Baidu Baidu World Conference debut chopsticks search detection intelligent drainage oil

September 3rd, Baidu World Conference kicked off, was quite mysterious Baidu search chopsticks again by Chairman Robin Li mentioned in his keynote address, but different from the past, the chopsticks search from concept into a product. On the scene, this portable smart devices pocketed the eye healthy life, it looks like ordinary chopsticks three meals a day and not what difference, but with intelligent detection drainage oil and drinking water acidity and fruit sweetness, variety and origin and other features, can be connected to the intelligent mobile phone, portable use.

Baidu search chopsticks debut 2014 Baidu World Conference

hunger breeds discontentment, food safety has been China consumers generally "pain points", April Fool’s day this year, a Baidu chopsticks search video, has triggered a search tongue hot conferences and a series of unknown Li Jue forward, is the origin of this pair of chopsticks can intelligently identify food safety. Today, Baidu search chopsticks at the World Congress officially unveiled, confirms that this is actually a serious joke Baidu engineers opened "".

"you don’t have to worry about harmful drainage oil and frying oils healthy, go out to eat a lot of confidence." "An apple can tell red Fuji or Gala, also can judge is not made in Shandong, too!", "chopsticks search world debut at Baidu, once again lead the crowd of onlookers and hot.

in the Baidu World Conference, showing the red, blue, black and white four different colors of chopsticks search "," search chopsticks is divided into two parts of chopsticks and chopsticks holder. According to reports, chopsticks integration of various sensors, to achieve a series of measurements of physical indicators, including water pH (pH value), temperature, and salinity of four oil data, and Bluetooth transmission of measurement data to intelligent mobile phone, intelligent interaction through the rear LED lights with chopsticks users, such as qualified, test results show that the detection of blue. The result is not good, to red alert. Chopsticks asked the built-in infrared spectrometer, realize the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the measured object. At present, this version of Baidu search chopsticks, the three most prominent features include: first, to test the quality of the food oil, divided into excellent, good, poor three levels, among them, frying oil and drainage oil belong to poor grades; second, you can test drinks and water pH value, if the user is weakly acidic, recommended quote alkaline drinks will be more healthy; third, you can analyze fruit sweetness, variety and origin, the same red Fuji analysis is produced in Shandong or Shaanxi.

It is reported that

, Baidu search chopsticks has two points: one is the world’s smallest, most current sensor is fine, is the most complete integration, can collect water, soup, oil, all kinds of food data; two is a real food healthy big data analysis library, based on cloud computing, data will be collected real time analysis, into the food safety index.

according to sources, Baidu search chopsticks will soon enter the mass production stage, and the new version of future research will be to identify dairy products, melamine, identification of true and false identification of soil egg mutton string functions.


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