Baidu statistics to help optimize the site to maximize the benefit of the first Alliance

Baidu Inc recently launched the "Baidu statistics" free website traffic statistics system, as an upgraded version of the Baidu statistics, by virtue of its remarkable characteristics is stable, powerful, fast, real flow will track the site for our webmaster webmaster and alliance, and optimizing the operation decision, provide strong and stable support.

Baidu Inc responsible person, the upgraded version of the "Baidu statistics" system platform features include: flow analysis, source analysis, transformation analysis, site analysis, keyword analysis, statistics engine visitors analysis provides search service, as many as 20 kinds of graphical reports. By tracking analysis of visitor behavior on the site, the site administrator can query the site is what regional visitors visited at what time, in what way query relevant information, and timely understanding of what the best keywords and creative.

it is understood that the upgraded version of Baidu’s statistical data report will bring professional data reference site. First of all, the webmaster can view the "search engine source report" and "Baidu promotion sources report", which is from the view visitors search search engine, which uses a keyword, and then according to the analysis of key words of judgment. Secondly, to further view the source conversion report and Baidu to promote the transformation of the report, if the target conversion effect is not good, you need to consider whether you need to adjust the promotion Keywords, put the location. Finally, through the source type report, analysis of the flow of visitors from other sites, and cooperate with the top of the site. More importantly, the upgraded version of Baidu statistics can accurately and thoroughly track and monitor the effectiveness of a variety of network media promotion, and according to this report to develop a more targeted delivery plan, optimize the promotion effect. Baidu statistics to provide the data as the webmaster website operators and advertisers the effective basis for advertising, not only can improve the site PV, but also improve the site content settings and product optimization. It can be said, Baidu statistics will become China’s Web site and Baidu Adsense Adsense network advertising another weapon.

said, currently on the market many third party statistics system has different characteristics, while Baidu statistics system emphasizes the stable operation, powerful function, fast response, at the same time, Baidu statistics in the background, will not cause any impact on the visit speed of website. Especially in the accurate and in-depth tracking Baidu promotion effect, but also highlights the unique advantages of Baidu statistics. In addition, under the premise of the implementation of a permanent free Baidu alliance, starting from the use of the site’s feelings, Baidu statistics which will not be implanted in any form of advertising.

it is understood that the current statistical system will be permanently free to Baidu union members open, Baidu alliance will be a stronger partner to make a strong move. With the development of the statistical tools of the future will be open to all Internet users, industry experts said that the launch of Baidu statistics, can help Baidu union members and China all webmaster to capture more business opportunities, it will lead to a series of application Chinese Internet Statistics to the positive.

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