The Qixi Festival chain year end three gift campaign officially began

activity details: http://s.7clink.com/2008/hd.html


Tanabata chain year-end gift event officially began

15 from the start of the event, the 30 day of 24 points as of the end of 0. In the meantime。 All new registered users point out more than 2 automatic audit, giving a total of 800 points. At the same time, from now on, you can leave a message for outstanding website award, not during the event message with recommendation will be deemed to have waived the right to participate in this activity! Please pay special attention to. Point out the return of cash activities will be the daily point out of the record, you can click on the history – Statistics – the function of the query data. During the activity, we will intensify efforts, thorough investigation of all illegal sites, illegal sites all deleted. The other will increase the intensity of manual audit, to avoid malicious registration fraud. In order to ensure that we have a high quality traffic environment. Finally, I wish you a lot of points in the event, a lot of cash. read more


Follow the three dedicated Taobao website to make money

then do find a part-time job on the Internet, Taobao is undoubtedly the premier guest recommended a good project, from 09 to 10 years, I found that Taobao fired off extra heat, some Taobao customers of the glorious deeds of expert in the media constantly emerging exposure, so the "Taobao" a night network fame. Just as the violent star overnight. Understand and do not understand the network of people who have to study online Taobao how to make money, of course, I also did not hesitate to enter the position of Taobao customers, but started a little late, the official entry into the Taobao has so far two months. The Taobao army occupied the guest go forward with great strength and vigour to make money on the army team a space for one person, but the uneven level of individual soldiers mastered the attack Road, so make more money, while the individual soldier is still hard struggle learning stage, still wandering, a month will Amoy a eighty yuan, even is 0. I was lucky, the first month to achieve revenue of nearly two thousand yuan, a week on the station to station optimization to Baidu home page, so the first month from Taobao made of gold, of course, all in the plan implementation, so everything is not surprised. read more


Some views on the Taobao station built in 2011

Hello, has written 2 papers and about 2011 Taobao guest operating some of the practices and techniques: "new model" on 2011 Taobao guest single page station, "2011 for customers to choose products, Taobao keyword view". Then the author for optimization several single page station only wrote some of this article, today is to share some views on the station built in 2011 Taobao guest single page! I believe that both will have a certain inspiration to the novice or veteran, although no single page station in question is convenient management, very good persuasive, easy to optimize operating properly, a monthly income of thousands is pretty easy! But for the novice earning 1000 or need a certain time, for veteran if you want to replace the product is necessary, the premise is the product competition, such as the current L-carnitine, Baidu search page is full..com, why are we getting involved? Well below, to talk to the railway station built Taobao view read more


Entrepreneurship 6 cold facts money will spend the creative ceiling

entrepreneurship is a passion and need to keep the rational thing. Not only rely on perseverance can be successful. No matter how much chicken soup, but also for a sale. Big to a company’s success, the success of a small product, are the result of many factors. At least money, planning, teamwork, creativity, operations, strain indispensable.

has a good plan to obtain financing in hot areas, to attract a young team, make an innovative product, the company hired us to do brand marketing in the current business environment, these are not difficult, but it looks very warm and successful achievements are not directly equate. Beginning millet thought, need in the passion of the warm, clear understanding of these six seemingly cold fact. read more


Recipe sharing site Gojee collect chowhound favorite customers

Gojee home page is a huge food HD picture, very influential, right?

Gojee is an art of recipe sharing site, currently through more than and 300 independent food blog to get content, all the information has been carefully selected. Because there are a lot of super large pictures, Gojee is also known as full screen version of Pinterest".

the company was founded in July 2011, initially hoped to provide users with similar tablet browsing experience recipes, but the initial stage of the first version of the web version. Since then, they have begun to study how users interact with the service, as well as the use of preferences, and finally launched on Wednesday iPhone, iPad and Android mobile applications. read more


The higher the ranking is worth Ali mother make money new skills

recently launched Ali mother activities can be more and more popular, the launch activities Antz program launched and put the code on the money ", increase the stimulation of the personal webmaster community participation enthusiasm, and with the continuous Discuz network, two site cooperation, will reach deep into the station, and bokee.com and mop.com, cooperation, and advertising platform to expand the field of action but with great blog, looks good.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended. read more


Difficult to close the ring of O2O those who struggle in the forefront of O2O entrepreneurs

three years ago, has just graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Xuhao did not want to start their career in what way, he graduated with several Jiaotong University classmates set up a restaurant for pizza delivery companies, "hungry" started up in position so vague under. But the takeaway business is not easy, after one and a half years of exploration, the entrepreneurial team will be "hungry re orientation" doing the catering industry taobao.com. read more


ntroduce some suitable advertising

movie station traffic faster, but advertising is not good to do

what are the ads for the movie webmaster do?

1, SP SMS advertising or choice. But now the league can not find… The current channel is not stable, user uplink is not stable

2, UUSEE client download, 1.5 yuan each, the user activates. Do this alliance has a lot of, the same advertising position, the same return flow of data is not the same… Many of my friends have done this, but generally receive the money after the withdrawal, do not know is that users do not like to see the alliance the amount deducted too hard! read more


2 years of suffering and happiness Wangzhuan

I graduated from a junior college, University is a computer network. The course is very chaotic, and their class is not serious, so graduation can say nothing. A chance to contact Wangzhuan related to some things, then indulge them.

