Analysis of 10 ways of blog traffic source

blog and general web sites have many differences, promotion of the blog and website have some differences, which led to the blog traffic sources also have some unique features, understanding the sources of blog traffic is very necessary to do blog marketing.

1 search engine

search engine is the first big source of blog traffic, which has been confirmed in many blogs. At present some blog search traffic from Baidu, Google, YAHOO, SOSO Chinese etc.. In order to attract or expand the flow of search engines, you must master a certain SEO technology.

2 RSS subscription

in fact, a lot of blog hosting RSS and full text output, the flow from the RSS reader will be reduced, but RSS is a great help to cultivate loyal users. Promotion of RSS method has submitted RSS to RSS search site, for the RSS reader is recommended, in the favorable position of the blog placed RSS subscription, in the end of the article to remind users to subscribe to your blog.

3 network bookmark

here not only refers to the network bookmarks more, including micro blog and social networking sites like SNS, if you use these tools properly, it will have a certain flow.

4 interactive space

forum, Baidu, Baidu and other Post Bar know some of the traditional interactive space use will bring a lot of traffic, sometimes also can set up a blog in Sina and other blog, publish their own articles, to guide the user to read your original, in some PR and high traffic sites on the soft or submission is also a good choice.

5 blog comments

blog comments is different from some traditional elements of the site, as bloggers often respond to comments will strengthen the interaction between bloggers, readers of the same article comments also to other readers in the blog to stroll, if a fire of the well-known blog, in the first row of the message often can also get a lot of traffic. We often see some of the blog is not Hot Blog, but each article has more than fifty comments, many of which are moving to bring.

6 recommend each other

recommended to be recommended and recommended by others. How to achieve recommended by others, people need to have some contacts (as we all know, or you have a certain understanding), but you need to get some personalized high quality original articles, it is said that the KESO reading list can often give some blogs bring a lot of traffic, some well-known blog to your subscription list the public will also increase the subscription blog traffic. Based on the essential requirements of recommend others to blog, also based on Chinese traditional culture, you recommend my article, I will have the opportunity to recommend you once, this is the embodiment of reciprocity. If you have the right to recommend or comment on my article, I will think that you are

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