Chen Haoyuan real name and anonymity are valuable

      on the morning of May 24th, the current domestic blog real name, SNS name and other Internet real name system fierce controversy, Wealink CEO and President Chen Haoyuan told reporters: the real name system and anonymous in China has its value of existence, but the real name of the future China active users will be more and more.

06 years, the two sessions blog was born in the media sector is an innovative event, yesterday’s news reports Intel executives take the lead in writing Bowen, etc.. However, the new generation of Web2.0 networks, such as the blog to benefit the majority of Chinese Internet users, while the double-edged sword, the other side that the negative effects are also increasingly exposed. The argument is also related to the real name, the focus of controversy around whether the industry should develop a real name system.

on the SNS real name system, Chen Haoyuan has its own views, he believes that the real name system and anonymity in the current domestic value of its existence. The real name system can allow users to get more opportunities for self realization in limited time and space, to seize their own business opportunities, build strong relationships, such as the use of the real name real friendship is required. If the use of the virtual name of these values will become meaningless; anonymity allows users to play in the infinite space (multi role play) to meet the needs of leisure, entertainment, vent and other emotional needs.

Chen Haoyuan said: the choice depends on what the user wants to achieve in this network platform, what kind of value. Network has enough virtual space, the real name is to tell the user can also be a good platform to develop some non virtual things."

, however, he is confident in the future as people understand the value of the real name, real name users will be more and more. Before, to the real name for the characteristics of zhanzuo CEO Zhang Fan also believes that the real name identity can play better value, he told reporters the day before a very interesting phenomenon: many zhanzuo used anonymous student users after a period of use, should take the initiative to apply for a real name, the actual value is to enjoy the real name.

to Wealink network real name system, Chen Haoyuan told reporters that the future will not force users to use the real name, but a variety of value will tell users real name, so that in the different needs of the situation and the real name anonymous.

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