Method of promoting local forum through QQ group

local forum, there are some difficulties in the promotion of local sites, we do not have the money to go to the bus, radio advertising.

Baidu post and a forbidden, a minefield, AD is not good, the domain name has been sealed.

local forum, I also just in a new style of new Siping forum.

has just summed up a little experience in the promotion, and share with everyone.

I promote the method is through QQ group. Every city has a lot of QQ group.

promotion tool is the group search on QQ.


we Siping City, although the city is not, population is not much, but through the QQ group of fellow, but can be found as many as 397.


if there are 50 users per group, 397X50…, nearly 20 thousand people.

you may say, you are less, let you say the site is so simple, I into the group of advertising was T out.

I can only say that your social skills are not, do not always bored in front of the computer collection, mass, exercise more about their social skills, language skills.

went on to say how to so many QQ group promotion, here are the main group of QQ group published QQ.

here you do not hurry to add group, if not directly to the QQ group and group called AD, it is not polite to be T, it is a normal thing.

plus QQ group, you had come.

below is my chat record, I hope to give you some reference:

wind 21:18:51

and I started a new style of Siping forum

wants to make a Siping’s largest social network
good no good

what’s the matter with

good no good 21:17:11


wind 21:19:06

want you to let me into the group

not good.

  what’s wrong?

good no good 21:17:28

my group?

wind 21:19:23

I is a new style of Siping forum for the promotion of the commissioner "

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