Mobile community applications pure city announced million yuan C round of financing


technology news (Le Tian) November 24th news, mobile community applications in the city (Solo) today announced the completion of hundreds of millions of dollars C round of financing. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

in the city of this round of financing is mainly used for product development, strengthen the ecological layout of the Solo system with Solo as the representative of the desktop.

This is a pure

city in 2015 second investment, pure city this year won the direct investment fund Haitong Securities, Haitong Kaiyuan 200 million yuan investment. In the city has been RMB financing structure, this round is two RMB fund investment.

chizi city in June 2014 by the plum angel and Ming potential capital $2 million angel investment, by the end of 2014 was A round of financing tens of millions of Cathay 250ML. After 1 years of development, we have completed the strategic layout of business product layer, business layer and data layer.

in the main city layout of the overseas market, the current Chinese city products mainly include the Solo desktop, Solo search, Solo lock screen, Solo, Solo, Solo application lock recommended news, the formation of a Solo system, declared total users has exceeded 200 million.

Layer and direction of

data, Chinese city CEO Liu Chunhe said: the Solo system is not a tool matrix, but a convenient access to information search and recommendation entrance. Through big data and personalized recommendation, Solo has become a understand user products.

pure city counterparts have cheetah mobile, desktop APUS, the cheetah mobile market, the valuation of about $3 billion, APUS announced earlier this year to get $100 million financing, by SIG, became the capital of venture capital fund and joint venture investment qiming.

said Liu Chunhe told the Tencent interview with science and technology, the company a year has hundreds of millions of dollars of income, revenue mainly from native advertising and search advertising, the second half of Solo accelerated the commercialization, but overall, compared to the control in terms of realization.

Solo principle is to do as little as possible to promote the promotion, in the past, many of the growth in the number of users is mainly dependent on natural growth." Liu Chunhe these measures make Solo’s profitability is good, however, Solo future will be appropriate to increase the intensity of marketing efforts.

data show that the last 1 to 2 years in the city of rapid development, but at the beginning of the development has faced the difficult time, Liu Chunhe and his team started in the laboratory of BUPT has done, training, outsourcing and other industries, and then identify the direction of overseas internet.

when a difficult start, Liu Chunhe used to hire someone in the office of the office, or even other kitchen, most miserable time, who can not afford to pay rent office expenses, 85 CEO after the young man had been out on the street.

at that time, Liu Chunhe felt very depressed, the biggest idea is that Beijing is so big, why not a >

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