Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers

first_imgHorror is a very specific genre that calls for some unique lighting techniques. These five cinematography tips will make just about any horror film more stylized and effective.Horror films are all about tone, texture, and mood. Unlike many other genres that rely more heavily on other elements (dialogue, plot points, etc.), great horror films are all about style. That’s not to imply that a great horror film shouldn’t also have excellent dialogue and a great plot, but rather that those elements often take a back seat to the immersive mood and experience that a great horror film delivers.The two most important elements in creating that mood are sound design and cinematography, the latter being what we’re going to focus on here. Unlike lighting a comedy or drama, more rules can often be broken when shooting a horror film, and in many cases that translates to a more effective final product.If you plan on shooting some horror material in the future, then this article is for you. The five cinematography tips listed below will serve as some fundamental guidelines that you can follow throughout your time on set:1. Shoot Through ThingsIn the context of a horror film, this benign scene becomes something more sinister. Image from ShutterstockSome horror filmmakers are drawn to extreme closeups, but in my opinion doing the exact opposite is far more effective. Rather than always filling up your frame with your actors faces (just because it looks intense), challenge yourself to go wider.Imagine a scene where an actor is sitting alone in their kitchen. An extreme closeup on their face may show us some added emotion, but a wide shot taken from outside the house (looking in) could be far more powerful. Not only are you showing the isolation of the character, but you’re also creating a voyeuristic and unsettling feeling by shooting through a pane of glass, which is a technique that can be very effective under the right conditions.2. UnderexposeDavid Fincher’s Zodiac. Underexposed and super scary. Image from IMDbAs DPs, we have it drilled in our heads to always expose perfectly. We have more tools than ever (both in camera and otherwise) that enable us to nail our exposure. Though, in some cases, that isn’t what’s going to serve the story most effectively. On a horror film, underexposing can be extremely effective as it’ll leave more areas of the frame in the shadows and create a more mysterious feeling.Although you could technically expose normally and just color grade your footage to darken it in post, the end result won’t be quite the same. You want to actually light your scene in a way that feels organically underexposed, and bring that out even more in the grade. Don’t push things too far though, or you won’t be able to bump it back up in post if needed. About a stop of underexposure is all you need to set the tone.3. Use HazeEven the Exorcist is made scarier by fog. Image from IMDbUsing a tasteful amount of haze (or fog) can add a lot of texture to your scene. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s still used on nearly every set (and for good reason). There’s absolutely no substitute for the look and feel that haze can bring to your scene, and it’s especially effective when it comes to the horror genre.Use a hazer or fog machine to add just a touch of haze to your scene, and be sure not to go overboard. A little bit of haze will go a long way, and much like underexposing, it can really help to set a unique and mysterious mood to your scenes.4. Don’t Be Afraid of Colored GelsBeyond the Black Rainbow. Below the Red Gel. Image from IMDbI almost always avoid using colored gels when shooting, unless I’m using them to correct the color temperature of a light (for example, balancing tungsten to daylight). That said, if I’m ever going to use them, it’s on a horror film, as that’s one of the only genres where I feel they can work exceptionally well.Red gels in particular can be really effective for horror, as the color red can inherently make your viewers feel unnerved. Avoid using colored gels in the way that a photographer might (such as on the rim light) and instead use them on your key. Let’s say you’ve got a scene that takes place in a dark hallway of a club. If your key light has a red gel on it, it will bleed over the faces of your actors and create a really stylized look. Again, know when to use this and when not to. If you mix colored gels with regular lighting (or natural light) you may just wind up with a strange looking image.5. Find Unique AnglesSome films are horrifying for different reasons. Image from IMDbThe most obvious example of a unique angle that works well for horror is the dutch tilt, though just about any unconventional angle can help play into the vibe of your film. Much like the other tips on this list, you want to use your camera angles to create an unsettling feeling within the viewer, and the best way to do that is to create an image that looks off balance. That’s why the dutch tilt works so well.Other examples would be a bird’s eye view or a very low angle shot looking up. Both of these are unique perspectives that we rarely see on film, and can really help to jolt the audience into the headspace of the characters. Always be sure that whatever extreme camera angle you’re going for still suits your scene, as the last thing you want is to stylize a scene or moment in a way that isn’t true to the story.Here are a few more thoughts, tips, and tricks from PremiumBeat dealing with the subject of cinematography:Cinematography Tip: Use Fog To Add Depth to Your ShotThe Art of Perspective and Symmetry in CinematographyPainting With Light: How To Fundamentally Approach The Craft Of CinematographyWhat are your favorite horror-centric cinematography techniques? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Why Productivity Hacks Don’t Work

first_imgImagine that you have a task to complete. You need to roll a 100-pound boulder up a steep hill. It’s really difficult, but somehow you manage to do it.Now, you have to roll the boulder up the same hill again. You’re going to be smarter this time. You look around and find a path that is less steep. Progress! You roll the boulder up the hill again, and you get to the top faster. Because you were smart, you were more productive, right?New day, same boulder, same hill. You’re going to be really smart this time. You strap the boulder onto some apparatus and you use a motor to pull the boulder to the top of the hill. All of this takes you half as much time as pushing the boulder, and you aren’t nearly as tired. In fact, you could move the boulder up the hill ten times if you had to. Now you have hacked your way to being super productive, right? You’ve leveraged technology to do your work for you.But this isn’t productivity. This is doing something efficiently. This is why your productivity hacks don’t work. How fast and effective you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. That’s missing the starting point.If you want to be productive, the first question you need to ask yourself is “What is my work?” Unless you find deep meaning in rolling a rock up a hill for no reason, then you shouldn’t be rolling a rock up a hill. Some of the tasks you are doing are just that: tasks.The second question you need to ask yourself is “What tasks will produce the results I want and need?” There is a lot of work that shows up in your world that looks very much like rolling a rock up a hill. It takes time and energy, but it doesn’t produce any real, measurable results. It doesn’t move you any closer to your goals.The real “productivity hack” is sitting down alone to decide what your real work is, what work you can invest yourself in, and how you plan to make a contribution. The best productivity hack is blocking the time to do the work that produces the results you want from your life, a big part of that life being your work, and work being one of the ways you make a contribution. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Shifts in the Pyramid: Rank 36 to 50

