Dropbox founder management experience think about what they do not know

Sohu IT news July 17th evening news, Dropbox founder Drew – Houston (Drew Houston) business from the initial file storage, turned to a full range of storage platform, it has the potential to replace the hardware. In 2007, Dropbox was founded. Houston is now worth $400 million.

recently, Houston accepted an interview with the First Round Capital, he shared his hacking from CEO, from the design process to the design of the company, he believes that this is a system building process. read more


January 2008 third week 01 14 01 20 Commission will be settled today

alliance members Hello everyone!

The third week of January 2008 (01

14 -01 on day 20) and the Commission of "double gift ringtones rebate cash bonus" activities will be held today (01 2008 21 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account. If you are in the 01 month 25 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32 read more


Et explicit elastic recovery on childhood

continued: childhood bomb recovery on the


childhood bomb recovery put forward, welcome to the webmaster actively put forward! I believe that can bring good revenue for the webmaster! Please contact the official site of the official site opened. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: return in real time.

settlement cycle: Zhou knot.

advertising price: 3.5 yuan /1000IP.

audit: media audit.

Union address: http://s.new.ete.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256 read more


Wang Meng how to easily enjoy Wangzhuan

network is actually a is easy and fun, before a lot of people are making money for the network must have a technology that can make money, for example, to learn how to build, and recently very popular SEO, SEM for advertising etc.. Don’t these technologies can not make money on the Internet? The answer is No! In fact, there are many opportunities to make money online. Can change a kind of thinking to consider this problem.

1 to see if the site is a profitable website". I said that the profit is to see if he is a big company to do, so you can know whether he has enough money to maintain. Can be found on the website of the Ministry of industry and information (www.miibeian.gov.cn) is the record number of the bottom of the site is a regular company. If possible, look at him and the company. For example, to develop their own payment function (similar to Alipay.) this development up to the bank and cooperation, and to invest a lot of money. The purpose is to let us see what he is not a liar, if people do not because of millions of sites hundreds of thousands of dollars you delay you don’t give the. read more


Think Wangzhuan thinking cannot do without reason to improve the writing of the article

have thought of making money is very important for people to make money do Wangzhuan, thinking is the need of the days and months multiplying down-to-earth work, you can creatively have independent thinking of the money. We experience the deepest is thinking of the importance of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan bigger and stronger. So, how can have their own Wangzhuan thinking is the best way of writing?. And I’m here today to talk about the focus of writing Wangzhuan the role of thinking.

1 do Wangzhuan the necessary skills is writing read more


Luo Yonghao’s venture product is 1 marketing is 0

lead: Jobs returned to Apple had a very important reflection: "people are people kill marketing products." After Jobs returns to apple, the most important thing is to let people regain the right to speak.

the two day, Luo Yonghao announced the hammer T1 mobile phone price 1000 yuan, a circle of friends shuabing.

public concern is that Luo Yonghao had previously said that less than 2500 yuan is a grandson, when faced with a challenge to respond to discount, said: the actual operation of the enterprise is greater than the face of individuals. read more


Why do we want to start a business 80 years later

why we want to start a business 80 years later

business, in the eyes of many people is the noun form of the word hard! We are very familiar with, but we only know this word, how many people really know the meaning of it? How many people truly understand the meaning of it? Is added to the business of this team is less and less, why? Where is the difficult business difficult?


first, I’m going to talk about why we want to start a business. The Chinese excess personnel, more and more low price of labor force, in 2004 730 thousand of college students have not timely employment, and work was more than 10 million? And you can’t find a job or you do not want to work, what do you want? Only entrepreneurship! Domestic business environment is becoming more and more perfect entrepreneurial culture is becoming more and more popular, more and more thinking creative people have the ability to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, surrounded by their ability to make more and more people a career. This is an inevitable! The survival of the fittest, only the survival of the fittest in natural selection, grasp the trend of social development and to adapt to this trend to the achievements of their own career! Life is a rare few fight back, not at this time when the fight fight? With envy than others as soaring and majestic, make their own strong wings; and the envy of others with their career enjoy your life, not their own efforts to do a career, if you really have good ideas, or you can find your team work together! read more


