Site planning skills stand in the slot

this is a headache for many webmaster friends, what are you doing to QQ station station?? download station? Garbage station? These stations are filled with the entire Internet. Do these is not a new, more boring, monotonous what didn’t mean anything, if you do a fresh, creative, and broad market station is good, it is worth to think!!!


I’m here to talk about my personal experience. Now to say is: learn to learn from the successful example of the planning skills.

for the first successful example first, who knows, stationmaster net trading forum do very success is sure. We took it to analyze ~ can be analyzed from different perspectives: from the perspective of market demand, in this large team is a huge market. From the analysis of the operation, stationmaster net sentence team is the webmaster intermediary trusted, because the graph king’s popularity and prestige in the webmaster circle graph king, is created by nature a pair of! From market competition to analyze, this is my point, why can the webmaster Trading Forum to survive in many B2B station? Before Taobao, eBay. But… "Heavyweight" as they compete for business is simply prohibitively difficult, but in the face of the strong rival, graph king easy win!! I admire you! He put in the slot in the station, but let it become a towering tree! This is the theme of today, how to do stand in the slit…

…In fact,

webmaster Trading Forum is drilling Taobao CtoC fatal loopholes, as CtoC website, a large support group so that they can not have enough manpower to carry out the credit transaction supervision, which makes virtual goods transactions on the CtoC website threatened by growing crises, like more insecurity, have caused great threat to buyers and the seller, virtual goods can not be controlled, there must be a fair security transaction intermediary! Stationmaster net is the use of virtual goods transactions CtoC integrity security vacancy successful survival! (personal opinion oh)

Of course, not everyone is called

to do trading forum, I say is how to carry out the empirical method, to rely on your own how to find the target, find out his shortcomings, give up, then you have half the success.

so that no man is perfect, no station end station, the big station also has its fatal weakness, it depends on how you look!! talk about an example, is my own personal station: this station is; I use Baidu know the Internet community vulnerability quiz very hot to do, because I do not have much money, do not find partners, so do a bit rough, but here I talk about the idea of it, to share some of my personal experience, I first talk about the analysis of Baidu know those holes, often in the mix of people know all know, one of the hot issues tend to have a lot of people ask, raised a question, different people at different times have different answers.

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