first_imgSubhash ChandraSubhash Chandra53, Industrialist (22)Foreign ForayBecause he has expanded his footprint in the US by launching Veria, a 24-hour holistic health channel, and his company has become the biggest distributor of Indian content in the overseas market, with a viewership of 500 million in 160 countries.Because he got down to,Subhash ChandraSubhash Chandra53, Industrialist (22)Foreign ForayBecause he has expanded his footprint in the US by launching Veria, a 24-hour holistic health channel, and his company has become the biggest distributor of Indian content in the overseas market, with a viewership of 500 million in 160 countries.Because he got down to work at the seven-year-old Mumbai daily DNA, stemming losses by slashing costs and achieving record sales of over 5 lakh copies during this year’s Budget edition.Because he is the largest distributor of cable television in India reaching nearly 100 million homes.Because even through the global downturn, he managed to post a 20 per cent increase in group turnover to reach $3 billion.Power move He has handed over the reins of the day-to-day management of his business to son Puneet Goenka to concentrate on education, having listed Zee Learn last year.Favourite food Homecooked Marwari dishesPower drive Audi A8 N SrinivasanN. SRINIVASAN66, Industrialist (New)Match WinnerBecause he controls the purse strings of the world’s richest cricket board as secretary, BCCI.Because his company, India Cements, bankrolls IPL’s most valuable team and winner of Season 3, Chennai Super Kings, that is worth Rs 224 crore.Because he ensured the exit of Lalit Modi, the controversial creator of the IPL franchise.Because he is so obsessed with cricket that he is often criticised for not paying attention to his other portfolio: he is president of the Indian chess federation.Because he is the czar of India Cements, southern India’s largest cement maker, with a turnover of Rs 3,500 crore.advertisementPower passion All his cars from, the BMW to the Rolls Royce Phantom, have the number ‘9001’Power icon Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Malvinder and Shivender Mohan SinghMALVINDER AND SHIVENDER MOHAN SINGH38 & 35, Businessmen (36)Awesome TwosomeBecause they aim to completely dominate India’s twin obsessions, health and wealth, with Religare and Fortis healthcare companies.Because Religare, one of India’s fastest growing integrated financial services institutions, has acquired two funds in the US, taking the total assets under its management to $18 billion in just two years.Because having made a Rs 10,000 crore profit from the sale of Ranbaxy, they also made a profit of $100 million on the sale of the Singapore-based healthcare company Parkway, with a return of 37 per cent in four months.Austerity drive Despite having a fleet of jets in various air transport firms, they fly commercial.Power passion Movies. Their movie fund Religare Vistaar is financing the Shahid Kapur starrer, Mausam.Winning smile Own the largest dental clinic chain in Australia and New ZealandDid you know That they own the largest private healthcare network in Hongkong? Pawan MunjalPAWAN MUNJAL57, Industrialist (23)Lone RiderBecause he thought nothing of splitting from Honda, his partner of nearly three decades, and decided to ride it alone in the highly competitive nine million vehicles a year two-wheeler market.Because Hero Honda has been the largest seller of two-wheelers in the world for 10 years now and accounts for 50 per cent of the Indian motorcycle market.Because In the month of December, when automobile sales tend to drop significantly, the company sold five lakh bikes, more than double of its biggest competitor.Because whether it is cricket, hockey, golf or the CWG, he understands the sporting pulse of the nation.Style statement Wears the tricolour on his lapel, wrist and even on the number plate of his cars. “I’m a proud Indian,” he says.Power toys The iPad and iPhone 4Power wheels Acquired a Jaguar a month ago Harish SalveHARISH SALVE55, Lawyer (27)A Perfect ArgumentBecause he is the first person on the speed dial of corporate titans, politicians, and even state Governments in trouble.Because when Ratan Tata wanted to take on the government, he chose Salve, as did Mukesh Ambani when he went to war with his industrialist brother Anil Ambani on the right price for getting oil from the Krishna-Godavari basin.Because his powerful clients will go to any lengths to oblige him, whether it is flying him down on a private jet or buying him pyjamas for a last-minute overnight stay.Legal style Quotes from the film The Godfather. Once told the Supreme Court the opposition reminded him of a scene where the mafia don places a gun on his enemy’s head and says “be reasonable, do it my way”.The boy toy Bentley Flying SpurHis style statement “My wife Meenakshi,” he grins Chanda KochharCHANDA KOCHHAR49, Banker (45)Trusted AssetBecause she heads India’s second-largest bank with total assets of Rs 3,63,400 crore and in the two years since she has taken over, the company has grown by over 3 per cent.advertisementBecause she changed the rules of the game, making ICICI branches operate 12 hours a day, unlike its competitors, which function only for four to seven hours.Because customer satisfaction is her top-most priority and she makes it a point to read every e-mail that comes in.Because she was ranked 92 in the Forbes 2010 list of most powerful women in the world.Because she was one of the first bankers in India to promote electronic banking, installing 2,000 atm machines across the country.Power moment Getting the Padma Bhushan. Not bad for a working woman from a middle-class family.Her kind of music The Gayatrimantra is her ringtonePower dressing Wears saris to work. It’s Western wear for weekends. Parmeshwar GodrejPARMESHWAR GODREJ65, Social Arbiter (43)Cause and AweBecause she has roped in everyone, from Bill and Melinda Gates to Carla Bruni to Bono, from NACO to UNAIDS to participate in her advocacy work on AIDS through her Heroes Project.Because the work of the Heroes Project has been incorporated into the State aids Control 2011-2012 annual action plan.Because she has managed to get Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to host a media summit on HIV/AIDS, just like the one at his home in 2005.Favourite things The song I did it my way and a poem by Rudyard Kipling, If.Treasured gifts Birthday cards made by grandsons Aryaan and Azaar.Recently discovered “That I’m happy being by myself.”Favourite designers Herve Leger, Shahab Durazi, Giorgio ArmaniHoliday spot The Amalfi Coast, Italy RAHUL BHATIA48, Businessman (New)Rapid AscentBecause his five-year-old Indigo’s 19.2 per cent market share has zoomed past the 80-year-old national carrier Air India into the number three spot.Because in January, his company placed the largest-ever order for aircraft