Through a Taobao Search ask guest to earn commissions

is well known, Taobao passenger commission into a higher proportion of money can be made by Taobao only four steps to earn commission method:

1 choose to promote commodity

2 to target users to promote

3 buyers purchase

4 get commission

, like many ways to make money, looks simple, it is difficult to do, that is difficult to make money. Why is it difficult to analyze the existence of our current environment:

1 site program installation is simple, do a "decent" stand is very simple, and the data are very large; read more


Stopped more than a month of the Google Adsense account to allow closure

    account is applied in June 21st. In a couple of hours.. So I put myself in the station AD. In June 29th Google gave me an email saying that PIN had posted it. July 14th to my place. Because something.. The letter came to me on the 20… , because the site is free space. Soon hung up.. It should be said that in July 20th or so hung up.. Because the account is full of 100 knives.. So I’m not hanging on the space. Later on this account will not stop. Today, I went to the mailbox to see the next 15 months, google8 sent me an e-mail that is invalid click on my account to K.. I have not been able to stop this account for more than a month.. If it is invalid click on the audit should be in July should be found invalid click ah.. Why in the park after a month to send a message that invalid click. Depressed ah. read more


Under the age of 30 young entrepreneurs play commercial influence to normal

young to normal age of 30 entrepreneurs play a commercial influence


"I know that the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing is 16 years old, I am now all over the age of 18, I feel a lot of pressure." Dressed in a black suit, with a red tie and hair. Deliberately mature face look jerky shape and contrast, and the words, is to let people hear a shock.

Xu Dechen, co-founder of chat network, a year ago, he made the first important decision in life: to give up the college entrance examination, start business. read more


Exploring the development strategy of e commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

E-commerce refers to the realization of the electronic trading activities, is refers to the transaction between the parties (including the enterprise and enterprise, between enterprises and consumers) by using modern information technology and computer network, in accordance with certain standards for all kinds of business activities, electronic commerce is a kind of business activity using the modern information technology era. Small and medium-sized enterprises mainly engaged in general consumer goods, small scale, product variety, in line with the characteristics of network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises; at the same time, due to more simply, than large enterprises in personnel management, easy adjustment, convenient management, rapid implementation of the new marketing concept and not by the original enterprise culture bound, can quickly adapt to the trend of the times to update the concept of operation; and the technical basis, the electronic commerce practical basis and enormous economic benefits. Therefore, many small and medium-sized enterprises are eager or have already begun to try.

"from them." indeed, most companies are not profitable, and even some have been closed. In some areas of mature conditions, network marketing has brought significant economic benefits. The polarization of the situation and the reason is more complex, it must be from the enterprise’s own situation, the whole social environment and other aspects of analysis and research, pointing out the problem, and then to conduct strategic research.

read more


Several types of network to make money to recommend novice friends to understand

a lot of contact stiffness contact Wangzhuan friends, see all kinds of online ads dizzy, one will see this that make money, one will see that that money, tossing to and fro, finally did not earn a penny, in fact, the so-called project, it is free Wangzhuan several classes to contain, novice first you have to choose a class of its own, and then work hard to learn, to study, insist on doing it to make money, not today in this class, then a final tomorrow, each contact, but are not proficient in everything. read more


Notice about lianmeng com server system upgrade

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

Lianmeng.com in order to better serve the majority of owners, the recent upgrade of the server system. There is a delay in the return of some of the ads during the upgrade, but will not affect the final settlement data. Inconvenience to you, please understand.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service QQ:331362639 or submit "online Q & a management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

2008-02-01 read more


On the nternet about entrepreneurship and other products

No time to extend a long article, just write a few feelings.

