Ningbo a company sued Google alleged fraud Click

recently, Ningbo Hegao magnetic technology company (hereinafter referred to as "high") because of alleged Google Corporation fails to count true and feasible to collect fees, there may be a click fraud, a complaint to the Google Corporation to the Ningbo intermediate people’s court. It is reported that the court was filed on April 14th.

yesterday, Google China said it has not received the relevant indictment. In fact, Google is only last year by the Chinese Ministry of law and Google to send a reply to the high company, in addition to no positive response.

industry experts also said that it is very difficult to fundamentally eliminate click fraud.

Ningbo and Gao: Google allegedly click fraud

A copy of the complaint in

and high provided by the company, the company believes that because of the false hits Google Corporation possible click fraud arising from the Google Corporation to pay unreasonable costs, Google should be returned.

and company in May 17, 2007 ~ February 26, 2008 and May 2008 ~ August two time period, using the statistical data Chinese webmaster "network traffic statistics software and Google’s comparison, Google’s data is higher than that of" Chinese webmaster "data. And high company attorney Yu Jianwei told the daily economic news, said, we now suspect that the figures provided by Google Corporation itself is not allowed, or there is an invalid click."

but Yu Jianwei also admitted that the company does not rule out malicious competition behavior, but also admitted that now can not guarantee the accuracy of the Chinese webmaster software.

in fact, a few years ago, Google suffered a click fraud lawsuit in the United States, and eventually agreed to pay the highest $90 million fee and click fraud case of the plaintiff reached a settlement.

, even if the final ruling Google Corporation did not appear on the data error, at least in the course of the service did not provide specific details of the customer’s behavior, it is unreasonable. Our main purpose is: to Google Corporation to explain, explain why there is such a data."

Google China: has not yet received the indictment

In fact, Google

China’s Ministry of law has been given at the end of last year and a reply to the high company, but Yu Jianwei believes that the reply of the Ministry of law of China, Google and no substantive significance. There is no consultation, explanation, or explanation of the issues raised by Ningbo and gao."


, Google China PR person in charge of Wang Huan to the "daily economic news" sent a copy of Google Chinese reply, which mentioned that "we attach great importance to the feedback and problems encountered by customers, and actively provide technical and service support."

reply also stressed that, at present, Google China has not received the indictment. At the same time, Google hopes to communicate with customers more closely, through more smooth service channels, more peaceful way to solve the problems encountered by customers." And said, "Google has always been the customer and advertising

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