Shop selling praise 2 months to sell the sale of 370 thousand not illegal but do not leak privacy

shop price 20 Fen months to sell the two kinds of brush law part of the need to WeChat password is not illegal, but experts advise not to vent privacy

Legal Evening News (reporter Ren Jia) recently, the rise of a circle of friends in the WeChat Award for a set of awards boom, set a certain number of praise can be exchanged for travel coupons, coupons, free gifts, etc.. It also promotes the emergence of online selling like business, Legal Evening News "reporter found that some stores sell about 300000" like "even in a month, tens of thousands of dollars of income. Experts remind WeChat users, by adding a stranger or leaked WeChat code to buy a security risk.

recently, the popular set for gifts like boom started WeChat in the circle of friends, by forwarding the message or picture business, set a certain number of "like", the screenshot sent to the merchant, you can buy appropriate gifts.

generally need to set forward more content like advertisements for businesses, in exchange for gifts like coupons, including dozens of hundreds of dollars or a thousand cosmetic tourism products, attract many users praise for gift sets.

for such a network set for the ceremony in the form of marketing, there has been a special sale of the industry on the network, a lot of Taobao stores specializing in the sale of points like, to facilitate the collection of crazy white-collar workers like.

from the savings rate is too slow to buy online white-collar

white-collar 99 is a circle of friends like the collection of people, and now she often patronize these shops sell praise.

"before want gifts are sent one by one friend please help point them praise, but praise often get enough, or too late." 99 said a eating spicy temptation with friends, set 30 good enough to receive a free drink and a discount. 99 released a set of information began to praise, but until the end of the lunch did not gather enough to praise the 30, and finally only a full settlement.

with the point of praise for the continuous development of propriety, and now the number of points like praise is also increasing. "Before the general 20 is enough to redeem prizes, number now need more and more like it!" 99 told reporters, set circle of friends in exchange for gifts like the difficulty has been increasing, some gifts may need 100 or more praise to exchange, dedicated by friends to praise it enough people.

"the cheek to ask for points everywhere praise, praise might as well buy directly online faster!" said the 99, generally spend 9-15 yuan can buy 30-50 praise. She used to spend 9 yuan to buy praise, and finally converted the value of 279 yuan a box of spicy crawfish, also spent 12 yuan in exchange for a set of more than $300 worth of cosmetics.

store sales of


price 20 Fen Zhiyi January sale 370 thousand

open Taobao site search WeChat point like, more than and 300 stores jumped out, each praise price ranging from 0.2-1 yuan.

reporter contacted a number of business inquiries, some of which sell praise

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