Do you really want to tell a story as an entrepreneur

as an entrepreneur, will not tell the story of your entrepreneurial path will have a very important impact. On the inside, we must learn to tell the story of the company employees, external, to learn to tell stories to users and investors. In storytelling, Don Faul is definitely an expert. He has served as vice president of Facebook’s online operations and Pinterest operations director and other positions. In addition, he also served in the US Marine Corps served as a platoon leader. Today he is the chief operating officer of Athos, an intelligent sportswear brand. In his career, Faul has a profound understanding of the importance of storytelling, and has learned how to inspire and help team members to provide the best service to the user by telling good stories. Learning to tell a story is not easy, but it is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to learn.

recently, Don Faul First Round Review accepted the interview, he shared with their own strategies and tactics to study at Facebook, Pinterest and Google, tell a good story influential in the interview, but also shared the three story of a manager and venture company founder people should learn to speak the.

what are the elements of a story that you want to tell your story to work?

as an entrepreneur, if you are not good at telling stories, no one is willing to give you money or work for you. Each presentation is a story telling process, whether it is shown to investors or to a potential customer. The best stories often have compelling narrative lines that connect the audience with a more ambitious goal. The key here is passion.

most of the time, if you can relate a very small idea or action to a more long-term goal or a higher level of emotion, your story will be successful. Because this way you can get people to follow your journey a forward, this is your product can follow customers, employees can also be willing to join you together with your hard work, become a part of your vision. Starting with the first employee, you should be able to tell a story. It is your responsibility to keep your employees in close contact with the company you dream of creating, and to allow them to go through the most difficult times with you. You need to see this as an integral part of your work, and look at it as if it were a product, development, or design.

(1) connect mission

as a manager, mission linked you talk about the meaning of each story and company must. At the time of Facbook, Faul feel that their own management of the existence of the user’s operating team from Facebook want to connect the world’s mission. He knew that there must be a line connecting the company’s mission objectives with each member of his team. Each person’s work must be able to bring the company’s mission objectives

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