Talking about the experience of novice network promotion

conditions: first you are a love of the network, the network as part of their lives, a word expression is very good, is the network is not part of my life, but all of my life. Although some exaggeration, but can actually express their love to the network, so that before you learn network promotion to consider whether you really love, if not love it or persuade you to give up, because the network promotion can’t be grasped, and when the network promotion is more simple repetition today, again yesterday, tomorrow again today, the premise of all is that you have to love this industry, and to survive and develop in this industry, I now engaged in network promotion work, every day I don’t break in learning in practice, it is never too old to learn, I will make some of my experiences with share.


learning network promotion, my advice is to write, see through, do the three step, of course, this method is not suitable for you, I just start here, and I hope that these experiences can let you to realize your suitable learning methods more.

method one: write. Do network promotion, writing is essential to the basic skills, including you later engaged in the promotion of the network, soft writing is a basic requirement. Soft Wen promotion of enterprise, industry station, shop and so on are very useful, but the use of the expert Mou evergreen soft Wen promotion, his personal stand three months Alexa to reach about 20 thousand, the effect is more obvious, and my solar (URLs below) web site navigation, website 3 days, through the promotion of a number of related text industry website PV has reached about 60 thousand, so that the promotion of soft paper can not be ignored. Maybe you just began to feel very difficult to write, but I think after a period of practice, should be no problem, we do not ask how luxuriant style, at least try to write, I think people should be is a good article. Here, I recommend a method, personally feel is a good way is to write a soft text every day, then the soft content has been published is the subject of the article, and then we took this topic to write, after comparison, by comparison you will find that your ideas can also be broader at the same time, you can find yourself by comparing each other’s shortcomings, the other did not point to the place, through this continuous comparison, you will progress day by day, the knowledge will be more and more each day, write the article will certainly be a good readability will be higher. Specific methods can be slowly pondering, I’m just introduced in this.

method two: see. To see a certain amount about network promotion articles every day, this type of paper is too much, but time is not enough, not to see the article, not looking for, a very simple way, search for "network promotion" in Baidu, and the Webmaster Station has a special promotion, can see, learning a simple record of learning, some key is best to look at the process, because no good memories are not as lazy written well, the habit of making notes is definitely a good thing, we must adhere to every day, "

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