Mobile advertising revenue as the main source of growth


technology news Beijing time on April 22nd morning news, the latest report released by market research firm Strategy Analytics shows that the intelligent mobile phone app advertising has become the main power of mobile advertising industry growth, but also has become the main application of mobile phone media release type.

report shows that in the United States and Western Europe, advertisers in the application of advertising spending is expected to exceed the mobile web advertising spending. Since Apple launched iPhone in 2007, there has been a rapid development of the application of the economy. In the initial stage, most application developers do not seem to be able to get enough income through the application. But the situation has changed as advertisers increasingly use the app to reach consumers.

Strategy Analytics estimates that advertisers will spend $2 billion 900 million this year, while consumer spending will reach $26 billion 100 million. On a global scale, the application downloads are expected to grow by 38% over the same period, more than 32 billion times.

Strategy Analytics wireless media strategy director David · (David MacQueen), said: advertisers want to attract eyeballs. Brand advertisers in the application of advertising over the mobile web display advertising investment shows that consumers through the application of a series of activities."

but in emerging markets, more consumers use the basic function of mobile phones. They do not use the app store service, but directly browse the internet. From the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network InMobi data show that the rapid development of mobile advertising. In a report released on Monday, InMobil said that from January to March this year, the number of consumers browsing on the phone advertising grew 21% over the previous quarter, to the 283 billion. (

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