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      Emile wrote a blog marketing, I also read "blog marketing" this book. I submitted a small paper in the first forum of global communication this year hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University: BlogMedia: a chain transmission media marketing. This article will be posted two days later.

, however, the focus of this journal is not how to talk about Blog marketing, but why not Blog marketing.

first of all, Blog marketing, not blog marketing. So, someone opened a Blog and then become the Reds, not really concerned about the marketing blog. Rather, it should be like this: A brand, using B/C/D… And so on blog to its brand awareness (or consciousness share) rose to a new height. From this definition, the use of BSP brand blog marketing is the best way, because the degree of polymerization of independent Blog is much less than a BSP.

in my opinion, Blog marketing is more suitable for public relations and the market, rather than sales. Blog means of communication, I prefer to be seen as interpersonal communication, rather than mass communication. Blog marketing is the spread of the brand is relatively deep (relative to the kind of TV advertising in ten seconds), but the disadvantage is slow. Use of blog to promote sales, is tell some fantastic tales.

but it is possible to use blog to promote the amount of users. For example, I recommend some kind of free online service on blog, so that my readers will try it. However, I think the sidebar widget is a better way to promote user quantity. I have always believed that the blog sidebar is advertising lots of gold.

but more importantly, we must be aware of the need for management.

media economics in the Management Branch, in fact, more like a manager psychology. I’d like to take a moment to explain.

A brand, brand director is Zhang three, brand manager is Lee four. Li Si and I are very good friends, he also agree with my blog marketing ideas, are willing to spend a little cost to do a blog brand public relations activities. I encouraged a bunch of blogger to write some of the brand’s diary, these blogger can not be regarded as a very well-known blog, the majority of people, their reading population roughly 1000 people. Assume that blogger is the total number of 100 people, the communication coverage theory, 100 thousand is the base.

by the end of the month, the Li Si report said, this month launched an blog brand marketing activities, it costs 20 thousand yuan. Zhang San see, the four call to the office of the office: I would like to ask the manager Li, you launched the event where? I can’t see.

Li four answer: is this blog, is that blog.

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