in Indian civil aviation history for 180 Airbus A320 planes worth Rs 72,000 crore to be delivered between 2016 and 2025.Because by 2025, with a fleet size of 280 aircraft, Indigo will be India’s largest airline.Power moment When Indigo recorded a profit of Rs 550 crore in 2009-10 even as Jet and Kingfisher airlines registered a combined loss of more than Rs 2,000 crore.Smart move He lets Aditya Ghosh, CEO of Indigo, handle the media.Big switch He is a trained engineer and has worked with IBMValue for money Plans to set up 200 mid-budget Ibis hotels by 2015 Ram JethmalaniRAM JETHMALANI87, MP and Lawyer (39)The Duel Master Because his apparent shot in the dark, the April 2009 petition with the Supreme Court to get back India’s money stashed in foreign banks accounts, has become the most effective anti-corruption campaign administered by the Supreme Court.Because his petition, seeking to make public names of all holders of foreign banks accounts, has given sleepless nights to many powerful people.Because his intervention has uncovered Hassan Ali, India’s biggest tax defaulter and alleged hawala operator.Because he has leapt over the generation gap-he was India’s leading criminal lawyer in the 1960s and remains the first resort for the last resort even today.advertisementLucky mascot The indoor badminton court at his home on Delhi’s Akbar Road is lucky for Congressmen who aspire to be chief ministers: Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Prithviraj Chavan were regulars there before they became cms of Haryana and Maharashtra.Travel bug Has cruised Scandinavia, Alaska and the CaribbeanDid you know He became a lawyer at 18? Uday KotakUDAY KOTAK52, Banker (38)Money SpinnerBecause his 25-year-old company, Kotak Bank, is now worth $7.1 billion, from $70 million a decade ago, becoming the biggest private bank created by an entrepreneur in the country.Because Japanese firm Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. will invest in a $300 million fund of Kotak Mahindra that will buy stakes in infrastructure projects such as power units, roads and airports.Because with his long experience in the stock market, investment banking and now commercial and retail banking, he is evolving as a thought leader in the financial services sector.Because he has a finger in the academic and media pie as a member of the Board of Governors of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations and owns the Business Standard newspaper.Calm quotient Practising on the sitar takes his mind off business.Power statement Still writes notes with a pencilPower wheels Drives a Toyota Camry Jaggi VasudevJAGGI VASUDEV54, Yogi (43)Mod MantrasBecause he mentors many of India’s high and mighty, from Vasundhara Raje to Shekhar Kapur.Because he is the coolest of the cool: an agnostic who became a yogi, an adventure geek who turned guru, a sceptic who found a new route to bliss, Isha Yoga.Because he spices up spirituality with science, mysticism with materialism, wisdom with wit.Because he built a 270-acre ashram in the foothills of the Velliangiri range in Coimbatore from scratch.Sultan of style He rides dirt bikes and SUVs at breakneck speed, tees up golf balls with effortless elan, plays frisbee in jeans and tees.In his own words “If you don’t want your children to go the Coca-Cola way, you must dig into your culture and pull out something really valuable.”Invisible army One lakh volunteers work at his 150 centresPower of pride The two-ft tall mercury lingam at Theerthakund in Coimbatore K. Srinath ReddyK. SRINATH REDDY59, Doctor (New)The Good DoctorBecause the former head of the cardiology department at AIIMS, New Delhi, monitors the heartbeat of the nation in his role as personal physician to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Because as president of the Public Health Foundation of India, which has a corpus of Rs 230 crore, he is engaged in building critical research and institutional infrastructure in the much neglected field of public health.Did you know That he is a man of literary talent and won the Economists Allied for Arms Reduction Global Peace Essay contest, adjudged by 11 Nobel laureate, in 1992?Mr brainy He is an ace quizzerInternational connection He is the Bernard Lown Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health Saina NehwalSAINA NEHWAL21, Sportsperson (New)Smash HitBecause her phenomenal dedication made her rise to the No.2 slot in world badminton, the highest position attained by a sportswoman in the country.Because she became the unofficial spokesperson of ambitious Jat women when she spoke up against Haryana’s skewed sex ratio.Because she is poised to become one of the richest young women in the country, with annual sponsorships, endorsements and incentives from employer Bharat Petroleum crossing the Rs 10 crore mark this year.Big acquisition Buying a diamond ring for Rs 1.60 lakh at Heathrow airport.Power move The Apple iPad to review her own and other players’ games while travelling.Diet secret Rotis of specially milled wheat, dry fruits, eggsHer hairstylist Vicki Gillani of Paris de Salon, Hyderabad Jean DrezeJEAN DREZE, 51, Economist (New)The Social NetworkBecause he has the courage the challenge the government that wants to coopt him through the nac and convened a press conference in September 2010 to openly criticise the working of the government’s flagship programme, nrega.Because the honorary professor at the Delhi School of Economics, and senior professor at the G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences in Allahabad has the academic credentials to back his social activism.Did you know That when he first came to Delhi in 1979, Dreze lived in a slum in Safdarjung rather than in a students’ hostel?Family connection Father Jacques Dreze is an eminent Belgian economist. Brother Xavier Dreze is professor at ucla.Power ride A bicycle Katrina KaifKATRINA KAIF26, Actor (New)Bollywood BabeBecause though she has a British passport, her midriff, post Sheila ki jawani, has become a national asset.Because she is the most sucessful Indian actress today with an earning of over Rs 40 crore in 2010, enough to send Income Tax officials knocking at her door.Because with 11 brand endorsements, a Barbie doll in her image, the season’s most downloaded item song, and as the most googled Indian celebrity, she has emerged as the woman India loves to love.Because despite being gossip staple, she has consistently refused to comment on her private life.Because she’s set off a frenzy among Western women wanting to make it big in Hollywood whose first stop is invariably the Kingfisher calendar.What she wants The rights to a three-year-old Hollywood romantic comedy that she hopes to produce.Power tool An iPad, on which she listens to music and watches moviesLikes to Wear her sisters’ clothes when she is at home in Londonlast_img read more

