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a lot of friends in the forum to ask how to do flow up, a new station, not included or included too little, a few hundred IP a day, even in the rise, also several rising, so many of my friends are very impatient, now everyone in the discussion of the method of increasing flow also these after all is said and done no, what are the new master skills in the heart, do not want to share with us, let us these new sites some helpless ah

I was a rookie, with a new station, traffic and everyone else, always maintained at around 2000, not to worry, from Baidu over, what method can let the traffic go up? I see you every day in the course of stationmaster net here, every day on the Internet surfing, difficult. No place to start

some time ago, in the 51.LA after the site statistics, when not what is turning on the 51.LA list, want to look at these stations do flow, who knows, this can let me find

51.LA list of statistics many sites are open, that is to say you can view the detailed statistics of them, don’t remember to see which station statistics, then opened his antecedents Statistics Station, in addition to see his own name, there is also a domain name origin is more than 70 thousand, I he thought it was another domain name, point to open a look, the original is a chain exchange website, why we do not exchange chain so much what effect? I don’t know, don’t intend to know, since the site since I did not exchange chain less, there are many the friend said exchange but I didn’t see many antecedents and effects, so no speech

After I find the

exchange chain, have thought is not the same as previous have hesitated, but really can not afford more than 70 thousand flow to temptation, try it, the application of the code, put home a good position on the site, and then look at the statistics two days later, found himself the IP has grown exponentially, over 4000, and is still up, I look at the background statistics, these basic flow from the swap chain I put to the mood, Shuang

wrote here, I want to tell you is, although the master left us only the garbage, then we should find their own essence, don’t always look parked in the master body, inadvertently, perhaps, we find it is also the essence of

in order not to let everyone scold me AD, here do not release the address of this exchange chain, we have to look for it, you can go to see my website www.d3gp.com

, if you want, you can contact me, I’ll send you the URL, QQ:69153763

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