The original dry cargo App promotion may not know the knowledge of ASO

Hello, I am Liu Badao, haven’t met in a long time, the recent move bricks in a startup, busy as a dog, but from zero to millions of users still feel very cool, haha ~ not bragging, there are those things with everyone going on ASO today.

ASO we all know that refers to the application store search optimization, for start-up companies, ASO may be a small number of small investment big output promotion means. According to official data show that pea pods, 65% of the distribution is from the search, for Chinese users, this experience should be similar to other stores in the data. One can imagine that if your application covers enough hot words, and ranking, the user is still very impressive.

so do ASO optimization is nothing more than two purposes:

1, by covering hot words, ranking, bringing more natural users.

generally ranked the top three will divide the hot word more than 70% flow, so our goal is to enter the hot word search ranking in the top three;

2, more brand exposure.

ranking naturally more exposure opportunities, which for the financing needs of the entrepreneurial team, you can tell a good story.

a Android store ASO optimization of Android’s store is more, some stores provide the key words, some can not submit; some in the application of the description of the text has weight, some not.

overall optimization ideas as follows: cover hot words + optimize download + optimization comments


covering hot words, submit the background keyword weights are generally relatively large, so the key to find some high flow, low competition difficulty words in the size of the flow can refer to search hot words (behind the heat will elaborate) and Baidu index etc..

of course, if the application described in the text if there is a weight, then the room to play a little more, do not have to stick to the background of the key words submitted restrictions.


according to incomplete statistics, the Android app store has the weight of the product description of the store: pea pods, 360, Android, millet and other market.

download and comment optimization, the price is relatively transparent, comments generally 1 yuan a. Download according to the different stores, the price is somewhat different, generally tens of dollars ten thousand downloads.

if you want to ensure the ASO effect, suggestions for downloads continue to do, how much time, can achieve the desired effect, but also have their own touch we also welcome and I explore SOHO. The results can be verified through the cool pass ( application monitoring function view.

two Appstore ASO optimization due to the promotion of IOS system is relatively simple, so now APP do more than Appstore optimization.


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