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told the development of the market economy today, because the birth of WeChat has created a new micro business. How to make good use of the convenient communication tools to bring WeChat transaction, is the theme of this era is now the birth of micro business not only helps a lot of corporate exposure, also let a lot of people through this platform to achieve a counter attack. Take water cold Empire, it helped tens of thousands of ordinary professionals to complete the magnificent turn of life.

we are very honored to be invited to engage in micro business training industry Yi Shunqi teacher, there are a few questions to ask the teacher.

1, Yi teacher Hello, I would like to ask you are engaged in what industry?

answer: I have been engaged in SEO training industry in the past 09 years, I have done personal webmaster, do Taobao guest, he also did a single page marketing. Basically these network marketing experience is their own out, and later he joined a network outsourcing company, specifically to help companies develop and implement network outsourcing business. In this process, mastered a lot of network marketing and promotion of technology. My business is pure rely on the network, to achieve real homes, customers all over the world.

2, why do you choose to engage in micro business training in this industry?

answer: because I have mastered a lot of network marketing technology, and in 2013 began, micro business began to enter people’s lives. More and more people began to engage in micro business, but a lot of white, will not find customers through the network, the pressure of the goods and scattered. Because they do not understand the network marketing, they do not know how to find customers through the network. Because I had previously engaged in training industry, so have their own unique insights for training, my mission is to help these small micro business, let them through the network to find the real customers to sell their goods. This is my mission. So at the end of 2014, I set up a cold water Empire, just 15 days time, recruited 30 paying students, these students are not previously had any contact, only through the network directly to trust me and direct payment. To the current position, paid students has increased to more than and 400. And every day there are new students continue to join.

3, what is the purpose of your water cold Empire?

answer: our aim is to help more micro businesses through the WeChat platform to earn money, and to tell the truth, our tuition is not cheap. Most of the tutorials on the web are 698798, and there are very few. But our tuition is 2500 a year, higher than they too much. But even if our price is much higher than others, we can still recruit a lot of students. The US is to rely on their own propaganda in enrollment, but now we basically not promotion and publicity, we only serve the students to come back, students are basically student referrals, we do not have the promotion. Because I firmly believe that only let their students really make money, we can beat out the word of mouth. Instead of

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