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nternet business is not easy no one can easily succeed

May 8, 2014, is a very auspicious day, on this day a magical site —58 city in Shanghai successfully held its 2014 strategic conference. In accordance with the general situation, the successful launch of a listed company after the meeting, the boss always and all walks of life, as well as leaders and stakeholders to push the cup to eat a meal. But this time let me see the shock of the scene, after the event, all the people are gone, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo and other executives in a hurry to eat a lunch, because the evening had returned to Beijing, second days will also continue to work.

after the lunch of Yao Jinbo and Chen Xiaohua (with


can not help but sigh: entrepreneurship is not easy, no one can casually succeed. 58 city as a market value of $3 billion of large enterprises, the boss is still so, why do not worry about China’s Internet giant. read more

Wangzhuan feelings and future plans for two years

graduated from the University began to enter the field, was also in a helpless, at their own expense is the science of Applied Mathematics, grades pulpy, and this major is the so-called culture of professional scientists, to good graduate student. At that time the home to find a job, on a few days, resigned.

* * * Wangzhuan is my friends, I was introduced to several master, I learn the start of something. Although not how to teach me, but show me the higher the charm of this industry. I believe that as long as they insist, willing to continue to learn, there will be good results.

make money for the first time

for the network, did not understand at the beginning, but also confined to the forum, chat stage. Of course, later I know what I do, is to train others to come here, I come here to chat. The beginning of the teacher let me do two station, see if you can get some traffic. I am not a station, from the most basic domain name sale, to the choice of space, is a step by step to search in the forum and Baidu, and later to the program, see friends, heard of dedecms, also in the Dede forum visited several days, also changed hands a template. This stage to learn a lot of things, spent a month back and forth, built a garbage station, very happy. read more

Kelan diamond Guo Feng from a million billion yuan club started to

Kelan diamond CEO Guo Feng

(TechWeb pictures)

2007, Guo Feng, Wang Yong, Wei Hong, Li Hai and other four founded Cochran diamond, registered with 1 million yuan of funds to start a business of diamonds.

they are going to do is simple: for young people marriage market, through more direct channels, allowing users to buy more cost-effective diamonds; at the same time, enterprises to maintain a reasonable profit, rather than the traditional jewelry industry profits 6-10 times.

for them, the first year is two words: alive. Groping forward, take a lot of detours, by the end of 2008, the four founders of a night will change the Kelan diamond trajectory, the location of the meeting is very strange in McDonald’s. They firmly in one direction: through the Internet diversion, through the store to achieve sales. To this end, cut off the TV shopping, bank shopping and other contributions to the mode of cash flow. read more

The wind blows the essence of the Wangzhuan

What is the

network, referred to as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, broadly speaking, through this network platform to make money is higher. For entrepreneurs is "electronic commerce", to the grassroots webmaster is higher, as is one thing, but strictly speaking, there is a difference. E-commerce, that is, on the network to obtain revenue from marketing products, sales on the ground is actually a platform for change, there is no essential difference. But in the webmaster Wangzhuan, is varied, have to do research, hang up the money; do stand advertising money; sales of products to make money, is the electronic commerce; have to do the training to make money; through their own technology to help people complete the task to make money and so on. Thus, the category of e-commerce Wangzhuan than the much broader, therefore, e-commerce is only a subset of Wangzhuan. Just like on the ground work of various grades and ranks, Wangzhuan is actually the same, the essence is the same, but the platform is not the same, one on the ground, one on the network. If you want to get into high school Wangzhuan low level three, so I divided: read more

First month visit breakthrough test of 100 thousand

      I whim one day more than 2 months ago, to exercise their own on the Internet, Internet users insight into mentality, decided in the absence of any technical support, do not do any promotion, hardly spend their working time, no original content conditions, see yourself with little time, a person to do a website first month can do much to flow.

a, site planning:

I know

of website operation: I think the exact solutions for the user to cut back the user needs "is the most important, the importance of a general website is as follows: the market demand and target user understanding, product (service) development, technology, marketing. Web site to focus on the user experience, can never exaggerate the role of marketing hype, the core of the site is the user experience and product (service value). Marketing is a blood transfusion, a website can not rely on blood transfusion, mainly depends on the value of the site and product development. Although I am now a professional site is the promotion, but I can not exaggerate the role of marketing on the site. The above understanding is a lot of senior Internet exchange, generally understand the Internet, there are people who have experience in the operation of the site have such common sense. If your site does not do any promotion by Internet users can do 10 thousand people visit every day, you have this website commercial value. read more

