Hackers secret underground industry chain the biggest vulnerability is the user itself


hackers sell information through the network morning news reporter Li Jun

at the end of last year, more than 600 plaintext registered email account and password have been disclosed on the Internet; last December 25th, Tianya foreign announcement also said that because of hacker attacks, website user data stolen; on the end of the month, shop No. 1, many user account funds take wings to itself…… Our business community account, account number, email account is so ", this cannot withstand a single blow" fragile "and" hackers are not unrelated.

reporter learned that today’s hacking technology has become a tool for the benefit of many people, the entire black process has also formed a systematic workflow. In order to explore the "underground black industry chain" of the sequence of events, the morning news reporter to break through the heavy defense, into the world of hackers.

account leaks frequent

at the end of last year, more than 600 plaintext registered email account and password have been disclosed on the internet. The police after more than and 40 days of careful investigation, after more than 10 provinces and cities, eventually cracked this user data leak case, and the other 4 with broken network leak case, and arrested on suspicion of illegal access to computer data criminal detention Zengmou 5 "hacker". Zengmou admitted in April 2010 using CSDN (micro-blog) website vulnerabilities, illegal access to the server to obtain user data, in addition, it also explained that had been invaded a certain platform and a stock recharge system.

in the same year in December 25th, Tianya community announcement, also known as hacker attacks, site user data stolen.

at the end of May this year, well-known "shop No. 1" registered users in the Alipay (micro-blog) balance is stolen, and was suspected to be a hacker. So, what exactly is a hacker to steal user information?

many hackers reserved backdoor

morning news reporter was removed to find the number of people in the industry, their analysis is probably consistent with: "if the site suffered leakage, and is basically determined by hackers, then the following two conditions: one is the most likely they (hackers) found a website server vulnerabilities, direct invasion; two is the planned acquisition, they (hackers) to determine the target in advance, then as long as the company to enter the relevant work for a period of time, for a" back door "in the system, we can put the information ‘steal’ away." In the industry, the behavior of hackers is known as moving information, like construction workers to move bricks".

who is a hacker, through a variety of relationships, the reporter lists a long list of hackers, or a string of nets and the corresponding QQ, MSN and phone. However, the reporter is cautious they be strangers to each other. After several days of contact search, finally, the hacker Dalang (a pseudonym) sitting in front of reporters. Dalang admit that there are indeed some hackers walk on the edge of the law, in order to find loopholes to steal information, profit for a living. >

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