From friends to send iPhone thinking about how to develop web promotion program

Since the formal establishment of

high group purchase way, is affected by the industry concerned. The recent registration sent the iPhone promotion activities in time is not yet officially launched the group purchase business activities, it is to let very many users attention. As the number of Internet users to participate in the activities of many, resulting in the daytime peak hours, the page in the verified identity information when almost all hang up. I believe, in front of the hundreds of hundreds of thousands of bits of advertising and marketing costs, the only friends with dozens of Taiwan iPhone to the hundreds of millions of advertising effectiveness. Thus, the group purchase Gaopeng registered sent the iPhone promotion activity is very successful, the whole process is a very coherent and enforcement activities very good promotion plan, what is worth learning and reference? In this paper, the author sums up some of their views, I hope I can share some of the views and aims to promote the marketing contribute to a friend.

Select the

1 platform promotion activities, information and communication platform for registration sent the iPhone in micro-blog, this is a very important step. Group purchase website many activities, many sites also sent a group purchase of iPhone, but I believe that this effect is certainly not good friends. Event information dissemination platform is a very important reason for the success or failure of the event, micro-blog is currently the most popular platform for the participation of all people, its coverage and influence is conceivable. Friends since the site, on the micro-blog business, is obvious to people. With the advantages of their own large companies and foreign brands, the industry elite by all walks of life, these elite have a lot of fans. Send iPhone information after the release, natural and ultimately these elite reproduced, we then see the lottery information micro-blog flying scene is not surprising. Therefore, it is a very important step to choose what kind of information dissemination platform to release the activity information. Activities planned to be good, how rich prizes, if no one knows your activities, this is a fatal blow.

2, the timing of the launch of the iPhone to send activity time, also has the skill of his local friends. He did not choose to buy the business before the official start to do, but to do the activities, to buy the first set aside, completely on their own business revenue issues aside, this is the performance of the wise. In some thinking about extreme converted operators, such activities can better close the distance and participants, the participants more trust in friends.

3, the prize choice can be said, iPhone as the prize choice is very correct, first iPhone at present in each big city are selling products, a lot of people to buy or to spend a high price to buy a iPhone, users and business iPhone products of the group purchase second user overlap is very high. That is to say about iPhone, may have potential users is Gaopeng, through such prizes, greatly reduces the invalid user participation.

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