10 key points of website design

      website is the enterprise for the public face, this paper will introduce 10 kinds of common commercial website construction failure, learn from the previous case and lessons of experience can help you avoid the pitfalls, and you can be the construction site must have effective and bring added value to your business.

      at the beginning of the design of the site, you have a variety of options, opportunities seem endless, you can do things far beyond imagination. Although the potential to build the site is infinite, but there are a lot of mistakes but also the usual cause of the failure of the site construction, so that you can not achieve additional value for the enterprise target.

      according to the corporate website, I listed ten kinds of common design mistakes, of course, these problems for personal websites, amateur and nonprofit website is also applicable in any case, you should try to avoid these common mistakes is very bad.

      1 (About Us): about us every website should provide clear and intuitive information, including a brief description of the exaggeration, or "about us" page of the prominent and obvious link on the home page, and the description of your website and provide value.

      some users may not find the website to help them, this explanation is also very important, provide enough information to explain, so that users do not for the purpose of the website confused. Your best offer to the visitors to explain why he or she is not interested in this website, so you can go not interested visitors after this until they try to deceive them than spend a lot of time to know the site is not required for their content is much better. After all, a direct function of the website to show their website and difficult to use than kick up a cloud of dust can get a good reputation and recognition.

      2.Alt and Title attributes are described in the text: for those attributes that support the site, make sure you use the ALT and Title Attributes on each XHTML tag. If a user’s browser does not support a picture of a web site, this information is crucial for accessibility, and they can also provide information beyond the main content. The most common function is to provide accessibility for people with disabilities, such as the use of screen readers to visit the site of the blind. But not in the ALT or title property to write too much words, these words should be concise and to the point, clear and easy to understand. Do not allow your users to drown in a large section of fuzzy information, or useless pop up information, should make the site to achieve the most accessible state, because the basic role of ALT and title tags

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