The fundamental credibility of advertising alliance

a few days ago I wrote an article "how can the small website" advertising alliance "to obtain more interests" article, there are a lot of friends to the author said, "credibility" is a condition of main site selection advertising value. In fact, I think so. Do things and people are the same, pay attention to is the credibility of these two words.

advertising alliance by advertisers and website owners like, its advantage is low cost, precision marketing, can be a large number of small and medium sites, the industry to put advertising. Wider audience, more targeted. And advertisers and web site owners more flexible way of cooperation. Procedures and other advertising model is relatively simple. These small sites can also be positioned according to their own website through the alliance. Hang some advertisers ads, the site traffic into benefits. read more

To investigate the stations with 2009 software bugs blog Wangzhuan mode do

2009 Professional Edition software bugs blog, in addition to publishing large portal blogs and forums, can also support ZBLOG, WORDPRESS, DISCUZ and SupeSite X-SPACE space forum. The use of these standard procedures to build a website, you can use the software to manage, management functions include: registered account and publish articles, delete the basic operation of the article.

due to the rapid and convenient 2009 software bugs blog website management, makes a new model can be easily implemented in Wangzhuan blog 2009 software support. Here to discuss ideas and methods to achieve, it is something.

1 is the first step

application domain name and independent IP space, because the requirements are not high, so of course, the cheaper the better. Space 100-150 yuan, 20-50 yuan a domain name, the cost of a website is not more than 200 yuan. Early can be less to build a few, observe the effect, the conditions can be built more, the more the better. Web site program from the above election, blog and forum, can be. The software will likely be more support for other programs. read more

Taobao distribution platform website how to achieve the highest daily sales 30 thousand

sell distribution platform, Taobao distribution platform website, is committed to creating the best clothing distribution platform, on-line operation less than a year, the highest sales volume has exceeded 30 thousand.

sell distribution platform is the main business clothing supply center, sales center is the network clothing business, on the one hand, and actively expand the more clothing merchants settled, on the other hand to recruit to join the shop manager.

today, Taobao distribution platform website is too much, this one can not help but some businesses and the line of sight interference of dragons and fishes jumbled together, shop manager, that they have no choice, no start.

launched less than a year, Taobao distribution platform website "sell distribution platform" how to achieve the highest sales of 30 thousand, Wang Peng was sold with distribution platform publicity director of operations, then do a little summary: read more

Ape exam questions online games to create intelligent test questions library

reporter Zhao Na Beijing reported

YY Li Xueling, 56 Zhou Juan, snowball finance side of salmon, spring pocket doctor Zhang Rui, Tang Yan, Chen Mo Mo cloud technology group 800 Ding Xiuhong, Hu chen…… A NetEase of entrepreneurs in their fighting arena.

at the beginning of 2012, NetEase and a heavyweight left the venture – NetEase portal division president Li Yong. In NetEase’s 9 level management system, Li Yong ranks second only to NetEase founder, CEO Ding Lei and CFO live.

The core of a new member of the

team has worked in the NetEase, they include: Li Xin, co-founder and vice president, former general manager of NetEase portal marketing; co-founder, product technical director Guo Chang Chun, a former NetEase senior research manager; co-founder and director of a handsome, former NetEase of science and technology channel editor. read more

Li Qin Liu Chuanzhi’s entrepreneurial partner

  Li Qin believes that improving market strain rate is critical for large enterprises.

Lenovo in high-rise inside, and Liu Chuanzhi Li Qin had played in the world who is one of the most low-key. The day before, in a private meeting, a reporter to interview the Lenovo hero.

the current Lenovo holding company executive vice president, chairman of Digital China Holdings Limited Li Qin in 1965 graduated from the Beijing Institute of mechanical engineering, Chinese worked for the Institute of computing sixth research room, and Liu Chuanzhi with a research office.

memories and old Liu Lenovo has just set up the day, Li Qin said, at that time, smoking only 5 cents a pack of smokes…… But now he is Lenovo holding "no matter minister", in addition to formulate a long-term development strategy, nobody thing for him to ensure the overall, Lenovo like playing volleyball has a blind spot does not allow; someone did not manage the things he must manage, each department do not have a copy of my review". read more

On the Chinese click Wangzhuan phenomenon of put up the shutters

hair promotion rich uncle in Chinese click Wangzhuan is three years, there is a general understanding and analysis of the Chinese click Wangzhuan industry, doing nothing, just click on the Chinese Wangzhuan "Xing also fast, die fast" to do a simple analysis, hope to have a little help interested in Chinese click Wangzhuan station. Now the domestic sites showing the speed of development, one can say like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a new site every day, if careful search, will find some new day. This is a good phenomenon, indicating that the country is now moving into this area, have development, in order to have good results, I think this is the truth! But at the same time, is also a problem, that is, the domestic Wangzhuan has not been a basic operating norms, leading to many click on the Chinese website put up the shutters phenomenon. read more