Chelsea, Arsenal sail into Europa League last 16, Inter Milan and Napoli also through

first_imgArsenal and Chelsea put patchy domestic form behind them to reach the Europa League last 16 and they were joined by fellow big guns from Italy on a night of rip-roaring action in the continent’s second-tier competition on Thursday.Arsenal beat BATE Borisov 3-0 after a 1-0 first-leg defeat by the Belarus champions while Chelsea took some of the pressure off coach Maurizio Sarri with a 3-0 home defeat of Malmo which gave them a 5-1 aggregate win over the Swedish side.Eintracht Frankfurt beat Shakhtar Donetsk 4-1 to earn a 6-3 overall victory and Napoli, winners of the UEFA Cup in 1989, had no problems beating FC Zurich 2-0 at home to advance 5-1 on aggregate.Inter Milan, the winners of three European Cup and UEFA Cup titles apiece, also strolled through with a 4-0 home win over Rapid Vienna which completed a 5-0 dismissal.Salzburg were the other big winners as their 4-0 home rout of Club Bruges gave the Austrian side a 5-2 aggregate win while two goals from Iran forward Sardar Azmoun handed Zenit St Petersburg a 3-2 overall success against Fenerbahce.Rattled by embarrassing domestic defeats, Chelsea looked jittery before Olivier Giroud settled their nerves with a close range tap-in shortly after halftime at Stamford Bridge following good work by N’Golo Kante and Willian in the build-up.Malmo had central defender Magnus Bengtsson sent off in the 73rd minute for a second bookable offence, moments before Ross Barkley curled in a delightful freekick from 20 metres.Callum Hudson-Odoi put the icing on the cake in the closing stages with a fierce low shot from inside the penalty area, boosting Chelsea’s confidence ahead of Sunday’s clash with Manchester City in the League Cup final at Wembley.advertisementAn early Zakhar Volkov own goal put Arsenal on level terms at the Emirates stadium as the defender turned a low cross by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang into his own net in a frantic opening.Shkodran Mustafi made it 2-0 with a thumping header from a Granit Xhaka corner and the Switzerland midfielder delivered another impressive set-piece for Sokratis Papastathopoulos to head home on the hour.Goals by Simone Verdi and Adam Ounas sent Napoli on their way and Inter followed in their footsteps as Matias Vecino, Andrea Ranocchia, Ivan Perisic and Matteo Politano made light work of their return leg against Rapid.ACTION PACKEDFollowing a 2-2 draw in Ukraine, Eintracht thumped Shakhtar 4-1 in an action-packed encounter with Sebastian Haller and Luka Jovic putting the German side in the driving seat before Junior Moraes pulled one back for the visitors.Marlos came close to an equaliser when he hit the woodwork before Haller netted his second and substitute Ante Rebic sealed the tie with a crisp low shot from 20 metres.Salzburg wiped out a 2-1 first-leg deficit thanks to a clinical first-half brace by Zambian forward Patson Daka after Xaver Schlager opened the scoring in the 11th minute. Munas Dabbur made it 4-0 late on.Goals from Magomed Odzoev and Azmoun gave Zenit a 2-0 lead against Fenerbahce to put them on course for a last-16 berth after a 1-0 first-leg defeat in Istanbul.Their progress looked in peril after Mehmet Topal hauled the Turkish side back into the tie shortly before halftime but Azmoun sealed the win in the 76th minute.Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb thrashed Viktora Plzen 3-0 for a 4-2 aggregate win over the Czechs while a Kevin Gameiro goal gave Valencia a 1-0 win over 10-man Celtic who had Jeremy Toljan sent off in the first half.The result completed Valencia’s 3-0 overall defeat of the 1967 European Cup winners.Bayer Leverkusen were the surprise casualties after a 1-1 home draw with Krasnodar sent the Russian side through on away goals and Real Betis were beaten by Rennes 6-4 on aggregate following a 3-1 home defeat by the French side.Slavia Prague stunned Belgians Genk 4-1 away after a goalless first leg and Dynamo Kiev edged Olympiacos 3-2 on aggregate thanks to a 1-0 home win in the return fixture.A 0-0 home draw with Galatasaray was enough to see former European Cup winners Benfica through after their 2-1 away win a fortnight ago.last_img read more


first_imgThomas Bibler took the witness stand Wednesday in his first degree murder trial in Le Mars.Bibler’s accused of fatally stabbing his sister, Shannon Bogh, in June of 2016.Defense attorney Billy Oyardare questioned Bibler about the medications he had taken during the day of the alleged stabbing:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…… off work. ;21Bibler testified that he didn’t take Ambien every day, didn’t have a current prescription but took it when he needed it.Ambien is a medication used to treat anxiety and insomnia.Plymouth County Attorney Darrin Raymond then cross-examined Bibler and Bibler appeared to contradict himself on what he had told a psychologist who had interviewed him:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…….she got it wrong, Yes. :26The bench trial before Judge Jeffrey Neary adjourned for the day with no set date to resume.Prosecutor Darrin Raymond may yet call another witness, however, that witness is not available at this time.It is not known when the trial will continue.last_img read more

