about the venture, far from the imagination of the complex, of course, is not so simple, but a variety of more than expected. Liu from September 22nd officially entered the fresh industry, become Ji’nan’s first live seafood house delivery brand, to October 22nd, just a month’s time, to achieve my own business in the first 100 thousand yuan, I just don’t want to lose money, but give me a surprise. read more


Why are they so obsessed with social networking from nternet giants to entrepreneurs

Abstract: these walls are really interesting. At first you hate it, then you get used to it. After a certain amount of time, you will rely on it.

in the Internet industry, whether it is a giant or entrepreneur, have dreamed of cutting a hole from the social entrance, the achievement of a social Empire dream. But the difficulty of this dream can be imagined. WeChat made a shake, unfamiliar street early models Peiliao, most pieces began to let their employees to take a taxi, Alipay now quietly on the line of life circle, exudes youth hormone white-collar diary and a number of large scale campus diary Jingxian female students and white-collar portrait. Alipay is a variable pay Bao noisy on the dust. read more