QQ space is necessary to reply

we do the popularity of space, in our personal opinion, we mainly do is to do popularity, reply to the message, for all of us, it is very few people to do. There may be 80% of people will choose to reply, in my concern about the popularity of space, no one is a reply to a friend’s message, comments.

so, we do the popularity of space in the end there is no need to do a friend’s reply?

in my opinion, it is necessary and unnecessary. You may feel more contradictory.

first: there is a need to reply to

first, I’ll tell you why it’s necessary to reply. No matter what platform we are doing, what we need is not only the amount of fans, we are more important is the quality of our fans. Now we do the promotion, what our customers are most worried about? Our fans first choice is not only the number of fans have many people, more important is that we the fans whether it is real. Because now the market is still very difficult to brush the number of fans.

may be a number of his fans are his offer but only tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of yuan to be. For these number 80% fans are fake fans. For space, the most important thing is that we talk about the amount of browsing, compared to WeChat and space, the price of our space brush browse cheaper. So we are dozens of brush browsing, then we can not do it every day to brush ah.

so, we do the space reply, the main purpose is to let our friends and we interact, so as to improve our reading, the growth of new fans. When you interact with friends, then we usually send the content as long as they think it is better to send forward.

for these friends, they focus on the same type of space is not only one of us, there may be many other similar numbers. This is related to our daily life, if you have a few friends, one or two of which is iron man, so what if you have trouble, you will choose to help yourself a friend. Of course, if you as a friend, you pay attention to a number of the same number, the contents of the hair is the same, then you choose to forward will certainly choose the usual and you interact as a better forwarding.

these are our human heart, why I will relay your not forwarding you, this is mainly related to our daily maintenance, marketing from life, that there is nothing wrong, people will live will be marketing.

second: do not reply

some people will choose not to reply, the main reason is that the workload is too big, if we visited tens of thousands of words, so every day we update 5 talk, talk about each 10 people back, so if we all go to reply, so we.

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