Bubble learning network how to change the love of men into a deal

Author: Lu Haitian (WeChat public account: positive52energy)

i global horse reading is a study on how to pursue women’s knowledge (perhaps pseudo science), development in foreign countries for more than 30 years, in recent years the rise of Chinese. There are a lot of domestic research bubble team, and one of the largest, the most mature bubble network has already established 400 thousand of male registered users, and formed a set of their own business model. In this paper, the black horse reporter through interviews and finishing reports, for you to talk about how to learn to learn how to make a bubble.

source of bubble learning network

bubble from the English abbreviation "PUA". It is the "Pick-up Artist", that is, "the younger sister," the acronym, which means how to put the knowledge of the younger sister. It is believed that the ultimate purpose of human existence in the world is only two survival and reproduction. The key to achieving this goal is to appeal, that is, "no attraction," and that is the power of reproduction". The attractiveness of a man can be reflected through social status, income levels and the skills of men and women. The problem, however, is that the problem is a series of men and women skills. This door in foreign countries for more than thirty years of development theory, because the introduction of a number of people in the country, but also with the country more and more serious "mate crisis", and quickly spread in the country. Huang Zili, a scholar of ethics, thinks that it is essentially a kind of success, but it has a considerable degree of maneuverability because it absorbs the fruits of psychology and sociology. However, regardless of whether the bubble itself is valuable, the bubble is the main bubble learning network developed in this domestic and international environment, as of 2012, it has about 400000 registered users. read more

Five years of nnovation workshop cultivate the start up companies of the year more than and 130

Abstract from the cultivation of "dim sum" to prop up the pea pods, ink weather, the very route, known almost more than and 130 start-ups, many of which have been completed A round and B round of financing.

Tencent science and technology news five years, in the era of rapid development of mobile Internet is not too short.

September 7, 2009, Li Kaifu (micro-blog) in Beijing Tsinghua Science and Technology Park announced the establishment of innovative workshops, committed to the early stages of the Internet and mobile Internet investment, and provide a full range of entrepreneurial culture.

last September, founder, chairman and CEO Li Kaifu Innovation workshop was diagnosed with cancer. In the past year, Li Kaifu gradually fade out of the public view, according to doctor’s advice for treatment. read more

Talk about how to put the hippie blog traffic into cash

is now more and more blog, the impact of culture is more and more widely. More blog, as long as the quality up, the flow of large, then how to convert the blog traffic into money?

below is my combination of several ways to make money on their website summary:

1, sell link

foreign exchange PR has a dedicated website for operations, trading links, credibility is relatively high, will not lead to adverse effects such as K. In many domestic websites will buy external links to increase their weight, because it affects the PR standard. So you can make money by selling links, simply to give others a link, a few months on it.

2, advertising alliance.

advertising alliance network many, of course, the most important is Google Adsense, the domestic Ali alliance can still. There are also a lot of very good foreign Union, to see their own exploration and vision. In fact, under normal circumstances, hundreds of thousands of IP traffic is relatively simple to do. If your blog is 1000IP, is very easy to earn pocket money. read more

Millet 4 years behind the 10 entrepreneurial experience of the 60 billion

millet book "sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual", Lei Jun’s preface, co-founder of millet Li Wanqiang, ideas, methods and Cases Uncovered 4 years behind the miracle of millet 60 billion. The following refined millet 4 years to solve what kind of pain in the start-up period, looking for what kind of people, how to build the team, such as the ten entrepreneurial experience, and entrepreneurs to share.

first, the first step of Entrepreneurship: to solve what kind of pain points?

the first step is to determine what the product is to solve what kind of pain points.

entrepreneurial products to succeed is the premise of scratching his itch. If they are not really satisfied, and how to impress the user really in the industry to do subversion, the company is often the ultimate in this interlinked. Not long ago we and SF express founder Wang Wei chat, he said, began to do express 20 years ago, but also because of the express industry was not satisfied, then simply press their own ideas to do a better. read more

