Personal experience on the promotion and popularization of novel station

is a novel station because I do small personal webmaster, between publicity and promotion I would go online to the Internet to collect a lot of the current forum (my favorites put dozens of material to be the forum website). Then go to the relevant forums to carry out extensive publicity and promotion. In fact, the promotion of the forum, it is very hard, but it is so hard to go to the overwhelming propaganda and promotion will have a good effect.

search engine optimization is done well in this area is also very large, first in this statement, I will not search engine optimization technology. Before the search from Baidu to my forum to the flow of only a few dozen, but one day from a few tens of thousands of. Is because some of my key words.

added a good Links alliance is the biggest website on the Internet can not only increase the exposure rate, improve the reverse link number and PR value of the site, but also because the registered Links left alliance website information, and generate a self Links system for themselves, so that others can not I notice the case with my Links, make Links easier. In the Links alliance website also registered some out of the site, the site is uneven, so in these sites do Links must see each other website value, spotted do good to the Links own website traffic.

of website promotion, many methods, and according to the different types of Web site, the promotion of all kinds of methods but no matter how each one has his good points, there are still some basic place? Is the same.

website optimization method for website optimization, I believe that the webmaster is not strange, because no matter where search engines are used quite popular, if your site is not traffic from search engines if your promotion will be a big failure, such as in our China not to flow from Baidu and Google or YAHOO, so your site is basically no sunshine;

forum signature promotion method, you find some of the more popular and can use hyperlinks signed some registered forum members, then write some original articles, and attractive articles posted up, then you can increase your links, can also increase website traffic;

soft Wen promotion method, this trick is currently used more people, it is best to write the original article to write the general is more innovative, attractive, and then in the article to add their own site links;

Post Bar answering method to some, such as BAIDU and BAIDU Post Bar know similar website promotion, but will not be too obvious advertising, otherwise people will give you the letter of your IP or delete directly, when problems to find similar suggestions to the content on your site to answer the questions, this brings the flow it is more effective, better website Baidu know, ask, QIHOO, YAHOO knowledge and so on, I also often go to answer some questions.

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