Poll Results: 70 Percent Of Oklahoma State Fans Think Big 12 Will Die Slow Death

first_imgThe most surprising part of these poll results is that those of you who voted that the Big 12 will actually thrive crept into the double digits. I told Carson this on our podcast, but I think I’m more optimistic than most about the future of the Big 12. I think I might be with the “will thrive” people.I’ve really struggled with how to think properly about this because there are so many tentacles to try and get your arms wrapped around, but the reality is that the Big 12 is currently making money. A lot of it. $300M last year ($30M to each team) and will make even more with a conference championship game.There is no incentive for anyone to go anywhere except for maybe OU (and even that is pretty debatable). The issue for the Big 12 is going to be this: Figure out how to keep pace with future contracts with TV networks on a per/team basis. You don’t have to make SEC or Big 10 money, but you do have to make per-team SEC money (which you are currently pretty close to).The issue is that now your properties are not as valuable, and those other conference are beginning to sign some outrageous contracts. So where does the Big 12 go? Does it try and contend with those conference in terms of ESPN and FOX or does it try to ink deals with, say, Netflix and Hulu? Is that a wise financial move in the future or does it just sound sexy?These are the decisions the Big 12 will have to make now that it has decided to stay at 10 teams. I think there’s a space for the Big 12 to really thrive over the next decade and beyond. I’m just not sure who I trust to find it. Tuesday poll question: Following the no expansion announcement, the Big 12 will …— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 18, 2016Let’s get to your comments.okstate1990: The B12 will be fine. The Conference, the Universities and the Networks will figure it out — there are some pretty smart people involved despite the arrogance of UT. 2025 is a long way off. There’s no need to panic and add teams (especially the ones available) just because the media and fans think they should.At some point, people may realize that the B12’s round robin schedule is the way to do it and the 14/16 member conference idea wasn’t so great. TV Networks are evolving very rapidly now; how do we know what the networks are going to even look like much less be able to afford in 9 years? It may turn out that the B12 is at an advantage only having 10 teams splitting fewer pie pieces.Levin: there are only a few P5 caliber schools not yet in a P5 conference. (BYU, Houston, Cincy) Those schools will add value to whatever conference they join, no question. The Big 12 will be fine without them for now, but will we be kicking ourselves later for not adding them when we had the chance?Chris: Wonder how other leagues are viewing the petulant behavior of OU during all this? Not a team player at all having constant tantrums since 2011. The league is dead, but I bet Ou doesn’t get an offer until Boren is gone.TJ: I think maybe the big 12 accidentally is ahead of the curve on this. They protected their recruiting base just as much their financial base.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

a month agoChelsea boss Lampard: Hudson-Odoi, James will face Grimbsy

first_imgChelsea boss Lampard: Hudson-Odoi, James will face Grimbsyby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi will make his first-team return in the League Cup on Wednesday against Grimsby Town.This follows his recovery from an Achilles injury.The England international was forced off during the draw against Burnley in April and underwent successful surgery days later. The winger will feature alongside Reece James, who is yet to make a competitive appearance for Chelsea’s senior side following a season on loan at Wigan.Asked about the duo, manager Frank Lampard told Chelsea’s official website: “They’ll be involved on Wednesday night.”We need to look at players that haven’t been playing so much. We will pay Grimsby due to respect but it certainly is minutes for certain players that haven’t been there.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Investors Shortlisted to Finance Major Component of Logistics Hub Initiative

first_imgA number of investors have been shortlisted to finance a major component of the Jamaica Logistics Hub initiative, which is being rolled out by the Government.Making this announcement in his contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, May 14, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, said one of these entities has “verifiable” investment proposal of over US$500 million.Mr. Hylton said the investors are awaiting approval to proceed to the final stages of acceptance of their proposals, followed by implementation.The project involves 750,000 square feet of space in an ultra-modern technology park at Naggo Head, St. Catherine, with the potential to employ some 13,000 persons.“The first 100,000 square feet of space has already been booked by an entity, which is the fastest growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company to have entered Jamaica,” he told the House.The company is currently in the process of building out a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Kingston, to employ 600 persons in the next two months, until the technology park is ready.This, Minister Hylton said, is a demonstration of the investor’s commitment.Additionally, construction at the Caymanas Economic Zone (CEZ) will begin within months, utilizing this type of venture approach.“Some 200 acres of lots and purpose built space will be developed, in an environment comparable to any first world Special Economic Zone. The sectors earmarked for the zone include ICT, Manufacturing, Incubator, Creative Industries, Furniture, Electronics and Bio- medical industries,” he outlined.Another development is the submission of proposals for the provision of alternative energy at competitive rates, to all of the new zones and where possible, to some of the existing onesMeanwhile, Minister Hylton noted that Cabinet has reaffirmed the decision by the previous government to utilise 200 acres of land at Caymanas Estate, part of which will facilitate a logistics centre. This is in addition to the proposed investment by China Harbour Engineering, which Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, announced in the House recently.Contact: Alphea Saunderslast_img read more

