How to do video marketing

now the country has a relatively good video platform: Youku Cool 6 Sohu potatoes and other 4 platforms.

these video platform rankings are based on the amount of video clicks.

a, registered account

we registered account of these accounts can be in accordance with their registered user name, and then fill in the personal data, data about yourself and try to brand word, picture can be set into its own brand of logo, and then let the user account name into their own brand of words.

two, video source

1, original video: generally our own original video time is best to control the length of about 5 minutes, so more attractive to users. As we all know, before playing the video platform for each video will add 15 seconds to 60 seconds before the advertising time, time is too short if the video we made, most people will not go to the two or three minute video almost one minute video advertising; a long time, not so much time, will the loss of users who have less free time than the.

video recording in their own, you can add a little bit of their own brand words, such as: video plus a logo or add a copyright information, etc..

2, non original video: we can download some of the most popular popular video, we can use video editing software, to add a little bit of their own brand advertising.

three, upload video

we must pay attention to the video when writing the title of the video introduction video packet and other projects.

1, the general title of the format is best: own brand word (preferably a few words) video name, such as: how to do video marketing


2, introduction: combined with their own brand and video content of the video to do a simple introduction, such as: how to do video marketing

3, video upload can be in their own account of the video packet or classification, the name of the group can use their own brand name as the name of the group or category.

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