Website promotion use these four strokes

do SEO months, a lot of things are subtle changes. From just before contact with SEO when excited and occasionally a little success to chuckle, discovers that SEO is not only a small a little bit is enough, then later found he really is a novice in mice. Pain all the way along the way, but fortunately, come over. Read a lot of friends to write some articles on the promotion of the network, there are feelings. I not only, also for today when the network promotion money popular published their own point of view.


, before seen some friends put SEO and network promotion apart, I don’t know myself into the typical "laggards" or SEOer now than I am ahead, work so far, SEO and network promotion also has been in my body never split, so I don’t pay attention to the distinction between the two, An able man is always busy., hard work.

a platform to promote

this platform I may define a wide range, if the details can be divided into the following 3 kinds of bar.

1 Forum BBS has been a popular place to promote, although now the major forums are in Geely want to let the advertising standardization, commercialization, but there is no alternative to some small ads and soft. Forum promotion includes personalized signature, avatar settings, registered members ID and post messages, etc..

2 blog, in fact, this is my favorite promotion platform. Increase the site outside the chain, which is the most friendly way to search engines, do not have to worry about being suspected of cheating you. And do the long tail blog ranking has always been tough, reliable and always can give you a little surprise.

3 class ask Baidu know, Search ask the question and answer, the 58 city Sina answers, ask and so on. We all know that these things can not give up in any respect.

two, link

It is self-evident importance

site link correlation, and do not say it on the PR value and Alexa rankings, only the chain brings to us is enough to make us smile with his face. Although I do Links because of your reality by others but I still insist on bluff and deceive, "friendship" route. My slogan is, eat a cheat, not


three, original, soft and stand

these articles to release some of the search engines crawl the site frequently, this is a chain of the most efficient way to increase, I love A5, it is that we can write some things at the same time, but also bring some chain to their website. Oh, may be too straightforward, but the fact that.

four, other ways

is called the other way, because these I do, but relatively few to do. Including SNS community promotion, micro-blog promotion, classification information website promotion. For company network

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