Five popular methods of website promotion

different types of Web site, the promotion of the choice of methods is different, for a larger site, which is the most effective method?

1, search engine optimization:

because of the amount of information in Web site is very large, it may be on page one million pages, each page contains the corresponding keywords, so if both of these pages from the perspective of search engine optimization design, will help the website to obtain the very big traffic from search engines. For example, site, currently able to get hundreds of thousands of IP traffic from the search engine. On average, the search engine to the site to bring traffic, accounting for about 75% of its new traffic, so search engine optimization is the most important work in the promotion of the most basic website. Large web site in the SEO should pay attention to what?

2, word of mouth promotion:

for large web sites, the importance of public praise is urgent, how to do a good job of word of mouth promotion need to do the following three steps:

first step: let users remember your website;

second step: to allow users to browse your site when the feeling is very good;

third step: the key position in the web page implies that the user to word of mouth publicity.

these three steps, we need to rely on a series of details to achieve this goal.

3, activity promotion:

website activities to promote, in a short period of time to quickly expand their visibility and influence. Promotion includes many kinds of activities:

series type: such as Sina has just launched in the blog blog contest, Super Girls Sogou to do when the fire network Sogou super girl and so on. Chinese people, so we need to engage in rankings, to get the rankings, you need to engage in the game, with the game, you can attract everyone’s attention.

annual meeting: Donews annual event will be super hot, affecting the IT circle for several years. Large professional website to engage in annual activities, but also a good means of promotion.

forum type: each to the end of the Forum on a variety of topics on the rise, which is a way to make money, but also to promote their own means.

party type: Party type promotion of each scale is not large, but the effect of high frequency will be very good. For example, the dinner site 800 weeks to engage in dinner activities, as long as they participate in the activities, you can enjoy delicious free. So they have been involved in the activities of the next line of speech will help them publicity.

promotion type: large e-commerce website common strategy, every once in a while, engage in a promotional activities, attract repeat customers, improve the site’s annual.

draw type: you can take this kind of activity before you launch a new product

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