Meet the new situation of China’s e commerce community has a way out

in 2010, China e-commerce has experienced a long development cycle, has experienced from the beginning, the spread of the concept of simple imitation, to become, after the rapid rise, now and then to vary, the rational development process, such a tortuous change. At present, China’s B2C, C2C e-commerce development has reached a considerable scale. In the face of complex and competitive market environment, the development of electronic commerce Chinese what should decide on what path to follow continue to imitate foreign websites? Is the experience and mode? Or through innovation worked out a line with the development of electronic commerce Chinese road conditions? This problem has long plagued many Internet e-commerce platform in the industry.

is currently in the electronic commerce industry, China imitation, an innovative force is gradually penetrate into the interconnected areas. In recent days to price comparison network for the revolutionary operation on the original website business model, based on the site of their business model, fully integrated into the community, leisurely ( platform and community effective docking, do Chinese consumers preferred shopping platform and the rapid rise for the early realization of the comparison shopping website contribute.

it is understood that in comparison to the traditional shopping websites in the development to a certain size, it is difficult to expand the development, mainly limited to a single product line is too monotonous, spreading way, and the site difficult to gather user stickiness. While the price comparison network will be docking platform and community integration, is bound to set off a business philosophy and technology innovation in electronic commerce China again, introduces the concept and operation case to provide a reference for the electronic commerce industry of China.

subvert the traditional pattern of e-commerce, the first to create a platform + community new business model

price comparison network

whether it is a website or shopping platform is no longer a new thing. A site can only provide simple product parameters and other product information, in that case, it is ultimately not flexible, not humane. Price comparison network is no more than a shopping platform, a commercial organization. However, the success of a comparison shopping site must provide a satisfactory and meaningful products to customers, including the essence of virtual goods and services, on the basis of this, so the price comparison network must change homeopathy its organizational structure and operation to adapt to customer needs for goods and other requirements. So, it’s embarrassing situation by the end of the formation of leisurely community, also provides a template for the formation of Chinese e-commerce pattern innovation.

leisurely community

in the current complex network jungle, a lot of Internet users have lost their way in time. If there is a community, not only can provide food, drink, swim, play information for users, but also provide friends, games, shopping and tourism functions for users, so that it is vivid, is a comprehensive service of. Leisurely community seems to suddenly became synonymous with these concepts, it was born in.

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