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December 1st morning news, Wang Xi (a pseudonym) after dinner early to sit in front of the computer, constantly through QQ, e-mail and other ways to answer a variety of questions thrown by customers.

as one of the agents Baidu PPC, over the years, he has never had such a complex mood.

a few hours, he was the agent for Baidu PPC business will bid farewell to the history, to be replaced by the new phoenix nest system, the new system will bring much impact on their business, Wang Xi was not at the end, not the end customers.

in 2009 Baidu third quarter earnings conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li revealed that Baidu customers will be fully integrated into the phoenix nest system in December 1, 2009.

phoenix nest start bidding bid farewell to the history of

December 1st morning, Baidu officially announced since December 1, 2009, Baidu search promotion will be fully integrated to the professional version of the switch, search engine promotion will enter a new era.

phoenix nest is a major update Baidu commercial products, and the traditional way of the important difference is that the weight of the search results related to the search is an important basis for phoenix nest ranking.

previously, Baidu national dozens of channels has received notice of bid ranking system switching: Professional Edition will fully take over the management system, and three positions, including left precise promotion links, left and right sponsored links.


Baidu new system advertising screenshot

in addition, the notice also asked, each 100% of all customers consumption words transferred to the professional edition, the most stringent account unit structure optimization at the same time, before December 1st, the other key words in the late December 30th before the completion of the transfer.

for intractable customers, Baidu has prepared a number of solutions: stubborn customers ahead of the program to upload a professional version, you can set the suspension, strong immediately after the activation program to ensure continuity of consumption.

PPC has saved Baidu

early Baidu, relying on the portal to provide search services barely subsistence.

in 2000, when the global Internet bubble burst, unlimited scenery portal began to face a crisis of survival, a number of sites in order to save, no longer buy Baidu search services.

in the face of unexpected problems, Robin Li, after consulting with the board of directors, decided to launch a competitive ranking system. 2003, the ranks of the auction revenue has accounted for 80% of total revenue.

competitive rankings completely saved Baidu, due to rapid growth in revenue, in August 2005, Baidu successfully landed >

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