SEM marketing to do foot audience analysis move slow

marketing is the most important is to understand the consumer, analysis of consumer motivation, Shi Yuzhu said, do marketing planning, only one word: consumers. As long as you thorough consumer research, you can do marketing planning. SEM marketing is also true, but also consumers, but because of the emphasis on the network level, we call it audience. The audience is the consumer of our SEM marketing, we formulate the delivery strategy, tactics and so on must be thorough analysis. Now we talk about how to do audience analysis

analysis of audience according to geographical distribution

our target consumer is which region, or mainly concentrated in which region, which can be analyzed. According to our business, Baidu business, consumers can see the main appointment is which area of the city, which, even down to which area. We can also have their own consumption in the crowd to analyze, which is the main treatment of patients in the province, which city, etc., can do a good job of statistics, and then to the advertising costs are mainly put in these areas.

based on the analysis of consumer psychology

medical industry, the patient is a process, which is interlinked with the electricity supplier. Consumers will be able to understand the purchase of a commodity, interested in an in-depth understanding, it is better to compare what brand of products, and then will choose to buy, the follow-up will have to share. The patient is also the case, first of all, he is uncomfortable, will first understand how this symptom is going on, the problem is not great, if you need treatment, he would like to know how to treat, what are the treatment. Then determine must go to the hospital for treatment, he will go to search which hospital is good, safe, good effect, reasonable cost is the main consideration of patients.

patients in different stages of the understanding of the intention to visit, the degree of treatment is different. Symptom stage, the intention is relatively poor, it is difficult to make an appointment. In the search for how to treat, or search for the hospital category of patients, the intention to visit more clear, easy to make an appointment. And in these different stages of view, how to write our ideas, landing page how to set up a better conversion of patients, etc., need to consider the analysis. Therefore, it is important to develop different strategies according to the different cognitive stages.

Audience analysis of

browsing behavior

patients in the search page, their browsing habits, search behavior is different. For example, men may prefer to browse the web at night, to understand the information, women may be more likely during the day. Our population may be in the daytime or at a certain time. Can be analyzed, as long as the collection of previous data, do statistical analysis can get the audience browsing time trends. In the big point, within a week of appointment conversion is different, each month to submit the trend is different, and so on, we can be used as an analysis of statistics, to guide our SEM.

There are many other aspects of


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