Problems needing attention in local promotion

choose a well-known store

first of all, I would like to choose a relatively well-known local supermarkets, shops and various ways of cooperation. This is a brief introduction: These are my choice of shops and supermarkets get free home page recommendation. Then I need to register the website members can go to the store discount information. Of course, you want to give their members registration information!

two ad on-line

store sponsors rolling television advertising, each intersection hang banners, print some leaflets and the back of the vest write on their website name distribute leaflets.

three college entrance examination

college entrance examination immediately to the school gate to provide mineral water and test supplies, rent a few buses to send a designated location candidates.

The first time

is not very good, I hope to play a valuable role


my QQ66368595 website for the record. I hope you help me quickly record!

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