1 Posts half a day to bring 400P

see the title, the master will be dismissive, but for the novice, I think there should be a reference value. My site "first look" (xiankankan.com) as a blog, opened in April 21st, up to today has almost 50 days, every day more than IP500, issued a total of 358 articles, 458 Baidu included, Google included 1330, PR1, RSS subscription number nearly 100, Alexa ranking has been 930 thousand. I have friends who have been blogging for more than a year, and I spent almost 50 days in almost all of the data. In the beginning I told you experienced a period of about IP10 every day, I felt from the experience, I suggest you: do not you light the content, to go out the promotion, let others know that you exist.


sites, can not immediately get traffic from search engines, even if you like to look at the same with Google Custom search, to speed up the Google included on your website, but if you are not the master SEO, the flow is almost negligible. So you can only rely on the early post publicity, or write soft and other ways to promote their website. Many friends seem to lack experience, often took a long time to do this thing, but can not get their desired value, the effect is very poor. Today I want to share is how to bring traffic through the post. First look at the data:

post content:

Partial flow data (51.la) monitored by



you can see that the media according to my traffic monitoring data, watercress, why choose it, and so I will explain in detail. I just made this a hair stick, at noon, 8 p.m. to now half a day, there are 13 people recommended, more than and 30 replies, to nearly 400 IP, but no one is advertising, and someone replies: "the wisdom of the pupils also gave a sigh, thanks a good website." Enough to show that I have achieved my purpose.

share experience:

1, first of all, clear the target population of your site, you need to know where they are, how do you find them. But blogs are similar to this category, from the subscription source can be judged: fruit, shrimp, watercress nine etc.. Take a look at the first, there are interesting aspects of the content, then I will join the fun inside the relevant groups, which is the crowd of my target population, a very high degree of matching. And this post is published in the group "creative life" inside.

2, choose your promotion platform, you have to go to the post, rather than blindly to post and top posts. Take a look at the first, watercress is very suitable for a platform, it is not the same as other communities, which can be added to the external links, so I choose it is an important reason, and watercress

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