Why do China’s slightly bigger nternet Co have an independent search engine

FacebookLinkedinAmazon does not seem to enter the United States general search, which is why?

Niu Xiaoming answer to know almost

this is a very good question, in China there is such a situation, why this phenomenon? I think the way the Chinese do business. Remember the classic story:

The Jewish

gas station to earn money, second people at the gas station on the edge of the hotel opened, third people to open the supermarket, but not so Chinese, China first person to open gas station to earn money, second people quickly open the gas station, gas station also opened third, finally die with

first of all, it is undeniable that users are increasingly dependent on search engines, so that they can remember the site only Baidu (such as my parents). There are 90% of the browser’s home page is a search engine or navigation site, and the first screen of all the navigation site is the most obvious location of the search engine, without exception. In other words, users access to the world wide web, almost by the search engine monopoly. You know what is this concept? If the search engine to make a website disappear, is very easy, unless no one can shake his position, such as Taobao, the search engine to improve a site traffic, is also very easy, such as those…… Advertisement。

this way, such as Baidu can threaten the main site, start PPC, big money. All sites want to curry favor with the search engine, the customer is the father, the search engine is the mother. One would think that Baidu will put some ads on the search page, how much income? Remember the tomato garden? Your pirated XP, do you really think that is so good for you to break free system to give you free? You don’t know is that when the tomato garden scenery, they a month just from Baidu is 6 digits, as well as Google, Taobao and so on.

is an example of "360 search engine referral service (search referral services) revenue of about $17 million, accounting for 10.2% of the total revenue of 2011" (before a post or see) in 2011 360, the default search engine is Baidu, the $17 million (note the dollar) is Baidu for the. Wow, more than 100 million yuan ah, 360 can not be tempted? So to search 360!!! 360 in contrast to several other portal search engine has a richly endowed by nature advantage: hao.360.cn. This site traffic is not generally large, which also benefited from the 360 browser, the default page is the site, after Baidu’s statistics, nearly three months to 360 China browser in the browser market share is 22.2%, so 360 has the absolute advantage, he mastered the China 22.2% site entrance (maybe not so but, even if the 10% is also very scary, since I >)

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