The 6 essential qualities tell you how the product manager

, a primerThe

said: "A Long from the siege lion to Wang, 9 things you need to know" mentioned in the topic of basic training product manager, also talked about a concept of species. These two days just some time, then decided to continue to talk about this topic – Product Manager of the species characteristics.

two, the interpretation of species

it is well known that biological species are genetically determined.

Ge here the so-called "species", meaning the biology concept is not divided, but broader than it is more concerned about the division of the spirit. Therefore, under the concept of "species", the same biological species within the category is also a lot of "species".

specific to the people, the human species is divided by what? The answer is character!

people of different species have different personalities, a character, a way of life. A person of a particular character has a particular style of action, which may be the opposite of another character. On the other hand, different industries, different positions on the character requirements are not the same.

species such as sales people need such a character, cheerful and generous, love with people, good at creating value, it will come to. While financial species people need is such a character: careful, interested in digital, introverted (boss generally do not talk too much, love the financial) to do things strict in demands.

similarly, product manager this position is also a person’s personality requirements, need to have the appropriate characteristics of the species can be competent.

three, PM

what kind of product manager is


Ge according to their own humble way, it is on this issue:

product manager is an easy entry, but very difficult species of excellence. A really good product manager for a very rare, 13 cattle envious of Uncle Joe, such as Low13… For example, often feel good Ge (here to make up the brain mangge cow face picture ~).

why do you say that?

because this species need to know too much, a rough list: Market Research, team management, product design, user experience, business promotion, marketing, psychology, data mining and analysis, and even, you can read the best program.

listed here out of each phrase if it is a professional, a qualified product manager to understand these, not only to understand, and can be linked to these points. Wide but not deep, not deep and not wide, not only broad and deep line.

what about this realm?

for a chestnut: like Huashan on weapons, you not only have a very stunning routines, but also to the eighteen weapons to play >

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