Mother cow get tens of millions of Pre A round of financing

July 13th, CEO cow mother Nie Weiwei told the media that they have just finished a ten million yuan level Pre-A round of financing, this round of financing investment including Qianshan capital and other two listed companies. Round of financing will be mainly used for urban expansion and market expansion.


cow mother belongs to Beijing Muzi Internet Technology Co. Ltd., is a service focused on the post partum cow mother specific platform, provide "milk" and "milk", "chasing the milk" and "milk" and a series of nursing home services. The cow mother is to door prolactin as a starting point, and then derived from the new mother group around the project for a full range of healthy operation. Current business covers: including door prolactin, postpartum recuperation, shaping fitness, including a number of business.

dairy mother in order to further expand the brand influence, as well as some new projects need to go to the store, so the line shop. Now the cow mother not only in Beijing have 1 cable shop, in Ji’nan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Changchun, these areas of business development partners by focusing on the mother cow city city and other city of the joint venture. Headquarters to provide training and products (independent research and development of pharmaceutical oil, etc.), a unified background order management, while the city partner in charge of the local market expansion and daily operations. The specific mode of cooperation initially identified as follows: there will be a brand use fee, second years began to receive orders for the income of 10%. Nie Weiwei introduction, the current order volume ratio: door prolactin and other nursing is 4:6, an average of 2500 single month orders.

is a new mother health care market is 100 billion market, the industry has a lot of new entrants, such as before 36 krypton reported home mom, some of this project in order to expand the scope of services, the use of Crowdsourcing mode of technicians, but Nie Weiwei believes that for this industry is difficult to standardize the service the dependence of talent, and a large, Crowdsourcing mode of personnel management will be the biggest problem, the cow mother technicians all self. At present, there are more than and 50 cows mother team, the service team has about 30 people, by the end of 2017, plans to do the city of 50.

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