1, the beginning of the project, to consider a good profit model – how to make money

2, little mention of the concept, no matter what stage in the web, the product only for customers (Internet users) to provide useful services, it is possible to succeed

3, a business is basically a personal talk

4, don’t wait for the perfect product is released, it is important to seize the initiative

5, once it is decided, do it immediately, with the highest efficiency

6, technology is not the most important

7 every day, read and listen to the information industry, summed up, it will make you every week a new inspiration

8, not the people around you are optimistic about your project (product)

9, please have a choice with the people around to discuss your ideas, not because they can not say, but with "Web" that is to write "people talk about the Internet is wasting your time

10, do not blindly follow the trend of the project

11, the best learning network marketing theory, to know how to use the Internet to promote their own

12, know how to give up, when you see someone stronger than you do, and they do not have the strength

13, a restless mind, you can do it! read more


Secrets of the secret founder either 1 or 0

Abstract: "secret" detonated anonymous social hot. It was later renamed no secret, in addition to the American version of the "secret", released more "secret circle", and a "Oh", "as" the founder of the Xu Zhaojun team released the "crow", the street network released "toast" etc.. Everything stems from the secret of an outbreak, secret App only a day, boarded the apple free social software download list first." There is no secret behind the hot words: Mobile Internet or become one, or zero. What’s the secret, read more


The value of advertising alliance website alliance suddenly enlarged

DCCI Internet data center research found that, due to the major changes in the online advertising industry, the website alliance / advertising alliance has become the largest online advertising market variables. Network alliance, advertising operators, may become the largest resource gezonglianheng, the largest Internet Co. At present, many participating, related cooperation, investment, mergers and acquisitions are very active, many enterprises suddenly rise.

website alliance / advertising alliance will become the largest online advertising market variables. Due to the high degree of media expansion and the selectivity of media types, the website alliance will be a great challenge to a single website. read more


Do Google Adsense please do not touch these 18

Google Adsense advertising plan is a popular advertising products, this product provides many website best online advertising revenue sources, about the use of Adsense technique in this paper has been a lot, at the same time, Adsense also in terms of service policy for the advertising planning services clearly, and we strictly abide by the requirements so, the Adsense account will not be removed from the Google.

when I visit the website and the forum, I found will encounter some Adsense abuse every day, so here are some tips on using Google Adsnese, you may have until some, may also know very little. These are selected from the Google Adsense program policy, and a number of simplifications. read more


The new trend of fast type foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

starting from today, I will introduce some of the foreign Wangzhuan, as everyone knows, foreign money either advertising or other Wangzhuan, income is certainly higher than the domestic, after all, is the dollar or the euro, so many are looking to make friends abroad, ready to earn dollars.

because most people English limited level, foreign money is difficult, so I will be here and we gradually share some contents about foreign wangzhuan.

foreign Wangzhuan I according to my understanding is divided into so many categories, if there are different views, we can communicate with each other. read more


West master cahuo an entrepreneurial company equity tragedy

this would have probably been a promising star of start-up companies, but the company has just on the right track, the founder of the team fall apart.

we do not know when the storm will be, in what way do knot, I do not know the star company’s final fate.

Phoenix technology linked to one of the three partners, trying to restore the process in detail. In the story of these young people, we can see partners, equity, financing, all the chips…… In many key areas, these entrepreneurs with a green hand lightly, for the future lay greater risks. read more


Thunder profit model Daquan

1, operation mode.

1, hotlinking.

this method of operation is very simple, go online to search for methods of hotlinking resources to stand, and then do one, submitted to the thunder, you can get traffic through the audit.

now, do hotlinking too much, because the thunder is characterized by the need to display the absolute address, so it is easy to be stolen for hotlinking, so thunder blocked badly now hotlinking, can basically do a few days on the OVER.

2, own server.

for many beginners, even the space do not know what is, if all of a sudden the operation of the server, but the server operation is very difficult, only to do download station, is the most stable, because resources are their own local resources are not hotlinking, welcome such resources to provide the station of thunder. read more