Genuine original content of the 2 sources

many of my friends are worried for the original content, good write yourself. Writing is not good is changed! But unless you change, you still cannot escape is judged to be reproduced results.

in fact, there are two giants to provide us with a very large number of the original database of articles, but I do not know how many people use before I write it out.

1:51 personal space

The structure of

51 has led to unreasonable Baidu only included the home page, registered users in browsing, almost all of the original, but I can not find it in the search engine


2:QQ space

QQ space code is hot, and I also go to the QQ space every day to see the log of friends, but we have not thought of these logs are reproduced to their own website?

51 or QQ space or, most of the articles or diary class! I do stand generally will set up a special forum, webmaster diary! Go to friends every day QQ space around, as long as I write a new article in the appropriate add some keywords, and then released to the webmaster diary. Other sections of the collection of the contents of the finishing, so the original and pseudo original original. Plus a reasonable point of the chain, don’t worry about ranking.


above is some of my experience, may have the wrong place, please correct me! Station: K meters by doing, Baidu yesterday was put out, happy ING…

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