Pea pod Ding Jichang an old pea seven years of business summary some pits should not jump

Abstract: this year, we went to Mexico, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, saw ten years ago in Chinese state of Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi luxury, and to let people loaded mesh tongue. There are also many enthusiastic, hard working and positive young students, businessmen and government officials.

remember that Ding Jichang was when I personally fudge into innovation workshop. Over the past seven years, from pea pods engineer to supervisor to the two venture. Proud of his achievements and growth!

introduction: seven years ago, Ding Jichang graduated from the Peking University and began his career from innovation works. This is seven years, pea pods from innovation works to a factory hatch, Ding Jichang involved in the whole process from the creation to the acquisition of the pea pods for six years, also witnessed the whole process of China Mobile Internet from birth, growth to outbreak. He started from a front-line engineers tried different product teams four or five jobs; start from the bottom to the top of the middle, tried to work, learn management, complete the acquisition of how to start a function, make a product, as a team to make a company from zero.

He later

from pea pods spin off created Daewoo unlimited. In less than a year after the establishment of the company, in the global market access to more than one hundred million users, more than 10 million users a day to provide mobile video and content services. Determined to build the world’s leading mobile Internet products for global users, help Chinese companies and products to overseas, the establishment of a global leader.

Ding Jichang is how to step by step on the road to success in the new year after he wrote this article, let us look at his past seven years of memories and summary.

2015 is the experience of the past year in a variety of difficult test working and personal health, eventually ushered in the "dense willow trees and bright flowers.". In the 2016 review of the life and health, everything went smoothly; but looking back this year career on a bit by bit, "forward" is more representative of a riveting Jin years feeling.

has devoted six years of youth peasecod bid farewell to Ali, hands are scattered; the old pea Kyushu, or is once again leading the flag again, or help Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper then climb the peak, or return to continue their studies; our new company is all over again, again heavy troops take the platform together to greet the new possibilities.

six years Mengsui

The legend of the

by XXX acquisition of pea pods have been three or four years, I did not expect in 2016 has finally become a reality, the Alibaba UC became the new shareholders, because of some reasons, the final price is not convenient announced, and the related interpretation and the article more sadly sigh everywhere. More relevant to our feeling is that many are not familiar with the business and capital rules of the old friends also have the distinguished friends congratulations, congratulations to the birth of the "million" or a billionaire, but let you down, the completion of the transaction, wealth for us.

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