Tariffs QA Nine things to know about Canadas retaliatory tariffs

first_imgThe Canadian government has responded to the Trump administration’s decision to apply tariffs on steel and aluminum by imposing retaliatory tariffs effective Sunday on $16.6 billion worth of American imports.The final list includes a 25 per cent surtax on semi-finished goods including steel products and a 10 per cent tariff on a range of consumer goods including orange juice and coffee.Here are some details about the mechanics of how the tariffs will be collected and their possible impact on consumers:How significant are the import tariffs?The $16.6 billion worth of annual tariffs account for about six per cent of the $294 billion total value of goods imported from the United States. The 10 per cent rate on consumer goods represents about 70 per cent of goods impacted by tariffs.How will the tariffs be collected?As with tariffs and duties charged on other imports, they won’t be paid at the border or port but later by the importer of record (wholesaler, retailer, etc.). The surtax is calculated on the Canadian value of the imported good and is subject to the Goods and Services Tax, says Jim Sutton, a vice-president with the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters.The bonded importer has to account for the tariff within five business days of the item being released by customs and paid at the end of the following month. The Canada Border Services Agency says the surtax will not apply to U.S. goods that are in transit to Canada before July 1.Canadian travellers will be required to pay the surtax on qualified goods if the value of what they are bringing back to the country exceeds their personal exemption.How will the collected tariffs be used?The Canada Border Services Agency will collect the tariffs and transfer the money to the federal government’s general revenues. The proceeds can then be used to offset the cost of a series of initiatives to support Canadian companies and workers that are negatively impacted by U.S. tariffs.What products have been removed from the list of tariffs?Since the initial list was released June 1, the government has removed beer kegs along with nut purees and pastes, berry and fruit purees, jams and jellies (other than banana puree and strawberry jam) and prepared mustard. Also removed are aluminium wire, aluminium foil of a thickness not exceeding 0.2 mm, aluminium tubes and pipes, aluminum stranded wire and cables that are not electrically insulated, along with boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets, equipped for electric control or the distribution of electricity.How will tariffs impact retail prices?The Canadian tariffs won’t have much of an impact on consumer prices, Krishen Rangasamy of the National Bank of Canada wrote in a report. He said importers are unlikely to pass on to consumers the higher costs on items such as steel and aluminum. And if costs are passed on, he said the “impacts are set to be minimal” and increase the consumer price index by just 0.1 per cent or so.“In other words, while there are many things to worry about with regards to protectionism, higher consumer prices should be at the bottom of the list, unless of course the Canadian dollar takes a deep enough dive as to cause a surge in import prices.”Will a 10 per cent tariff raise prices by 10 per cent?Cost of goods is just one component of retail prices along with other things like labour, utilities, rent, marketing and advertising. So any impact on retail prices would be lower than the 10 per cent tariff rate, said Karl Littler of the Retail Council of Canada.Will retail prices rise due to tariffs?Littler says he doesn’t believe retailers are going to eat the higher costs over the long haul because retail is already a thin margin business. Sutton says some importers may have to initially absorb some of the higher costs because it takes time before changes are made in supply chains.How can consumers avoid higher prices?Consumers who switch their purchases from American goods subjected to tariffs to alternatives from other countries can avoid the tariff impact on prices, says Littler.“So the consumer, if they’re not deeply brand-attached and presuming that there’s a sufficient flow of alternative choices, may not have to pay the tariff at all,” he said.How will tariffs affect the economy?The bigger issue than tariffs is the continuation of a trade war between Canada and the United States that affects the overall economy, hurts consumer confidence and starts to reduce consumer spending, says Littler.“So it’s not just a price impact on the shelf where to some degree there may be substitutability, it’s about shrinking wallets as well.”last_img read more

Security Council extends UN mission in southern Lebanon by a year

24 August 2007The Security Council today renewed the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) by another year and called on all parties in the region to play their part to turn last year’s cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hizbollah into a permanent ceasefire and a more durable solution. The Security Council today renewed the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) by another year and called on all parties in the region to play their part to turn last year’s cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hizbollah into a permanent ceasefire and a more durable solution. In a unanimous vote, Council members agreed to extend UNIFIL until 31 August 2008, saying the deployment of the peacekeeping mission “together with the Lebanese Armed Forces has helped to establish a new strategic environment in southern Lebanon.” They also called on all parties to respect the cessation of hostilities and the entirety of the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon. First created in 1978, UNIFIL’s mandate and size were enhanced last year in the wake of the deadly conflict between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hizbollah, and today’s resolution urged all sides to cooperate fully with the mission and to do their utmost to respect the safety of UN personnel in the region. In June, a UN patrol in southern Lebanon was struck by a bomb, killing six Spanish peacekeepers and seriously wounding two other blue helmets, while last month an explosion occurred near a UNIFIL vehicle but there were no casualties. In addition to its original mandate, UNIFIL now has responsibility, among other tasks, for: monitoring the cessation of hostilities; supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces as they deploy in the south of the country; and helping ensure humanitarian access to civilians and the voluntary and safe return of displaced persons. The mission currently fields more than 13,000 troops out of its increased ceiling of 15,000. read more

