O2O Transformation from survival to tall children down to earth


investment together inevitably caused the bubble accumulation, O2O also has a profit model is not clear, the project is easy to copy, slow growth and other issues. In a sustained high fever in 2015, the O2O company’s capital is increasingly serious gambling mentality. Either quickly melt into the money to find ways to do the market share up, or find BAT hold the thigh, or with the help of capital forces quickly become the market leader. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that the survival of the O2O transformation of the arrow has been on the string.

means of redemption from 1 down to earth to tall

high-end route is responsible for the platform’s efforts to make profits

Beijing morning news reporter found, has always been to "down to earth" for gene O2O is moving towards a "tall" change.

last month, e home announced the introduction of clean storage services, billing on time. To 100 square meters of residential family, for example, including the bedroom and kitchen, once a month, the cost of about $500 to $800. In addition, the future will also launch package, floral service, gardening balcony renovation, renovation of Japanese style furniture and other high-end service.

According to the idea of

e home cleaning CEO Yuntao, storage division will be a very good welfare work. Monthly salary of more than 10 thousand yuan in Beijing is considered a relatively good income, this income is based on the daily working hours of not more than 6 hours, excluding holidays. Advanced storage division to achieve monthly income of more than 20 thousand."

take the high-end route, not only to enhance the quality of the platform, but the platform is the key to profitability. Yuntao Beijing morning news reporter said, now the platform of "aunt" charges mostly in the 20 yuan per hour to 30 yuan. Early in order to snatch aunt resources, most of the O2O platform to develop user habits through subsidies and other means.

on the other side, in the domestic industry is still struggling to explore at the same time, Manicure teachers have already divided into various grades and ranks.

"Manicure coupons, double store eleven special offer when the original price more than and 400, 50 percent off to more than and 200." The user kocho excitedly recommend her new nails to the Beijing morning news reporters. A plurality of Manicure App open 58 home, beaver home, 100 yuan of the following Manicure products have been very difficult to meet. A little look at the style of the price should be between 150 yuan to $200. The beauty, beauty service, the price of basic services are also about 200 yuan.

enfodesk "China door Seminar on beauty market report 2015" report, the white-collar Beauty is home to the main consumer groups, accounting for more than 50%. This part of the group’s income level is relatively high, with the corresponding strong spending power, they are not price sensitive consumers, but belong to the service sensitive and cost-effective consumer.

in October 28th this year, a beaver has launched a hairdressing services, including P-STYLE, and Japan made.

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