1 Station Road – NiuDao failed

started his own idea is to build a website, and then really through the advertising alliance to make money. Want to do, buy a domain name space to buy about 100 yuan, the basic equipment is done, do a website, the website content is determined. Because of personal problems, I choose to find the kind of website on the internet station source, look for a long time, and finally determine the use of wordpress. Upload code debugging, spent about a week my travel website finally on the line. read more


Analysis on operation and profit mode of industry website

The country’s best network to make money wisdom web site click here to join the fast search to bring you a huge profit WO18 webmaster forum to open the money to welcome the owners to discuss the network to make money

has a million monthly income is no longer a dream!!! Recommend a good website PR value and included in the search engine query tool WO18 effects source station, including various types of strange Code: 2005-1-9 21:15:29 source: network collect business website marketing from mass market gradually shifted to a niche market, Internet companies must challenge the market at a faster way to cope with the new form, in the impact of SARS, the Internet industry is a big turning point, but also the portal site apartment layout presents a big problem, how to deal with the new market segments, while many traditional enterprises in SARS coming performance but the network industry is at a loss, in case of rain, network marketing, website construction, electronic business, do not fry from the fire, most of the SARS sites forming a small fortune, but after the SARS, how to further the portal site To consolidate their advantage is now the largest public relations projects in the entire network industry.

in the new network market, website + channel composite management mode, is the enterprise effective mining market segments, strategic profit model competition. Specific analysis is as follows: read more


Google advertising alliance to help small and medium owners to make money

In the day before

, Google (Google) company held in Shanghai 2009GoogleAdSense partner day, sales operations director Zhou Wenbiao Aka Ata revealed in an interview with reporters, from 2005 to 2008, the Google global partner revenue reached $16 billion; and only in 2008 this year, there are $5 billion to Google global partners were divided into, which Chinese stationmaster gains more and more.

now there are a large number of domestic individual owners, profitability is dominated by advertising alliance. With the promotion of domestic small and medium enterprises to promote the network, the profit model of this advertising alliance for the benefit of the owners at the same time, has become a new Blue Ocean network promotion of domestic smes. Prior to this, Google’s vice president of global online sales and operations DavidFischer (Fei Sile) also said he was optimistic about the future development trend of Google in China, in particular, valued the cooperation of many small and medium enterprises Google customers. read more


People com cn intends to spend 100 million in Shenzhen Qianhai Jintai venture investment company

securities code: 603000 securities referred to: People’s announcement number: pro 2012-010

people.com.cn Limited by Share Ltd on the establishment of Taiwan Investment Company Limited and foreign investment announcement


board of directors and the directors to ensure that this announcement does not contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, and its contents bear the authenticity accuracy and completeness of individual and joint liability.

important content tips: read more


Google Adsense phone verification matters needing attention

      Google in the recent increase in telephone verification. There are a lot of people to verify the error. I almost, the third time to succeed. So what should pay attention to it?

      1, if the mobile phone number directly, fill, fixed telephone area code plus the number, do not have mobile phone before and 0, 80 what.

      2, you can choose when to call him, because he is automatically hit, you had better be ready to verify immediately, so that he was not playing when you are still doing something else, maybe happy went. read more


How to use the nternet to see the five needs of products

That makes users unable to stop the

products throughout the Internet, it is to meet the needs of every kind of human. Whether it is a fighting entrepreneur or qualified product manager, must be very familiar with Maslow’s five major human needs. All of the products are based on these five requirements, or the integration of them through each other.

is the most basic physiological needs of human survival, but also the basis for other needs can be achieved. Thriving dining buy, catering 020 continue to be favored by VCs, they meet the physical needs of mankind, as well as carving ye can not stand because of the deprivation of human rights in Beijing air invention of air purifier. read more


Wireless advertising media QQ Speed make business to continue operations

CPA is offline business alliance many coins, coins CPA wireless advertising media business to continue operations!!!


CPA price 1 yuan 1. Real time data. Pay no taxes. Every week, 1 weeks and 2


super high conversion rate, the majority of webmaster friends than other alliances,

we have a better quality of service for the majority of webmaster friends!

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Business partner Taobao sour sweet bitter hot away from the body becomes worse

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs worth all ready to enter the field of electricity providers or entrepreneurs who are doing a good job reading.


unknowingly do Taobao has more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be the lowest point in my life, but also my greatest pressure period, as if to fall to the bottom of life. The past few days have been thinking, I want to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid that I will forget to write, I am afraid too sad. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on. read more


How to plan a forum

The title of the site: the site of each of the procedures of the community forum article author: gougliang

a division of labor in society, the network should also be on the division of labor. It is precisely because of the division of labor in detail, the social life of the law, then when the network is very chaotic, whether it is necessary to sum up the division of the network?

in this paper, referring to the BBS, a very wide application site procedures, different platforms, different developers have, seem to have a great potential and market. That’s true, but it’s not that blindly building a BBS is a success. read more


Leader China audio and video business network to improve the Commission

dear League member

China audio and video business network for the support of the members of the alliance, and now to improve the Commission as a feedback to the alliance members!

activity time: December 1, 2007 –


Commission: all goods increased from 7% to 12%

VIP membership Commission for 3%

at the same time, the new registered users and a successful trading order, order sales of less than 100 yuan, 1 yuan bonus owners Commission; effective sales is equal to or greater than 100 yuan, a bonus of 3.5 yuan Commission read more


How to apply for foreign LEAD alliance to build English website

and lead are interested in focusing on foreign Wangzhuan novice friends, here I will give you an analysis of "Application of foreign CPA alliance with English website how to build English website, I hope you can help.

on how to apply for the union account, there are some ways, here I would like to say is to apply for an alliance with the English site, the other will not discuss the.

a good site, will allow you to apply for a great help when the league, how to build a good site, a lot of new friends in the tangle, here I analyze for you. read more