No bid to promote the transformation effect analysis of less reason

, 4), matching mode setting control: some companies set up dead, show little chance, have almost no opportunity to show, match the settings recommended first test run, wide flow increased traffic and then increase the amount of transformation.

third, budget

Conversion of

3), without geographical restrictions: advertising in the region to promote the launch of potential customers, advertising has not been well demonstrated and transformation, it will also cause the transformation of small amount. read more

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A bitter webmaster sad Shanghai dragon really so simple

in the operation of Shanghai dragon everyone seems to be very simple sentences, 1. station optimization. 2. station optimization, then the construction of specific point is website content and website site outside the chain. It is so easy, so simple, but really to do that, do succeed, can keep down again a few? Just like we often hear the "serious" two words, two words for this surely we are not unfamiliar can be heard from the little big right, and this "serious" two words is simple enough: everyone should also understand such a truth as the saying goes "nothing in the world, only afraid of" serious "two words" but you ask yourself how many people truly "serious" two words? Yang Zi said here Shanghai dragon also had to mention at present many traditional industries and enterprises want to get traffic through the search engine to improve the company’s sales, but the recruitment of Shanghai dragon or network promotion personnel in these companies when some BOSS in the first interview to give an interview In fact, researchers say, Shanghai dragon, network promotion is very simple, is writing, send what, say a. For this BOSS Yang Zi Shanghai dragon also met, he said it to you that the position salary is not high but, you also don’t ask too much of the work that everyone can do. Remember Yang Zi in the interview with Shanghai dragon BOSS recognized his meaning, he thought: since I rely on like you say so simple, why don’t you do it yourself ah, what also recruit professional staff, you don’t just pull a person into the street to do ah. read more

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About love Shanghai bidding analysis minipage discount Icon

1, Mini Icon intended to show "official certification", reduce the other users of the same word for hits.


and figure second belong to the same page in the screenshot, we can clearly see the URL two domain minipage.baidu贵族宝贝 from love Shanghai, love Shanghai so get one, all have Mini Icon in the auction website in Shanghai love the two domain names under the exclusive coupon payment page, then it will for coupons will attract a lot of users love Shanghai undoubtedly also see the broad prospects for the market (my previous article "Outlook" analysis of the domestic market is analyzed the electronic coupon coupon market), the more opportunity reached the coupon market, became a B2C coupon platform. read more

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Please do not be bound by the webmaster website designer top hat

, who has 6-7 years of experience in website building in the industry, has experienced the design and planning of too many large and small projects. What have not seen, each item down can be a great meaning, every time more than eighty percent design draft is a draft had. And there are many reasons why the manuscript is good, because it is really considered. It may be said that my things will not be too showy, but it will definitely help you. Because of this, the formation of my own personal brand, recall the past, their own door-to-door customers, after cooperation, I am very grateful, admire, but also a small number of customers I have become a "master."". Because of all this, I feel very confident about my ability. read more

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Talking about the survival rules of free websites

yesterday I wrote, I think I can still click, but the message made me feel a bit uncomfortable, my article is the connection of one of my 5D6D free forum, the main content message is " 5D6D "


I don’t know a webmaster with a free website (Forum) what’s wrong with the system, we now see that GJJ is not free from Wangzhuan do together. I don’t think what’s wrong with the free space station webmaster, I feel able to rational use of resources is a qualified webmaster webmaster, can easy to do with less investment to create the largest profit really is a qualified webmaster… read more

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Shandong, Ji’nan three real to help college graduates Entrepreneurship

2016 years of College Students’ employment work is about to begin, in order to let more college graduates can find their own future, Shandong Ji’nan has taken a number of measures to implement the college graduates employment security work.

to effectively do the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship, Shandong Ji’nan Dongguan Street to prepare in advance, meticulous arrangements, and strive for the majority of college graduates to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services, to ensure the smooth employment of College graduates. read more

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Shaanxi International Business College and enterprise joint venture education program

as students start backing force, universities should play their own resources, for young entrepreneurs to build a bridge between enterprise and market entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs to enter the market, learn how to put the theory into practice on entrepreneurship.

12 24 afternoon, Shaanxi Institute of International Trade Center for innovation and entrepreneurship students will recruit at the joint of the office, students, school, ideological and political department and other offices together with Beijing Airlines vocational Entrepreneurship Education Technology Co. Ltd. in the conference room on the nine floor of the library "innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities overall solution" to negotiate. Beijing post Navigation Technology Co. Ltd. Entrepreneurship Education Northwest district director Shi Liang, general manager of Northwest Gao Peng and the functions of offices of leading representatives attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the director of center for innovation and entrepreneurship students Jean Lili. read more

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Restaurant never discount but the secret of the rich

is not expensive, there will be no public consumption? Is not destined to run dismal, facing bankruptcy? Of course not, Xiao Bian told you there is such a restaurant since its inception has never been discounted sales, but the daily income of more than ten million, the customer price of up to 400 yuan, but the business is still hot, the monthly turnover of more than 5 million.


with high price, prop up the restaurant into high quality, culture in the dining room, has become a local food heritage restaurant, how is ushered in the high trust of consumers, become some local food sector side signs summary. read more

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Institutional dividend and global dividend to promote entrepreneurship

a successful entrepreneur, is bound to have its strength and methods, there must be a place for everyone to learn. In 10 years, I created the market value of more than 10 billion of the NASDAQ listed companies, many media call me  , "entrepreneurial Godfather" ()". I cannot bear this name, he is often ridicule with profound respect and humility, "good luck".

