6 trends and methods of content marketing and how to interact with consumers

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" marketing content marketing in recent years is fully deserve the hot star, even though no one can say exactly how much content marketing market size in the end how can all content marketing channels and means, but the enterprise (brand) for content marketing demand, remarkable findings from the US market research company Smart Insights. (Figure 1): the 600 readers poll showed that nearly 30% of people think that the content is the number one digital marketing tools in 2015. It is interesting to note that in this survey, content marketing ranked big data, marketing automation and mobile marketing before, and a substantial lead in social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising and other marketing activities. Another American company, Content Marketing Institute in the 2014 data showed that 93% of the agencies have said they rely on content marketing to build brand and mining demand; 87% of consumers claim that online content has a great influence on their purchasing decisions.

now, basically content marketing has become the marketing of "air", as the shadow follows the form and pervasive, but has different forms in different period. Therefore, companies have no need to discuss whether we do content marketing, but need to spend a lot of time to consider how to do the content of the enterprise wants to pass out, and a good interaction with consumers.


Figure 1 content marketing has become the number one marketing tool

content marketing faces four challenges

challenge 1: put vs results

we often say that content is king, every mention of content marketing, a lot of people will be dubbed the "marketing" the king of the label, but in practice, there are more than 90% of marketers said is not confident of content marketing assessment methods used by the. This is the most interesting finding in the study of the current situation of "self confidence crisis – content marketing assessment". May 2015, in June, the survey conducted for 302 marketers surveyed, covering B2B, B2C industry in a number of fields. In the content marketing started earlier abroad and qualitative, American content marketing agency (ContentMarketingInstitute) pointed out that most marketers have improved content marketing budget plan in 2015, but many marketers still cannot bring the effectiveness through content marketing for enterprises.

Essence of

content marketing and marketing of all the same, all must focus on consumer insight, we should not only see the transfer of what kind of content, but also the content for consumers, consumers with what connecting point where this should become a core element in marketing effectiveness evaluation. Marketing (Content) Institute>

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