Ban General Assembly call for Olympic Truce ahead of Vancouver Games

“The Olympic Truce brings hope of at least a temporary respite from violence and armed conflict,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a message on the ancient Greek tradition of born in the eighth century BC.“It also draws attention to a terrible paradox. At the Olympics and throughout the year, we rightly honour the outstanding achievements of the human body and the positive social values of competitive sport, including team spirit and fairness. Yet all too often, through the carnage of war, we do damage to that same human body, and to our shared values.”The General Assembly took note of a similar message from Assembly President Ali Treki, who recalled that, who recalled the 192-member body’s call in a 1993 resolution for all Member States to observe the Olympic Truce from the seventh day before the opening to the seventh day following the closing of each Olympic Games.“I solemnly appeal to all Member States to demonstrate their commitment to the Olympic Truce for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and to undertake concrete actions at the local, national, regional and world levels to promote and strengthen a culture of peace and harmony based on the spirit of the Truce,” he said. 8 February 2010The United Nations is calling for the traditional age-old truce during the XXI Winter Olympics which open in Vancouver, Canada, this Friday, urging warring parties to lay down their arms as the Games’ ancient Greek founders did some 2,700 years ago. read more

Sampanthan faces resistance for opposition post

“The TNA has a separatist agenda and they have been calling for an international war crimes probe which all parties are against. And they are a regional party, only representing the north and east of the country. So despite having more seats, it cannot be the main opposition,” Gammanpila said.He further said that the UPFA members who had decided to sit as opposition parliamentarians had already submitted a name from its party for the opposition leader’s post to President Maithripala Sirisena and expected an answer from the President soon. (Colombo Gazette) However UPFA member, Udaya Gammanpila said that despite the TNA now having more seats than any other opposition party, they worked against the country, especially by calling for an international domestic probe into war crimes. The TNA this week claimed that R. Sampanthan must be recognized as the leader of the opposition in accordance with parliamentary practice and convention as they have now emerged as the largest political party in the opposition in Parliament, after the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and United National Party (UNP) decided to work together in the new parliament. Some members of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) today raised concerns over attempts to make Tamil National Alliance (TNA) the main opposition in Parliament.Fourteen UPFA members including former President Mahinda Rajapakse now sit in the opposition benches opposing the National Government while the TNA has 16 seats. read more

SLTDA insists no move by tourism industry to boycott awards

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has strongly rejected claims that tourism industry leaders have decided to boycott the Sri Lanka Tourism Awards tomorrow as President Maithripala Sirisena has been invited as the Chief Guest.SLTDA, as the governing body of Sri Lanka Tourism, believes that the duties vested in the institution should be carried forward under any circumstances and as a collective decision, hosting Sri Lanka Tourism Awards 2018 was decided to recognize the industry stakeholders after a break of 6 long years. It has also come to notice that more than 400 invitees have already confirmed their participation for the ceremony tomorrow (6) hence SLTDA looks forward to seeing all the stakeholders in celebrating the achievements of Sri Lanka’s Tourism industry after 6 long years. (Colombo Gazette) SLTDA is of the opinion that it is best to invite the Head of State to attend the event, despite the prevailing political situation, as the event is the national event to recognize the valuable contributions made by individuals and organizations for the development of the Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka. read more

Brock Alumni Network Spotlight WaterlooWellington committee

Three of the six Waterloo-Wellington Brock Alumni Network committee members gather at the Huether Hotel for a social with fellow grads. From L-R: Ted Soepboer, Melissa Campion and Amaris Gerson.With Brock alumni living all over the world, regional alumni networks are a way for graduates to stay connected to the University, regardless of distance. Networks are divided by geographical location or ‘affinity group’ (based on like-minded experiences or academic programs) and provide alumni with an opportunity to maintain connection with Brock from afar and socialize with local alumni.In Ontario alone, there are five networks, including the up and coming Waterloo-Wellington Network. With close to 2,500 Brock grads living and working in the Waterloo-Wellington area, six alumni have come together to form a committee to organize and execute alumni events in their area.Marty Fraser (BBA ’94), Don Critelli (BAdmin ’78), Melissa Campion (BA ’06), Sara Glover (BA ’09), Ted Soepboer (BBA ’08; MBA ‘10) and Amaris Gerson (BRLS ’08) form the Waterloo-Wellington alumni network committee, and are actively working to deliver three events per year.“Our committee represents the broad range of disciplines and perspectives that Waterloo-Wellington is comprised of. Everyone brings their own skill-set to the table and is genuinely excited to be a committee member” said Ted, a financial analyst with Miovision Technologies in Kitchener.Many members of the current committee found themselves joining after attending an event. For both Ted and Marty, the structured tasting of Niagara wines at the Walper Hotel in downtown Kitchener was what bolstered their interest in a network. This sold out event was hosted by Allie Hughes (BA ’09) and brought many graduates out to their first alumni event!Others decided to join a Network committee as a way to continue volunteering and giving back to Brock – which Melissa says is her ‘other side of the brain.’ Melissa, an event coordinator with the Alzheimer Society of Cambridge has truly taken her commitment to Brock to another level, volunteering on both the Waterloo-Wellington and Niagara alumni network committees as she splits her time between both regions.To date, the committee has planned two events: a social mixer and pool night at the Huether Hotel in Uptown Waterloo, and an upcoming professional development workshop at Bingemans in Kitchener. On Wednesday, October 30, Waterloo-Wellington alumni will be treated to a career development presentation, a networking reception, and a variety of appetizers at this newly renovated venue. To purchase your $15 ticket for this event, register online.If you are interested in getting involved in any Brock alumni network committee across Canada, or would like to start a new one that currently does not exist, please contact Emily Hutton at read more