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10 things you know about entrepreneurship

around a lot of friends are starting their own business, the vast majority of people are successful, there are people in the hard way, how to succeed in business, presumably a lot of people are very interested in, through the reorganization, Xiaobian summed up the 10 main business details, if interested please be patient and look down!

How to find the

business model

founded a company, entrepreneurs must first have a certain idea and ideal, and then start from the concept, consider how a team, how to make the company become a complete company, how to predict the development prospects of the company, to determine the development direction of the company. read more

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Canned ten brands list – the whole

can have been China’s catering market is very important, but also has very many brands, below, let Xiaobian introduce canned ten brands list, so that you can understand the canned big market in China, the market brand can be more familiar with, when you want to consume you can make better choices.

Ten cans of

brand ranking NO.1, Merlin: founded in 1997, China famous brand, Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous trademark, the focus of leading enterprises of agricultural industry of Shanghai, Shanghai Umebayashi Masahirowa Limited by Share Ltd. read more

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North sanitation took the lead in the market road

In order to reduce the management cost, ease recruitment difficulties, the north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau will identify the development direction of the environmental sanitation public affairs in the form of an open tender to the market, recently, the north area of 230 thousand square meters area by the cleaning company to clean, this also marks the city sanitation homework first from the north of the city zone to market road.

it is reported that the north area of road sweeping and cleaning after the market operation, sanitation workers from government management to hire companies. This reform will not only reduce the burden on the government, but also improve the level of urban public facilities management and protection, to bring benefits to the sanitation workers. Hired by the sanitation workers, the monthly income will increase, to ensure the stability of the sanitation team, coupled with the use of mechanized cleaning operations, sanitation workers personal safety is also more secure.  
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This year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions 1 million 269 thousand good money to help

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of trade unions, trade union organizations at all levels in the city this year a total of 575 children of rescue workers in difficulty, grants 1 million 269 thousand yuan, of which, 76 female workers and 194 single parent children of migrant workers difficult to grant the student aid 553 thousand yuan.

it is understood that, in order to give full play to the trade union organizations in assisting the party committees and government to solve the positive role of hard workers, single female workers and difficult difficult aspects of school children of migrant workers, improve the long-term working mechanism of trade union education assistance, make it difficult for employees to share the fruits of reform and development, City Union launched the 2012 autumn student campaign, winning the whole society attention and affirmation. This year, the city’s trade unions at all levels to help 575 children of poor workers, grant grants of $1 million 269 thousand. Among them, the City Federation of trade unions to help needy children 299, grant grants of $889 thousand; district trade unions to help needy children of the children of 276, grant grants of $380 thousand. A total of 76 list of female workers and children of migrant workers in the difficulties of providing assistance to aid the students of $553 thousand yuan, 194 yuan. read more

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Dry cleaning may join in the dry cleaning shop near the University

investment in dry cleaning projects in the field of entrepreneurship is a very prosperous project, the required funds and technology are not very high, suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs to join. How about a dry cleaning shop near the university? Now the dry cleaning industry market prospects are very optimistic, many investors are very optimistic about the dry cleaners investment projects. What about a dry cleaning shop near the university? Is there a market for dry cleaners?

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Dangdang net content of a network of B2C to grab the scale of the battle to upgrade

DoNews October 27th news 27, according to DoNews users broke the news, after Jingdong, mall shield Amoy network content grab, this Dangdang and a cat did not comment.

is currently logged on, visit, User-agent: / EtaoSpider Disallow: "code" has been added to the page code, means that has screening out network content capture.

recently, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog in the unnamed shelled out without permission to crawl the site commodity evaluation content, Jingdong through technical means to shield the mall and a scouring network content capture. At that time, analysts said the move or to prevent Jingdong to study its data. general manager Li Bin said the choice of shielding is mainly due to a Tao network comparison of the object is not the same type of competition, followed by a scouring network is not fully grasp, impartiality doubtful. read more

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Chinese CN domain name brand value

Chinese brand experts said today, for the localization of Chinese China local enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, Chinese CN domain name value is closely related to the brand value, is the enterprise in the Internet world Chinese an eye-catching brand advertising signs, the effect of its function is not inferior to the president of the celebrity.

according to a foreign media survey, about eighty-two percent of the companies surveyed believe that the domain name lost than losing the CEO caused more damage, about seventy-two percent of companies believe that an appropriate domain name is more important than the right talent or right office. read more

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