To give you a new suggestion Wangzhuan money online experience

online money making industry is a good industry to listen to, whenever you see " day earned 100" " earned ten thousand " the network to make money advertising language, who is not only a heartbeat. But the heart heart, what is the fact that the present situation, these slogans are used to all fooled users, if they can earn ten thousand monthly " ", they really willing to put those valuable technology to you, with the slogan on the network blind flicker. The biggest feature of the Chinese people is the pursuit of cheap, defecate is preferred, so China’s Internet users are more likely to be fooled, deceived inevitable. In order to create a good picture for everyone to make money online, here I am for the people you want to introduce online business on the Wangzhuan industry. read more

Dry cargo sharing six ways to promote effective Taobao mall

recently saw a lot of Taobao mall merchants say no business, more and more difficult to do business, but also to see a part of the Taobao mall just do not know how to promote business. Here I based on personal experience to do Taobao mall flagship store promotion ideas for your reference.

we first look at the concept of Taobao mall. Taobao mall is the need to register the company qualification, to pay a certain fee to participate in the part of Taobao, is relative to the market business, set up a lot of high threshold. Recent Taobao mall is revealed to be brewing a new round of management system upgrade, in order to encourage businesses to improve the operational service capabilities, to raise the threshold again, the annual technical service fee will rise many times.

Taobao mall overall product pages are weighted higher than general Taobao C store, which is why we often see in the Taobao search commodity Taobao mall ranked in the cause of the search results page, and because in terms of service review and Taobao mall more stringent, more easy to get the trust of buyers, the price difference is not the case often can receive priority users click, it is easy to produce viscous to buyers. There are a lot of strength brand businesses that settled Taobao mall, with a high weight product page will appear good sales, but we can clearly see that there are a lot of Taobao mall business situation is not satisfactory, sales volume is very low, even worse than the ordinary Taobao diamond C shop. As everyone knows, give you the golden rod, you also need to be fishing. read more

Look at the recent GG for cheating punishment problem

Hello, dinner on Google GG and Baidu for offbeat colleagues, today and then continue to the last topic, discussion about recent GG on penalties for cheating and its internal to restore and remedy.

since March, a large-scale GG crazy K incident, resulting in a lot of occupation GG Wangzhuan friends ever since to lose confidence in the GG, the dynamic wait 4-6 month, found that GG is just like monkey show. Between the large number of K back in March and this month, a large number of K, but there are some encouraging offbeat intent to do GG webmaster, part of the account from the middle of this month’s resurrection can be seen, GG is not like a hammer and killed all Wangzhuan webmaster, so how to analyze the causes of K,


believe that read my article, friends all know I am engaged in what Wangzhuan business, here is not to say, at the end of the small AD. Then it says, my clients in a lot of people this month account resurrection, one of them was K more than and 20, midway recovered 16, and now K 3, then there are 13 numbers can persist until today (2009-7-28) and K in the mail the prompt everyone, everyone touched a nerve, can adhere to 1 hours at the gathering, Wangzhuan friends is more anxious, from time to time to see whether the login account payment, the focus is here! To most customers and personal experience, try to reduce the login account number at the same time, do not disclose any information about this account. So as to effectively avoid account association. read more

Advertising mission website will enter the novice grave cautious

probably hazy remember, the first advertising task site type, it should have been more fiery Bux station. That is, by clicking browse ads, get a certain amount of commission. At that time, understand the beginning, overlapping SP alliance of the Internet boom began the era of big bumps, wangzhuan. While the foreign Bux site also entered China at a faster rate.

however, because this model is relatively mature, many participants cannot obtain money motivation (the majority to operate for 1 years, can earn 1 yuan), but also for basic development pattern, Pyramid pattern, no innovation at all.

after years of running, in the 07 year, when the advertising task website of the originator, atask station (due to copycat and operations over the poor, to collapse by 58 AD) webmaster task network first, commissioned by Chen, 3000 yuan to develop this program. This program was already has a prototype advertising task site, function of basic taste (but because of the condition at that time, and not too many details, then a few years also increased the details of the project, a few websites related innovation) which is the earliest, the advertising task network. read more

Talk about the Chinese entrepreneurs do not know the way things on

talked about a huge audience and the growth potential of the market, "China" this noun is sure to make one of the artificial earthquake, can be very powerful enough in the potential market at the same time, also have a great challenge. With the popularity of mobile devices, the Internet and mobile devices in the 1 billion 300 million population (currently has far more than the numbers of China) at an alarming rate, it also provides a lot of other countries do not have business opportunities for a person of noble aspirations.

however, there are a lot of challenges to enter the Chinese market, we must first consider the language. Mandarin is the necessary basic skills of businessmen, in addition to the daily communication, but also as far as possible to eliminate regional and cultural differences. A lot of people have a strong sense of local, all want to find a reliable, not too large span of partners, to help their own better business. read more