Thesis defences — Dec 14

Melissa Page — PhD in Biological SciencesMelissa Page, PhD student in Biological Sciences, will present her thesis defence on Friday, Dec. 17, at 9:30 a.m. in MC H313. The thesis title is “Intracellular antioxidant and DNA repair enzymes as correlates of stress resistance and longevity in vertebrates.” Examining committee members are: Joffre Mercier, chair; David Rollo, McMaster University, external examiner; Jeffrey Stuart, supervisor; Brian Roy, internal examiner; Glenn Tattersall and Doug Bruce, committee members. All are welcome to attend.Frances Chandler — PhD in EducationFrances Chandler will present her thesis defence on Thursday, Dec. 16, at 2 p.m. in WH147. The thesis title is “Leadership and its Impact on the Success of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Funded Collaborative Research Projects.” Examining committee members are: Marilyn Rose, chair; Ben Levin, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, external examiner; Michael Manley-Casimir, supervisor; Maureen Connolly, internal examiner; Renee Kuchapski and Hope Fennell, committee members. All are welcome to attend.Joel Mrak — MA in Sport ManagementJoel Mrak will defend his thesis on Thursday, Dec. 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in WC204B. Thesis Title: Managing volunteers in Canadian Community Sport Organizations. Supervisor: Joanne MacLean; advisory committee: Laura Cousens and Philip Sullivan; external examiner: Shannon Kerwin, University of Florida; chair: Kirsty Spence.Adam Pfleegor — MA in Physical Health and EducationAdam Pfleegor will defend his thesis on Thursday, Dec. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. in WC204B. Thesis title: “Deception in Sport: A Conceptual and Ethical Analysis.” Supervisor: Danny Rosenberg; advisory committee: Ian Ritchie and Philip Sullivan; external examiner: Douglas Hochstetler, Penn State University; chair: Bareket Falk. All are welcome.Michael Carter — MSc in KinesiologyMichael Carter will defend his thesis on Friday, Dec. 17 from 1 to 4 p.m. in WH147. Thesis title: “Effects of Age on Learning a Spatial Motor Task in Younger and Older Adults Individualizing Their KR Schedule.” Supervisor: Jae Patterson; advisory committee: Allan Adkin and Craig Tokuno; external examiner: Steve Hansen, Nipissing University; chair: Phil Sullivan. All are welcome.Tymur Kirillov — MSc in ManagementMaster of Science in Management thesis defence for Tymur Kirillov, Faculty of Business, Department of Finance, Operations and Information Systems, will be Friday, Jan. 14 at 1:30 p.m. in Taro Hall 230. The title of his thesis is “A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach for Pricing Options on Stock Index Futures.” His examining committee members are: Zisimos Koustas, chair; Don Chance, external examiner, Louisiana State University; Hatem Ben Ameur, supervisor; Mohamed Ayadi and Bob Welch. All are welcome. read more

Huge challenges remain in achieving education for all UNESCO chief warns

Even though the goal of achieving gender parity by 2005 has been missed, more girls are in school than ever before, UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura told yesterday’s opening session in Beijing of the Fifth Meeting of the High Level Group on Education for All (EFA), the latest follow-up to the World Education Forum held in Dakar, Senegal in 2000.Some 20 million new students are attending classes in low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South and West Asia, and national spending on basic education as well as external aid to EFA have also risen, he said.But unless current trends improve, gender parity “may not be achieved by 2015 in as many as 86 countries,” Mr. Matsuura said. Further, 18 per cent of the world’s adults are still illiterate, and “it is also clear that the quality of basic education remains low and will not lead to meaningful learning outcomes unless tackled with renewed vigour.” He welcomed the pledge by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who opened the meeting, to substantially increase China’s contribution to education development throughout the world so as to accelerate progress toward the EFA goals.Mr. Wen pledged to train 1,500 teachers from developing countries annually over the next three years, donate 100 experimental rural schools to developing countries over the same time, and increase the number and value of scholarships and university places for students from developing countries to 10,000 annually.He also promised to increase financial support for developing countries hit by natural disasters and to grant $1 million in aid to pertinent research and training projects undertaken by UNESCO’s International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa and the UNESCO International Centre for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa.This year’s meeting, bringing together ministers of education, cooperation and development, the donor community and other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, will focus on the goal of halving adult illiteracy by 2015. It will also work on a Joint Action Plan to stimulate action on the EFA goals and to offer better and more concrete support at the national level to achieve them.At the Dakar Forum, UNESCO was charged with coordinating the work of the EFA partners and sustaining global momentum. read more

UN envoy discusses national unity with Iraqs top security adviser

Special Representative of the Secretary-General Ashraf Jehangir Qazi had discussed with Mowaffak Ruba’I about the possibility of confidence-building measures, including progress on detainee issues and widening the political process “in support of improved security.”Issues of “government formation, the constitutional review commission and the national accord process” were examined as ways of strengthening national unity in the strife-torn country, UNAMI said.

UNbacked treaty suspends ivory exports due to deficient monitoring of poaching

The Geneva-based Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) agreed in principle to the sales in 2002 on condition that the Monitoring of Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) system establish up-to-date and comprehensive baseline data on poaching and population levels.Today’s meeting of the CITES Standing Committee determined that this condition has not yet been satisfied and the sales may not go forward at this time.CITES, which is administered by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), banned the international commercial ivory trade in 1989. In 1997, recognizing that some southern African elephant populations are healthy and well managed, it allowed Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe to make a one-time sale to Japan totalling 50 tonnes. Those sales took place in 1999 and earned some $5 million.The now suspended sales authorized in 2002 allowed the export of 30 tonnes from South Africa, 20 tonnes from Botswana and 10 tonnes from Namibia.In 2004, requests by several southern African countries for annual ivory quotas were turned down by the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention. All legal sales of ivory derive from existing stocks gathered from elephants that have died as a result of natural causes or culling.The long-running debate over elephants has focused on the benefits that income from ivory sales may bring to conservation and to local communities living side by side with large and often dangerous animals against concerns that such sales may increase poaching. The baseline data will make it possible to determine objectively what impact future ivory sales may have on elephant populations and poaching.In a related decision, the Standing Committee decided that Japan had established a sufficiently strong domestic trade control system to be a trading partner allowed to purchase the ivory when sales eventually proceed. read more